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  1. This man speaks the truth! Perfct length, never boring and finished after 9 or so hours. *Cue the 'I did it in X amount of hours posts*
  2. I must admit the current trend of shorter games really does suit my lifestyle. An hour hear and an hour there. I just cant do the 12 hour stints I used to. But I have to agree about Halo, Im half way through on Legendary for the second time and its as beutiful as the first time we met.( shame the same cant be said for my girlfriend ).
  3. Im gonna pick this up, You can get it for about a quid in game these days.
  4. Is this a sarcastic 'in joke' or are you telling me its a really easy game to get in to?
  5. Touche' Im just so used to picking up games really quickly. I have never really had to read manuals before. An interactive training thing would rock though. Like a school for wannabe hard magic casting bitches. Oh yeah!
  6. If more RPG's had a traing camp I wouldn't feel as overwhelmed by it all. I live in fear of missing something important and it ruining my enjoyment of the game. Just 10 minutes of showing me hoe to equip and level up and it would be happy days for me.
  7. I have been! Area 88, a shump that lets you level up and buy new shit. Genius
  8. Read my posts, I said I do enjoy it, its just an attention span thing. I am a twitch gamer at heart.
  9. Well, at the weekend I bought FFX and KotoR, Have i picked a good starting place or should I go back a bit. I have the first 6 FF games on my X-box along with FFTA.
  10. I do, I want to be engrossed and whisked away to a magical land of spells and....stuff. Seriously though its a huge genre and I really feel like I am missing out on a whole side of gaming.
  11. Im so used to playing quick fix stuff recently like 2D Fighters and Shumps and stuff. Its an attention span thing. I dont hate them really.
  12. Dr Seedyman


    When I hear people on the forum singing praises of the likes of KotoR and the Final Fantasy series it makes me sad. I have never been able to get into these, I watch the stunning opening sequence then after about 20 minutes of giving may character(s) really bad-ass names I just hit a wall. Meh.......and go back to playing Puyo Pop or something. So, fellow RPG fans please help me. What I need is a bit of a master class in Enjoying RPG's. We will call it RPG's 101. So Juria and the RPG crew, help me out.
  13. PS2- VF4 Evo, GT3, HSF2. GC- WW, SMB, MP, LoZ 4 swords, MGS tts X-box- Halo, PGR2. All my other favourite games are ones I love but woud not be thought of as must haves by anyone but me really.
  14. I cant get on that site a work. PLS PST PIX IN THREAD PLSE11111
  15. Please for the love of baby jesus...post some cunting screen shots!!
  16. If you could see the size of my throbbing hard-on right now. It must be pushing its full 3 inches!
  17. And this is CONFIRMED for the cube yeah? Its not gonna be next gen?
  18. I want to know what it subtittle is, and what musical instrument I get use. Legend of Zelda-Tennor Horn of Galaxies ? Whos with me?
  19. Sniff Snif....... I smell bullshit Either that or your playing it on Recruit like a wuss.
  20. I bloody loved that fight. I was a flying from island to island mo' fo' .
  21. The boss fights have been amazing so far. Starscream and Tidalwave were ace. I dont like the new style cyclonus. He was ace in the film. When unicron has just rebuilt megatron and his minions into galvatron and co and Orson Wells' voice bellows "Meet Cyclonus....And his armada" Bloody brilliant. Although the fight against his Helicopter form in the game is ace. The first game that begs for a Boss Rush mode surely.
  22. When Mario sunshine came out on import me and Syncronated Undertaker played it religiously. After a while we were doing the 'Void' levels with insane ammounts of flair. Some real "there is no spoon" gaming moments.
  23. Have you played capcom Prehistoric isle in 1932 (I think?) It fucking rules! Huge dinosaur bosses, really cool power up system. Dig it out on mame tonight and regonise its naughty-ness.
  24. Does it loose anything due to the alleged 'Heavy Censorship'. I was gonna import it but if you say its all good I will just "Borrow" it from game and whack it onto the Hdd.
  25. I wrote a mini review for Super a while back for www.retro-fish.com Thought I would share it and watch you all pick holes and make corrections This is the game I have fondest memories of from the 16-bit era and the game I genuinely believe to be the best on the system. To describe this as a 2D Shooter / Adventure / Platformer would not be fair - its experience is far greater than the sum of its parts. Every inch of this title has that triple A Nintendo quality beaming back at you. From the stunning weather effects that greet you to the amazing final showdown, you just know that this was Gumpei Yokoi’s love letter to video games and it just felt perfect - a feeling that some would say is maybe missing from later day Nintendo tittles. One thing’s for sure, it’s a far cry from the “Take you by the hand and gently lead you to the final boss game play” we have become accustomed to. Personally I am a great believer of “Size doesn’t matter “ but this game was massive and kept even the best gamer from seeing the credits for a good few hours. This game also features, in my opinion, the single best score ever composed and squeezed into a cartridge. It puts 99% of modern games to shame. The best way to describe it is haunting, you can keep your Final Fantasy’s and your Metal Gear Solid’s - nothing gives me goosebumps like the title music to Super Metriod. You have never felt so alone as when you first touch down in the middle of a storm on the Planet Zebes. If you thought Ellen Rippley had it tough in Alien, you wait unit you see some of the hideous creatures Samus must face. I’m not gonna give anything away though - Super Metriod is a game that should be experienced first hand. I would hate to spoil it for anyone, I just wonder what expletive you will use when you see just how much Kraid has grown. Reading it makes me realise just how much of a geek I am.
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