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  1. Haaland is even taller isn't he? Carroll was 6 4' and Haaland is 6 5'.
  2. I think what basically boils down to 'get it to the big man at the front' is the ultimate anthesis to Pepball and it's killing him inside whenever it's brought up. Lolz.
  3. Except when she was on the horse in slow mo, then it looked like a Chris Cunningham Aphex Twin video.
  4. I think it's a piss take, rather than any relation to Johnny. Also loving this. Worst thing about it, is that is seems to be the shortest TV show in the history of short TV shows and I WANT MORE!
  5. Respect, anti-melee brother. No, he really isn't Ste Other than Ikit, Skaven have really got the shitty end of the stick with LLs. Snikch is fine, and Queek is OK for a dualing lord (but his faction buffs are poo because Stormvermin are poo) but Skrolk and Tretch are meme lords and Thrott is only good if you're willing to put up with a terribad starting position in exchange for turning skavenslaves into mutants suicide bombers.
  6. How about go one better and give it to Terry? I'm sure he's sat at home, patiently waiting by the phone in full warm up kit.
  7. He deserved the bin, along with Mendy for their blatant cheating on Saturday "it was definitely a foul" my arse Thomas. As for Mendy 'get brushed on the left arm by some laces, then roll around on the floor and pretend I got kicked in the chest and right shoulder' get in the sea aswell you flappy twat.
  8. I love Ikit. He reminds me of a (murderous) big Labrador; full of personality and craziness. Only thing I don't like is Scryre's start position. I preferred their Vortex start position as I find Skavenblight lulls you into thinking it's quite well protected with the mountain range behind you, but then Belegar underways into your face, Sartosa can go either way, the fanatic French in Araby huff some anti player bias and head towards you completely forgetting about Arkhan murderising them, Bretonia (for ze lady!) start, fantasy Italy (if Aranessa doesn't kill them first) DOW you and then you've got the utterly genocidal Wood Elves who seem to have OD'd on venom or something as Immortal Empires has turned their bloodlust up to 11. I mean it's no Karl Franz campaign but it's not as safe as it looks! I'm also gagging for the Chorfs. I really really really hope they drop this year.
  9. All the while Festus, Throgg, Azezel and Vlad eat through EC capitals giving you minus one for everyone they take. I'm too scared for a Franz run anytime soon. I'll stick with MF Doom or the religious nutter for my Empire fix.
  10. They have immense range so shouldn't be anywhere they can get shot Besides, you have a Vampirate who knows the lore of vampires. They have heals which work especially well with STE (heh, see what I did there?)- Single Target Entities as they can't heal back lost models which isn't a problem when there is only one model. @Faded Kholek who literally gets bigger and his weapon damage goes up for every vassal he gets and can almost solo 20+ stack armies after a few vassals (not even needed the sword of khaine) counts as a living creature, right?
  11. Lovely. Saw that a couple of days ago on the West Ham forums I frequent. Everyone bemoaning why our away isn't that and the shit we have instead.
  12. Liar. Sun in Naggarond, yeah right.
  13. Should have gone Noctilus. His Necrofex Colossus perks are amazing plus he gets one as a mount. Also you can only ever have one Queen Bess *cough* mods *cough* so make the most of her!
  14. Yes yes, Ikit is best leader best Skaven. Weapons teams are amazing and it's only the food mechanic and potentially losing an army due to low loyalty (because you can never catch an AI army that runs away all the time) that are the problems with Skaven playthroughs.
  15. Oooh, should have done the Tzeentch realm first. What a frustrating ballache of a place that is!. Khorne and Slaneesh realms are quite sedate compared to it and the Nurgle one is fine if you camp stance move your way around it.* Glad you seem to be getting into it more tho! *I'm assuming they're still they way they were when the game launched and haven't been severely toned down.
  16. Stop shaming me! Insomnia plus I love anything turn based as I can start a game up, leave it tabbed out for hours and pick it back up when/if I feel like it. It's why I have such colossal hours in the Civ franchise. Plus, I could listen to the gobbo voice lines for hours and hours.
  17. You forgot the suicide category Matt, which is Empire infantry to engage and tarpit the enemy, with Hellstorms on fire at will behind to rain rockets indiscriminately down on everyone to rack up those sweet numbers.
  18. Ooof. This (if correct) is right up there with West Ham in the -spunk your transfer fees up the wall for little in return - stakes.
  19. The RoR poison wind globadiers that split into cluster bombs are by far and away the best RoR in the game. Absolutely filthy unit.
  20. The Villa - West Ham game is the sort of stuff the Geneva convention on Human Rights was drafted for. As Billy Butcher would say, it's 'fackin' diabolical'.
  21. You're giving me flashbacks to every confed and having to manually go through every settlement and army and scratching your head as to why they've set up like that @Captain Kelsten I really like milkandcookiesTW. He does loads of match up videos and explains tactics and counters without going too far into the more laborious aspects of battles. Plus he's quite funny.
  22. Nah, I never try and micro Irondrakes. Turn off skirmish and let them burn everything before they can reach you and if they do manage to, then you've got heavy armour unlike the Skaven Warpfire Throwers. Sit them in a line with Iron Breakers and you're laughing. If something manages to beat you then you should go in the book. I quite like Cathay but the harmony mechanic is terrible. Fine for armies but having to plan every building and tech in a PITA. If you want magic, artillery and armour then lets all get onboard the Chaos Dwarf train; choo choo!
  23. How could you not mention Dwarfs @Wiper! The ultimate sturdy faction and an amazing one. Superb armoured, nigh on unbreakable infantry, excellent artillery, amazing ranged options (either Quarrellers for going over hte top of the infantry line or Thunderers for the AP) and my personal favourite Irondrakes; for when all you want to do is watch the world burn. I prefer factions that are cavalry light as I can never get the hang of cycle charging and hammer and anvil tactics. I much prefer to tarpit enemies and bomb/shoot the buggery out of them.
  24. I hope so! I hope the players have had a rocket up their arses for their lacklustre display against Brighton (we were unlucky against Forest and the first game was Man City) and are buoyed by the Paqueta signing. Plus, in a completely selfless light, I think Gerrard needs binning for the sake of the fans and another loss will put more pressure on him. I hope Scamacca starts. He's looking really good so far.
  25. I would Ste but this is literally me: I can't even remember all the proper bindings and key commands that are integral to moving your army around the battlefield
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