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  1. I’ve put my Dominion stuff to one side for now, to focus on groups of no more than five minis at a time. I look forward to seeing what you do with them @JoeK
  2. So I seem to be doing ok selling painted minis on eBay. I’ve sold 5 lots now (some single figures, some in pairs or squads). I’ve basically taken the view that most sellers massively overprice and overrate their painted miniatures on eBay, and have therefore pitched my stuff not that far beyond the price of the original, unpainted mini. Except of course that most of mine were £7.99 a pop with Mortal Realms mag. So, for example, Lady Olynder is £27.50 new from GW. I got it for £7.99 with the mag, and I just sold it for £60, painted (which took me god knows how long). Important thing is I’m getting positive feedback: Anyway I’m wondering what you guys think my next steps should be. I have a huge backlog of minis to paint, so many that I am 100% determined not to buy another until these are all painted (yeah, I know). So the plan is to just paint them for fun, and sell them for extra pocket money. It doesn’t matter if they don’t sell. But I’m also thinking of getting some business cards printed to include with each one, perhaps even saying I take commissions. But I don’t know how I’d price that and it’s a big commitment. I’d even consider doing a free commission to get something on my “CV” so to speak. What about an Etsy store, is that a good move? I can imagine there is some shocking work on there. Any thoughts in general?
  3. Just tried this for the first time. Got it on the second guess! Wordle 215 2/6 This will never happen again.
  4. Reserving judgement on the whole album, but sounds redolent of songs like 'Faith', and especially 'Majesty' (especially the bit at 21 seconds in that repeats throughout the song). I guess I was kinda expecting another stylistic shift on this album, but it sounds a bit like more of the same. Which I'll hoover up of course. But yeah...waiting to hear more.
  5. Necrons are really fun to paint. I’ve only done 4 so far, but I finally found a shop stocking Warhammer Imperium and not being immediately targeted by Scalpers so I’m going to grab a copy of the next one that comes with an interesting Necron. Issue 23 perhaps:
  6. Hmmm, I have that exact set (Stormsire's Cursebreakers) and I was able to get them closed up eventually. Something must be catching inside the mini to prevent the shoulder pads touching. The neck?
  7. Yeah, it wouldn't work on console because...spoilers. I absolutely loved it, and am kinda itching to play it again.
  8. Yeah, the idea is that they’re supposed to just push fit, but one often has to cut the guide pegs back a bit or off entirely to get a flush fit.
  9. Er...what do you think I do? Dry Brushing and Washes, that's still mostly what I do
  10. Depends how lazy I'm being. This was Contrast Paint and Water (Terradon Turquoise), and also some regular paint and water (Pink Horror). But on other occasions where I've cared more about avoiding tide marks I've used Contrast Medium, or Lahmian Medium. Lot of drybrushing here as well of course. I like the subtle texture it adds to cloaks like this one, which is probably going to be a bit more tatty than a nice shiny Stormcast cloak or whatever, having been in a grave. It also helps integrate the cloak into the wispy ghost areas (tm) if you attack it all at once. I still touched up some areas with edge highlighting though (most noticeable on the horizontal iron railings).
  11. Thanks dude. I think I paint more fun/experimental stuff when I don’t follow guides and just splosh it on
  12. I like that! The eye lenses look especially good. I’ve been rather unwell for the last week (tests say negative, but I’m still feeling like it must be Covid), so I’ve not had the same focus I’d had just before Christmas when I was organising my minis and getting them up on eBay (13 are currently live, 4 have sold, which pleased and surprised me). So instead I’ve just been picking up whatever I felt like messing with, and not stressing about finishing anything. Ironically it meant I finished this guy, and have sort of accidentally dipped my toe into a vague attempt at Non Metallic Metal. I was going for a cold, almost monochrome look, and I ended up shading and highlighting the metal elements using non/metallic paints. I glazed some pinks and turquoise here and there but I think I can see the beginnings of how I would darken certain areas and contrast with bright white (eg the sword hilt with the ball ends) to sell the metallic shine more. Anyway, most therapeutic.
  13. Started this after watching Limmy play it (and being gutted he binned it at a certain point). I love it. Such a weird, creepy atmosphere, and very addictive card rules. I know it’s designed around specific one player “puzzles” but surely a physical two player version of it would work great?
  14. Look at you, actually finishing stuff! They both look amazing mate, bravo!
  15. Awesome. I especially like the edge detailing on the red cloak. Is that freehand?
  16. Same! I recently gave away a good few sprues to a friend whose nephew asked for Warhammer for Christmas. The relief was palpable.
  17. They're so much better than the older design of Stormcast, some of which are fine, but all of which have a kind of dumpy feel to them. Couple more faces with eyeballs that I absolutely must not ruin:
  18. Thanks guys! I must stop dropping unfinished models and moving onto others though. Still got the rest of Gaunt's Ghosts to finish!
  19. Work in progress on the big Stormcast model from Dominion. Desperate not to mess up the face (at least any more than where I’ve already had to touch up the nose and mouth) as the eyes came out perfect first time:
  20. Potato Ricer! Makes mashed potato a pleasure rather than a chore. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/review/best-potato-ricer It's like your garlic press @hungry joe, but for potato!
  21. I didn't exactly have a standing start, as I was doing Airfix stuff beforehand, and I've always been artistic (A-level art, made an animated film with hand built sets and macquettes etc for my degree). I have rather thrown myself into this though. Also, I haven't shown anyone my aborted first Stormcast - I will dig them out and post them later. That's some thick, thick paint application!
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