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  1. Never a truer word spoken. And Jim will tell you. I couldnt be less of a Fan boy. I will play any game on any system if I think I will enjoy it.
  2. I disagree, sorry. I think they are all a bit to same old same old. I simply prefered Sunshine..........Is that ok?
  3. Its just my opinion. I just find things like R+C and J+D a bit sinister, Like Mcdonalds. All tarted up to look fun and nice but deep down just making people fat/rich. Notice they are both there second outing and have more on the way wich will probably be identical. As I say.......Just my opinion.
  4. I adored Mario Sunshine. I thought It was a wonderful game and I will tell you why, It had charm and character and came across like it was made by a team of people who loved video games, not by someone who is out to see huge financial returns. It oozes soul and life and personality in the way Shenmue and Luigis Mansion did. Playing it made me smile and there are few games these days that do that. It was never ment to be a cash cow and for all its faults I found it charming.
  5. Well, got a few hours in on X last night, just keeps getting better. I learnt how to summon a kick ass Aeon and had Sin! attack my boat. Bloody aces!
  6. I have just started X. I have never played an RPG before and I am loving it so far. Laine and Juria among others are the experts in this field mind you
  7. How is it on the x-box? I want a copy but my choices are - I pay 30 notes for a dc copy from my local Game Station - Hire it from Blockbuster and install on my X-box Hdd. This depends if it recieved a dire conversion or not
  8. Shenmue is a beautiful game. A real labour of love and has a magic about it that is rarely seen in games these days.
  9. Whats front mission all about then?
  10. Wow, 50 hrs plus. This is gonna be a long journey but a fun one. About a month by my reckoning. Couple of hours a day on average.
  11. I would have to say 2-d fighters are the ACTUAL best genre ever, but I hear of what you speak.
  12. No, me too. I was really enjoying playing my first rpg last night. I may end up a reformed 'Twitch' Gamer.
  13. This man speaks the truth, I have been playing it since Jap release and have had to unplug many a gba, none of the resetting.
  14. Not too bad, I will read my Piggyback guide when it turns up for more details. I have learnt cheer and upped my defence by 1 so far. It is border-tastic but strangly I quite like that, looks like a widescreen movie. So far its all good.
  15. ***The Devil-goh RPG FFX Update*** Well, I fired up FFX last night and I have to say, I think its ace. Im about 3 hours in now, met some bloke called Wakka(?) who seems quite nice and a lovely young lady called Yuna. Getting the hang of the battles and the overdrive system is just ace. Hatefully I am at work today stuck at my desk but I cant wait to get home and see what happens next, Its been ages since I have felt like that about a game. This Heathen may well have been shown the light. Thanks again folks and I will keep you posted.
  16. A huge thanks to everyone who's contributed to this thread, best thread I have read in a while. All love no hate. How it should be.
  17. What platform/Region. What is this you speak of?
  18. Just ordered it from amazon, £9.00. I was gonna order a copy of x-2 at the same time but thought I should just play through x first. The huge borders dont help, I guess I will get used to them.
  19. I see, cool. Should I buy a Prima guide or something, just as a referance and some lovely pictures.
  20. Really, will it not be evily complicated otherwise?
  21. Hell Yeah, Im gonna fire up FFX tonight and maybe pick up 7 at the weekend.
  22. Man there is some love in this thread. None of the hate that you get in Edge threads or Mecha threads. * Group Hug*
  23. Your band should do the score for te next FF game. Then I would love it. Ace ep mate. Cant belive i know a rock star!! swooooooon. Now thats enough flirting. Im a huge snes fan but earthbound just grates a bit. Like the cosby show.
  24. I just cant get on with Earthbound at all. I guess im a bit of a graphics whore.
  25. This is exactly how I feel about RPG's. Am I aloud to tell you to read the manual?
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