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  1. £39.99 for a Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger. I’ve maybe put a bit too much effort into the packaging but hopefully they’ll like it!
  2. I sold a painted mini on eBay, woo hoo! The sums obviously don't add up in terms of labour, time, and materials, but I'm still pleased that someone hit BIN and I was going to paint it anyway so...
  3. I watched this video a year ago, and despite the enjoyment I get out of painting the eyes (when it goes well), this still holds true:
  4. Thanks man! (You too @And) - the hand was easier than the face, I can assure you! I really like the recipe/guide I followed for the skin. 1) Grey Seer prime 2) Darkoath Flesh Contrast Paint (@Butters you could stop here if you wanted a quick convincing face) 3) Layer Kislev Flesh 4) Highlight Screaming Skull 5) Extreme Highlight Pallid Wych Flesh 6) Glaze Thinned Volupus Pink on cheeks, nose, knuckles etc 7) Re-establish highlights from steps 4 and 5 For the eyes, drop Cygor brown into the sockets, then paint the eyeball off white. Then pray you hit the target with Black Templar for the pupils. The video guide I watched shows him doing a tiny white dot reflection in the pupil too. Fuck that, I’m not touching this now!
  5. They’re fun when they go well - a nightmare when they don’t!
  6. Decided to be brave/stupid and place a white dot in the corner of his left eye to define the pupil more. Think I got away with it: Edit: Better pic
  7. Not sure if you can still get them direct, but I got mine from Wayland Games.
  8. As well as the Dominion Box I accidentally bought Gaunt’s Ghosts recently. Absolutely fantastic minis, so much character. I’m trying to follow JH Miniatures guide on this one. I’ll never get the eyes as good as he can, but I’m pretty happy with this at the moment. So tempted to fiddle with it though!
  9. So much red! It all looks great, but it must be exhausting work. I’m chipping away at my backlog of OG Stormcast, while dabbling with the (much nicer) new ones:
  10. Ah, I see. I guess that would also apply for things like grass tufts and the like, so I'd have to do it before adding those anyway.
  11. That's interesting. I don't play, so in theory unless I were to sell a model I probably don't need to as I wouldn't be handling them much. I do have some Ardcoat/Stormshield but they seem so thick and gloopy. I've only used the gloss one for effect a couple of times.
  12. I was just thinking about the fact that I haven't varnished any of my finished minis. What do you guys use if you varnish yours?
  13. Wow. Just goes to show that there really are alternative universes. In my world Noel is one of the main reasons to tune in. It's Vince Noir from The Boosh! Making weird jokes at harrassed/confused contestants! Sometimes he connects with them (with Lizzie, funnily enough this year), but it's such a square peg in a round hole that it works for me. He nearly broke Jurgen last night, it was hilarious But! I do think he genuinely cares about the contestants and wants them to do well. So he's a win for me. Matt Lucas is fine by me as well, but I agree that he is a little...like, would we miss him if he wasn't there? It was better when it was Noel and Sandi.
  14. “Battle Ready” Orruk. All done with contrast paints, apart from the metal parts and the base (which I need to finish). This will be my baseline for all of the set, with hero characters getting ruined by my clumsy edge highlights. Came together very quickly, I should be able to rattle through all the troops in a couple of sessions. Loads and loads of extra details on the leaders though (human heads, swampland bases, cauldrons, etc etc) so those will take approximately forever.
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