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  1. You have to put up with negative, defensive, dreary shit at a club level. Why on earth do you want it at national too?
  2. All down to the massively overly defensive manager. Just can't handle having more attacking options than defensive. Also far too loyal to players that aren't playing well.
  3. Scruff

    West Ham United

    Who saw a loss coming? (everyone except Moyes it seems). The boss is apparently safe in his job, we couldn't score in a brothel and we've broken up for 5 weeks and have Arsenal on the league return (in which Moyes will still be manager) and it's 9 losses already this season. Yay, life as a West Ham fan
  4. Scruff

    West Ham United

    https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/west-ham-david-moyes-said-benrahma-crystal-palace-b1037932.html Not a good look to be disparaging the fans when you're churning out dirge like that and playing favourites, David.
  5. Absolutely deserved win for you boys today. Antonio should be fined for the way he went down in the box (mind you, some of your players have greased soles) but fair play. Palace were the only team who wanted to win, the only team who tried and got exactly what they deserved. I'm thoroughly pissed off with Moyes and his regressive tactics.
  6. Scruff

    West Ham United

    God, what a load of complete fucking shit. Bowen shouldn't be playing, Soucek shouldn't be playing and Antonio is stinking the place out. Moyes negative tactics are ruining all the good work he's done. We look shit, every week and he won't change anything. Awful. Utterly awful.
  7. ' I put a roof over your head, I make you dinner (pours bowl of cereal out)' She looks like she belongs in the Black Lodge.
  8. Scruff

    West Ham United

    Downes played in teh 10 role yet again. Why do this when you have Fornals and/or Manu on the pitch. I despair of Moyles sometimes but fair play for playing so many kids and a huge congratulations for them for conducting themselves admirably. Ashamed to admit the Tango kit is growing on me, especially with no sponsor on it
  9. That Demi Hassabis game (Revolution or something?) that he proudly proclaimed had an "infinite polygon engine" and that you could zoom in from outer space down into your little ex Soviet republic and see the bolts in a lamp post or somesuch. Edit* also too early for Star Citizen?
  10. Yep. West Ham fan and that is 100% a handball; not even in question. Absolutely bizarre decision.
  11. I think the JSAUX one can too? I bought one for my eldest (the updated one) when it launched but it's not being used yet so I can't confirm but I'm sure I read a story a few weeks back about them (JSAUX) updating the firmware for it.
  12. Scruff

    West Ham United

    Nice to see the decisions going our way for a change. Don't think Scamacca's goal was handball. If it did brush his arm, then it was the fainter than Casper giving you a handjob. He didn't celebrate because he wasn't sure if he was offside. The Antonio one is harder to call because I've only seen one replay of it and it does look like it hits his biceps, although to me it's off the chest. I think Paqueta needs to remember he's not playing with the national team and be slightly less adventurous with his passes (it's Cresswell, not Cafu) but he's fitting in more and more. Scamacca is looking seriously impressive and I'm glad Mikey looks like he has the arse; get him nice and fired up and provide competition. Like you DJ I was hoping for Downes rather than bit Tom, but we won (even though it was hard work) so I won't moan too much. Onwards and upwards!
  13. Haaland is even taller isn't he? Carroll was 6 4' and Haaland is 6 5'.
  14. I think what basically boils down to 'get it to the big man at the front' is the ultimate anthesis to Pepball and it's killing him inside whenever it's brought up. Lolz.
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