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  1. I have a refund from game for £59.99 HOWEVER It's just been delivered this morning! Woo Hoo!
  2. All of a sudden my bank account has 59.99 more in it than yesterday. But order status says shipped! I smell a balls up somewhere!
  3. The boomting L.E I don't suspect It will arrive early, or even day of release. But it's on it's way, woo hoo!
  4. Game have just emailed me to say it's shipped!
  5. What are we gonna do about a RLLMUK Car Club?
  6. 2 is decent too. Taking on some of the bigger, tougher enemies is awesome fun. Looks stunning too. (360 version)
  7. So you don't waste money on buying cars the game gives you free. A video showing all 50 levels of rewards. Spoilers: Obv!
  8. I have had an Email from game today and it would appear they have taken the funds. However, the invoice says Total £59.99 Delivery 0.00 Total billed to card ending xxxx £64.94 Why on earth have they charged me £4.95 extra?
  9. I'm finding it hard but I'm still adjusting to the free form nature of it. Each little choke point has loads of options of dealing with it. Loving this. Loving it hard! Xx
  10. I'm absolutely lovong this. I adored C2 and have wanted to play the original since it came out. Its refreshingly tough too. Get caught with your pants down and its over. I love the character design too. I'm hoping they port Warhead over too now. Here's a question, If its possible to port Crysis then would a port of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games be doable too? I'm an FPS lover with no killer PC.
  11. When people are listing games they like the end of. For discussion purposes it would be great to find out why. Fuck a list thread!
  12. Racing the Ring in PGR4 in the snow in Evo 9s was amazing!
  13. How do you 'Switch to strength to shoot' RB is cloak LB is armour What is the button for strength?
  14. What's the difference between strength and armor mode? How do I activate strength?
  15. The RS2 is one of the cars I'm looking forward to the most. I adore it. I will paint it Audi Negaro Blue. I have actually looked into buying on IRL since my son came along.
  16. Spoken like an asshole! Some of the tunes people did for the Range Rover, X5 etc made for some awesome fun! Open your mind!
  17. Joe, I know a bit about WTCC/BTCC One of my dearest friends in real life in WTCC Driver Rob Huff. We grew up together. He has a pretty awesome stable including an M3 CSL, A Corvette 706, a Lancer Evo 9 FQ400 and a 996 GT2 putting out a shade over 700bhp. Check out one of our trips to the Ring this year. My friend Mark is in the red R35. I get to watch a fair bit of touring cars live. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBS_ZAhe2U4&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PL91018D2FA74B3903 The Red R35 you see at 0.33 is My friend Mark, The Silver GT2 at 52 seconds in Mr Huff. We all had a great weekend away at the Ring for my Birthday.
  18. Thread should be called Top Gear Role play: Caution, So boring and self wanky and very creepy. May cause death. I'm thinking If you cant beat them, join them. I wanna be that big ginger haired lion man Tom Ford from Fifth Gear. I have driven a fast car in real life you know!
  19. I think you need to hold down the 'back' button to get to the gun mods screen. That's how it worked in C2.
  20. So If I was really bothered I could pick them up on a second run through. Any idea how long it takes to sort. I will download it overnight and hope it gets sorted asap. I'm not too bothered, but achievements are nice.
  21. So, what's the consensus? Do I wait till it's sorted or download it and hope for a patch?
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