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  1. Best Bowie cameo evah. I have to admit the revelations surrounding Bennet soured the issue for me.
  2. I can't believe you put 'best side characters' and didn't put Garak in over "kids" And at time of writing 11 salamanda Janeways like Paris as best helmsman.
  3. One of my favourite Preacher moments was bizarrely in the letters pages where a massive debate raged on over Steve Dillon's 'cat' that Cass sticks down the toilet (can't remember the issue). Simpler times.
  4. I know, and I'm not blind to the hypocrisy of me sitting here complaining about your new owners while I'll be happily watching a World Cup next year where possibly hundreds of labourers have died due to negligence from Qatar. I don't actually know what I would do. It's not easy to divorce yourself from something as you say, you've loved for 40 years and rather than berate Newcastle fans for wanting their team to win something and not minding about who is doing the funding, I am genuinely worried about the club and city itself. I mean if Newcastle players wear any form of anti discrimination it's going to look hollow as fuck considering the barbaric treatment of LGBTQ rights in SA and that isn't the players fault, nor the fans but that negativity will filter down and start to affect the club. I'd expect to see a lot more protest and negative press too. It does however turn my stomach to see pictures of Newcastle fans holding KSA flags though.
  5. I get that nothing is whiter than white in any industry and there are plenty of reprehensible regimes/owners/companies involved in football and many other sports ect but this really seems like a Rubicon moment; you simply can't equate an owner having made money with shady deals and massive corruption (and I'm sure more than a few 'accidental deaths' along the way) with what the Saudi's represent and I'm worried on how that will impact upon Newcastle in the long run and what it will cost you.
  6. Willock? This whole thing is very confusing for me. As a West Ham fan I know all about having shit owners and wanting them out. Some fans will get into bed with the Devil if it means getting despised owners out but that can, and usually does have very big implications (bye bye Boleyn Ground ). I'm also married into a Geordie family and I'm eagerly awaiting to see what my huge Newcastle fan and very left wing FIL thinks about it all. That is going to be some circle to square.
  7. I'm not 100% on the Thurs/Sun excuse (not from you, it's a widely disseminated one). There were players today that didn't play on Thurs (or didn't play long) that looked terrible. We have been starting games really slowly and it's costing us. I thought a point would have been a fair result but we got a fortuitous win last min winner last week and we've conceded one this week. I think Oggy and Fabs are getting close to losing their places and ATM, I'd be looking very sternly at Coufal and Soucek too as they both look desperately short of form.
  8. I don't blame them either and you're absolutely right in that it's the ref's job to get a grip, which in this case he most definitely didn't. I mean 'Zanka' (it's not his name but what is on his shirt - Jonasson?) should have had about 5 yellows over the course of the match. They impeded Fabianski and the ref looked the other way and their keeper slammed the ball onto Antonio's head (who was looking in the direction of our goal) and spilled it and they got a freekick? Fair play to them, they got forward well, pressed the fuck out of us for the first half and Toney made some delicious passes but cut the shit out guys; you're a better team than getting the keeper spoken to for timewasting after 53 mins. Worst first half from West Ham I've seen in the last couple of seasons. Way too many players looked like they'd already played today.
  9. Unimpressed at the cheating. Undeserved win that for them.
  10. Fucking Brentford made of paper. A stiff breeze sends them to the floor. Pretty unimpressed with them tbh.
  11. Going to be honest, bit of trepidation there. Partly due to supporting this fucking club for 40 odd years, and partly because Brentford look really good. I don't think they'll get the aerial measure of Zouma and /Dawson/Oggy/Issa the same way they did Liverpool and Arsenal but Toney is dangerous and they play without fear. I'd love a win but wouldn't be upset with a draw. Stupid West Ham conditioning to think like this when we've had one loss in our previous 19 games (including pre-season).
  12. I know it's not real and I have read MM. Maybe I should have used inverted commas or called it torture porn but 'snuff' fits the theme and, without wanting to ascribe things to Piskor, what I feel he is going for so while it's a factually incorrect thing to say, it's IMO the one that fits best.
  13. Not a great game. Lovely cameo from Pablo at the end. Thought Manu looked good too. Feel sorry for Vlasic. I think he'll come good and trust the managers faith in him but he seems to be trying too hard. Thought Johnson looks good in his natural position - far more defensively minded than Coufal or Fredricks. Sweetly taken goal from Benny too. 2-0, four scored none conceded top of the group. What more could you ask for?
  14. I wanted to try Red Room purely as I loved Piskor's work Hip Hop Family and X-men Grand Design but not sure I want to be reading a snuff comic! I think the Cable change was in the last ( or penultimate) issue of Cable rather than anything S.W.O.R.D related. The X-family of books are in a bad place right now. Hellions cancelled ( ) Hickman gone and I'm only sticking with X-Men due to the phenomenal Larraz art. At least the good Kubert son is drawing Wolverine again I suppose.
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