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  1. Eh, why would this gen games stop coming out the instant next-gen launches? This is the stupidest thing, I get that people are hyped and are going to get a console Day 1, but the industry doesn't work like that. Even last gen had 18 months of crossover.

    I'm probably remembering it wrong but I'm sure the original Xbox got as good as zero support after the 360 launched.

  2. I'm worried the quality of the DLC won't be great.

    The season pass is essentially a commitment by the developers for 3 bits of DLC.

    With this gen essentially being 'over' come November and everyone thinking about the new, will there be 3 good quality bits of DLC in 6 months.

    Not even a peep about it yet either.

  3. It is a new engine to allow for 1080p 60fps & now open wheeled cars. I think it will be less a continuation of what Forza 2, 3 and 4 were where each game built upon the previous one. Forza 5 is them starting from scratch again with a lot of re-thinking of what worked and what could be improved.

    I desperately wanted it to have weather effects. More so than day/night cycle.

    I worry its all sat there and will be slowly milked out through DLC Car Packs

  4. Had this have been a the ultimate Forza I reckon I would have bought an Xbox One on launch. Forza 3/4 have spent more time in my 360 than everything else combined. I desperately wanted weather systems. A bigger roster and the ultimate store front. Looks like I will be defecting to PS4 and GT6/7 for my sims and Drive Club for my Gotham/NFS kicks. You were fucking awesome Forza guys'! All of you, Even Meerman!

  5. I bought a Vita this week from the Trading Thread. Its a wonderful bit of kit.

    Its the first H/Held I have owned where the games have been console quality, not kind of parred down stuff.

    The screen is amazing, I'm currently playing through Uncharted.

    As a few people have bought recently, any chance of an up to date 'must play' list from you guys who have owned one for a while?

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