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  1. If we were, we would be doing the 'Knobhead' sign at you for moaning where there is no moaning to be done.
  2. Right, all impressions based on using a pad. It feels wonderful. The depth of the handling model is insane. With a gentle balance of steering and slip angles you can put the car where ever you want. Cracking sense of attachment to the road and massive ammounts of communication from the tires. The M5 feels beastly and the cars have a sense thy they may snap any minute. You have to be gentle. Rivals Mode with Traffic feels like a grown up version on Outrun 2. Some of the comments on here are frankly insane. After 300 odd hours of Forza 3 this feels like a huge jump up and it's probably as much as a console can do.
  3. Me and you are more alike than we first thought. Lambo Fezza Porka Macca Scooby All used by cunts and the blight of the Pistonheads forums. Not every word in the world needs an abbreviation!
  4. Exactly, I have had a cunt of day. I was sat in traffic on the way home from the office all like 'YEAH SON, I'm gonna play F4 tonight' Am I fuck by the looks of things.
  5. Too excited about the demo. Well, and the game in general to be fair.
  6. How many of these 'I am cars' post do we have to read from Internet Experts. The wheel stuff is the same as Arcade Sticks. I'm a stick addict but would never insinuate I have more fun than a pad user when I'm playing. Ridiculous.
  7. Maybe the biggest load of shit posted in this thread. Just imagine that. Thanks for telling people they are doing it wrong. Where would we be without you. You actually believe your a bit of a guru on all things car related. How did we have fun before your sage like knowledge.
  8. The irony of SharkyOB saying Boozy takes the threads off topic when he is the only one posting decent F4 info isn't lost on me! Fuck sake! Can we stop some of the shite that is ruining what should be a thread full of awesomeness Gaf F4 thread has less shite in it! A GAF thread, with LESS shit!
  9. Everything you say is true. So perfectly worded. p.s we should be together to.
  10. For me the biggest plus point is the 16 car grids. A proper game changer that! Fantastic stuff. I really can't wait
  11. Being able to buy them singularly is a great idea. I often bought a pack because it had a couple of decent cars in it.
  12. Anyway, fuck a thread derail. Decent news on the demo coming.
  13. He doesn't need to spill the beans, they have been spilled already. Jealousy is a strictly female trait. I couldn't care less. However, I get bored of the 'I know but I cant tell you, but miss my ass anyway' attitude of not just Joe but a few resident journos on here. When you use the term 'Jelly' I feel all uncomfortable. You're truly a creepy man. **Edited for grammatical errors**
  14. Luls at Mcspeed getting shirty and telling me to LOOK! More were had when I saw my man Ash steel his thunder. This is all we wanted to know Joe!
  15. Nothing like wanting to feel important Joe, Eh?
  16. Gradius V on XBLA would be the best thing in the world! Such an epic game. Top 3 games I want on XBLA are. Under Defeat Gradius V Psyvariar 2 Get in my life!
  17. Ninja Theory will put a lot more effort into making it good than Capcom will. Capcom are some lazy mother fuckers these days. Who would be in ruin if not for Monster Hunter.
  18. You are SUCH a cunt it's untrue. Best gaming news I I've had all year, nice thread to get hyped. Ruined by you, you fucking Mong!
  19. Your one of these wind up 'Alt Accounts' aren't you? @RobinTripp
  20. I can't imagine it will be a download at all. It would be massive. Boxed release, Would be lovely if Warhead came out as DLC!
  21. Trolls are up early today. I can't wait to finally play it. I loved Crysis 2.
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