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  1. I’ve still got two of those to paint. Don’t know why I left them as I really enjoyed doing this one. Tried to do a sort of moonlight OSL effect:
  2. They are brilliant models, but I'm still getting through them after nearly two years. You're going to be very busy. No massive issues putting them together here, but I did have to basically remove some of the guide posts to get stuff flush.
  3. Really not had any time to paint lately. But I’m getting somewhere with Grinkrak’s Looncourt. Sort of past the “ugly” phase and onto the “Too much shading, not enough highlights” stage with this:
  4. Cheers dude. I would have liked another crack at Gaunt himself, as I clogged the face details a bit. But the guy on the tree branch is still one of my best efforts I think.
  5. Nice! I didn’t paint mine for commission but I did sell them on eBay which led to commissions from the same buyer. Still probably my favourite minis I’ve painted.
  6. An amazing new resource by Dave Perryman (Infernal Brush), a former 'eavy metal painter: https://eavy-archive.com/ Has the actual, true recipes used, rather than the weird, obviously wrong recipes on the GW site.
  7. Stupendous work. I really don't know how you managed to retain such good readability. It's detail all the way down!
  8. Yes, I follow her too and saw that! I look forward to seeing how yours turn out!
  9. That’s great @Cocky, your style is super recognisable even with a fairly generic mini. That’s looking fantastic @JoeK. You’ve done a great job making such a busy model so readable. Not been painting much myself besides finishing off some Stormcast stuff I started over a year ago (and which I’d handle totally differently now), due to having had a vicious cold: But I’ve taken on a commission to paint Grinkrak’s Looncourt and I’m slightly thinking I shouldn’t as the amount of tiny details across 7 minis is quite daunting. It’s a never ending list of squigs, characters on other characters, mushrooms, lizards, etc, and also a wooden gate which doesn’t really have sculpted wood grain, so it’s going to need some freehand. I think I’d love to paint one of ‘em!
  10. I was immediately drawn to the face @feltmonkey even with everything else that’s going on, so I’d say you nailed it!
  11. I got a Vallejo set recently and it’s so much better than the GW stuff, apart from the gold which is very thin and watery. The steel, silver, gun metal etc are far superior though.
  12. I watched this at the weekend and...it was alright. Very slight story though, and tbh I found The Harrowing episode of Inside No. 9 did essentially the same story in a more entertaining and economical way (and with a much creepier ending). I don't mind a slow burn, but this was bordering on ponderous. When the stuff finally started happening, it was enjoyable enough, but nothing earth shattering. It could easily have been a 50 minute story in an anthology, there was barely enough here to make it feature film length. The style of it was a spot on homage to 70's horror films though. I think I almost enjoyed the opening credits more than the film. And the music. The music was great.
  13. I've only just started using white backgrounds, but I just followed this: And then I took the actual white background from the GW website, and used the background removal app to replace it with that.
  14. I'm mildly obsessed with the photography element of the hobby. I don't play the games, so basically painting the minis and then playing around with the resulting photos is where it's at for me. I've banged on about how I take my photos loads, but I just happened to be taking some so here's my method for using a black background and an iPhone 11 Pro if it helps anyone. Get a piece of black card. Put it somewhere in natural light but not in direct sunlight. Turn all house lights off. I use this kitchen shelf: Place the mini near the front of the card. Zoom to about 1:4. I find anything over 1:5 and the iphone struggles, but doing it at 1:1 doesn't represent what I'm seeing IRL. A small amount of zoom seems to help. Set the frame to square. Adjust the exposure down to -0.7 or -1.0, depending on the mini and the amount of light. You'd think you'd need to adjust up for a black background, but it's the mini you want to expose, and I think the iphone tries to overcompensate for the overall darkness by washing out the whole frame. Take the pic, then crop and add a smidge of auto adjustment (I press the button, it inevitably over-corrects the brightness etc, and I drag the slider back down to just over where it was when it was un-processed. What I used to do then was put a heavy vignette on it, which removes most of the background, dust etc. But these days I use an app to straight up remove the background and replace it with pure black. Then I sometimes add a 5% background blur to soften the edges, and perhaps tweak the brightness up a tad. That's it!
  15. Same. I can just about apply a base coat to a cloak say, but for anything else the goggles go on.
  16. The Orruk Kruleboyz? I know what you mean, they're much more serious looking and and more realistically scaled, but there's a nice variation in their expressions and nik naks etc which gives them quite a lot of character. I've painted maybe half of them, and I'm going to go back to the others soon.
  17. That looks great @Captain Kelsten Finished my Ork commission. Quite enjoyed it. Lots of fun details:
  18. Yep. Commonly referred to as "The Ugly Phase". Usually before any washes have gone on. Magic Juice. @JoeK I've been watching Infernal Brush's videos and he even goes so far as to black out any areas he's not working on, in order to really focus on the bit he's doing. I tried that with my recent pieces and it does make you feel like you're working very cleanly - but then eventually I caved and started painting in loads of metallic bits which would probably be the last things one should do!
  19. It's not boring at all, in fact I find it fascinating seeing how other people work. In particular I've noticed that a lot of the top painters do what you do here which is concentrate on one area to a high degree of finish, before moving on to the next area. I find it very hard not to start blocking in other base coats before I've finished the skin say, probably because I find the fine details so difficult that I need to chill with just splashing some paint onto another part of the model for a bit. But then what invariably happens is I handle the mini too much and end up rubbing paint off with my fingers anyway, meaning I have to re-apply the base coat! I also need to spend more time mounting my minis for painting. I did it with the marines I did lately, but I always get impatient and start putting the bits together before they're finished!
  20. Gritted my teeth and managed to pull off some freehand on this Ork I’m painting for a commission: I’m so much more engaged with these single character models than with painting armies (not that I’ve ever actually managed a full one!)
  21. I've played the first game and I'm loving this.
  22. That's a lot of skeleton bits! Will you highlight all that individually or dry brush it all? I know what I'd do!
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