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  1. Coolest has to be Rastan from the game.......er....Rastan. He is a hard sonofabitch. Worst has to be the fat cats from chu chu rocket, bunch of nob-heads.
  2. Just recived my winter catalouge and I notice in it the are advertising the FFTA Gameboy Advance SP set at........wait for it......£69.99. So I leap for my credit card, ring them up and get told it is infact £169.99 and it was basicly a typo so tuff tits. Gutted. Can I call the feds on their bitch asses?
  3. I have been having real wierd spazms in my right arm after far to much bongo slapping this weekend. Or maybe I have been playing to much Donkey Konga! Boom Boom!
  4. Just had a look on ebay mate. £1000 buy it now! whoa. Think I may have to look for a normal Jap PS2, also Marsh I have been told by a friend who has one the DONT play PS1 games but he may be talking shit.
  5. I have one in stock but it's not for me. Proper piece of kit, more hifi than console. Is it already taken Marsh or is it for sale. What Gig is it and what are you asking for it. Was gonna PM you as I am looking to buy a Jap PS2 and this is super pimp.
  6. I think they look stunning, simple clean lines. Really well designed. Looks like it could have been made by Bose.
  7. Its a beutiful thing, played it all weekend and am amazed with it. Music is fantastic . People have been talking about a mode where you get an energy bar and multiple songs. Is this multi player as I cant seem to find it in single player mode. Thoughts anyone?
  8. Marsh, cant thank you enough. Ordered in friday delivered saturday. If anyone is unsure and umming and arrring about this just buy it, there will be no regrets. Marsh>oxygen
  9. Be a man Spanx, play that sonofabitch.
  10. It relies on freakish bullet dodging skill, you will be fine!!
  11. You need to bring that sonamabitch to EA9 . Agreed. Jim will make it his bitch!!
  12. I have pmd you about this marsh Cheers
  13. The cities in PGR2 are every petrol heads fantasy. Who wouldt want to clear the streets of Florence so they could burn around in there Enzo at 150mph.
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