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  1. Our away. I've posted the unsponsored version as the matchday kit has a dirty great big white box in the middle to fit the scummy betting company and it utterly ruins the shirt. Not keen on the sleeves, especially as they're a different shade to the stripes but it's not a bad effort - not as good as the kit it's based on though.
  2. The fans (or I should say a large majority of the fans) have serious delusions of grandeur. I'm a West Ham fan and I know we're shit but as long as the team tries and we give it a good go with the occasional cup run I'm happy. Most Arsenal fans know they're underachieving but accept they're not in the best place right now. Chelsea are a bit of an anomaly in that they have the money and the team but a good portion of the fans don't expect constant success (I could be wrong, I think we only have @Dudley here as a Chelsea fan?) Palace fans are a bit like West Ham fans in that they want to see some good football and a team that tries (they may actually get the good football now Roy has gone) and last and definitely least are the mighty Spurs; biggest team in London beginning with T with the fans who think they should be conquering Europe every season and giving an annual shoeing to Barcelona and Madrid, while pitying their North London neighbours and calling West Ham derogatory names. (I know I've missed a few London clubs but Spurs fans have contempt for their London Premier rivals* so jeebus knows what they think of the Championship and lower clubs) *aware Brentford are not listed! They're new boys and I'm happy to see them in the top div.
  3. Have you tried The Nice House on The Lake? Only a couple of issues in but already preferring it Something is Killing the Children.
  4. Hah, good spot! For some reason I thought Quantumania was number 4.
  5. Ummm, no. He was quite clearly a specific version of a specific character that explains for the non-comic people what he does but for the people who know it's a very big deal. Who you see in Ant Man 4 isn't going to be the same person you saw in Loki ep6.
  6. That sponsor always make me think it's some South London McDonalds knock off rather than a betting company. I just see the logo, rather than the Chinese script or ManBetX which sounds like something Rob Liefeld would have created in the 90s
  7. Is Secret Wars on the roadmap for phase 4? I can't remember the picture they released that had all the properties coming for it. If so, then yeah, they've done all the basic legwork for setting up a Secret Wars event in the near future.
  8. Least they got the short colour right I guess as there were rumours of them being blue
  9. For 5 mins (headgear on) then it has to come off because they need to justify paying big bucks to actors. Always made me laugh how every character with a mask/helmet only wears it for 5 mins at a time, super secret identity (looking at you Peter) or not. I think Marvel were kind of screwed here regardless. They could either have had an ending like Wandavision and had people complain that it was 'big CGI fight' and no actual pay off despite all the groundwork, or done something completely benign like Black Falcon or gone the route that they have where non comic readers or those generally with no knowledge of Marvel bar the cinematic universe watch the end and be 'wtf?' while everyone else is 'WTF!!1!'. Personally as someone who collected comics for over 20 years I'm glad they went the latter and we have no big fight, and pretty much the ultimate pay off and groundwork. The only thing I'm curious about is if
  10. Thanks Hexx. I'll have to go back and rewatch the end.
  11. Yep. Looks like they've taken the 'TV shows won't impact things too much' ball and thrown it back to the CW stable. Was I being too fast on the credits or was this lacking an after credits scene?
  12. That's impressive work for someone with such a primal loathing of 'admin'! Just think how quickly you could have done that on PC...
  13. But we can all agree 'fuck Spurs' tho right?
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