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  1. Fisting the pigs in this is one of the more...memorable moments in gaming of the last few years
  2. Yes, it was Black Templar contrast paint I used over Leadbelcher to get the armour. I also have one I've done in Dark Angels Green over Leadbelcher. I also have some Gryph Hound Orange and Terradon Turqoise. All my other Contrast paints are in brown town (Snakebite Leather, Gore Grunta etc)
  3. Any suggestions for the gun casing on this lad? I quite like the sort of black iron look of the armour (Black Templar over Leadbelcher), but would red also work on the gun here, or is there a more striking colour I could go for?
  4. That's a great list. I've been caning the Smoked Sriracha lately myself.
  5. Sounds intriguing! So many ways one could go with this, but I think I've already got my idea locked in. Otherwise I'll faff about all month and not have enough time to paint!
  6. It’s Hexwraith Flame over White. Hmmmm, I notice there are some decals for tiny text on the sheet...
  7. Having a lot of fun experimenting with the 5 Primaris Intercessors I bought off eBay. Decided to add a glowing green screen to this guy’s communicator thingy, and try and have that glow reflect in his eye lenses. Maybe in the future all Space Marines have green screen CPC464s or something, I dunno... In hindsight maybe I chose the wrong armour scheme to try this on, but I only thought of it on the fly. A darker/different/ metallic colour would probably be a better contrast to a green glow, and I could maybe push the glow a bit further too. Gotta try these
  8. All of those sound fun, but I especially like the diorama/minis scrapping idea.
  9. Just to say, I really liked everybody's, and it was pretty much a throw of the dice which one I voted for. I agree with the suggestion posited by @And that a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice would be more encouraging.
  10. I think I have a problem: The Black Bean one? Utterly sublime, easily the best of the three.
  11. That’s so good @feltmonkey. I see their stuff on Instagram and I look forward to seeing your work in their feed.
  12. I thought I was the only person painting Stormcast stuff. I think they look great, but I know what you mean about the colour scheme. I have a load in gold and blue that I still need to finish, but I’m making up my own schemes for the rest.
  13. Same thing I believe. Just a slightly different nomenclature
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