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  1. It’s called Picsart. I ended up paying for a year’s sub as I was being driven mad by free background removal apps that didn’t work.


    I would really recommend never using flash on miniatures. Best light is a cloudy day near a window. Most phones let you tweak the exposure so it’s rarely too dark. In fact I usually have to turn the exposure down. 

    My photo shelf is just a little bookcase in the kitchen, opposite the back doors.




    I usually rest the phone against the front edge of the shelf, and zoom if I have to. Exposure to about minus 0.7, let the phone focus itself. Afterwards crop, adjust shadows down, black level up, add vignette to taste, job done. 




    Or, optional background removal:





  2. 3 minutes ago, MattKB said:

    That photo box setup is doing an immense job too. I tried recreating it via your Instagram posts but nowhere close 


    Thank you! Actually although I used my normal kitchen shelf in the first instance,  I then removed the background on these pix using an app. Just fancied a jet black background, and also wanted to show both front and back without having a photo for each.


    What background are you using to take your pix, and are you using indirect sunlight?

  3. Thanks for all the comments guys.


    @NickyI don’t need the money per se, but the extra cash from minis I painted solely for the pleasure of doing it felt welcome and like winning a small prize. And this model is something I’d always planned to paint and probably pop on eBay, so actually this is probably a bit of a no-brainer. As you say @feltmonkey, this is probably a good way to dip my toe in -  I know I can paint it to the required spec, to the customer’s liking, and I’ll get some cash (in this case, up front!)


    As to where I go from here, I can see that there would be a huge difference between this and someone posting me a 60 mini army that I might not even especially like, which needs to be done to a specific scheme in a certain time. That might well kill any enthusiasm I had for the hobby. But I guess in theory I could simply turn such things down, and paint things that I feel wouldn’t be a total grind. I do have a day job, after all. 


    Really appreciate all the advice guys. :)

  4. I think you’re right, but if I’m to get into this “properly” then this might be the difference between saying “I take commissions” and “here is a commission I did”. The folks seeing that don’t need to know I did for cheap.


    I’d have been painting the Mortis Engine variant at some point anyway - the main difference here is that I’d need to actually source the model as well.

  5. 1 minute ago, feltmonkey said:

    @Davros sock drawer I'm just impressed that you managed to ship Lady Olynder and it apparently arrived in one piece!  That's genuinely astonishing.

    Ha! I fixed it to the floor of the box with magnets, with bubble wrap behind it and in front, put stickers on the box to show which way up it was, and sent the guy clear instructions to pull the first layer of bubble wrap clear, then slide the model out by the base. I wasn’t taking any chances! 

  6. On 21/01/2022 at 21:20, MattKB said:

    Why not try it. To be honest if you enjoy doing it and can cover the cost of your materials, it sounds like a perfect balance of enjoyment and not collecting a load of clutter. 
    no clue how easy Etsy is to set up. I assume you have to pay tax on your earnings though whereas eBay is just the fees (although arguably I guess that should be declared, not sure how that works)

    Yeah, I think that’s basically a very low risk endeavour for me. I’m going to paint them anyway - finishing the models and the ensuing photography element is really the bit I enjoy the most. The hiding the figures away in boxes afterwards? Not so much. I’d rather people enjoyed them.


    However, there have been developments! It looks like I might be about to secure my first commission! Guy who bought my Olynder (and who says he’s going to buy some more he’s watching), is after a Coven Throne and says he’d be happy to commission me.


    I have the bits for the Mortis Engine from Mortal Realms mag, but looks like the full set came with three options: Bloodseeker Palanquin, a Coven Throne or a Mortis Engine. It’s £37.50 from Wayland Games.

    My initial thought is that I could source the model myself and paint it as efficiently as possible, and charge him £100-£150 to paint it at my own pace. Obviously this would be very cheap in terms of my time and materials, but it would give me a first commission on my CV, something I’d previously considered doing for free.


    But I’m really just making this up as I go along. It’s a huge model with lots of elements (including three witches), so I need advice! Paging @feltmonkey, @JoeK, @Nicky @Cockyet al to the thread! 


  7. So I seem to be doing ok selling painted minis on eBay. I’ve sold 5 lots now (some single figures, some in pairs or squads). I’ve basically taken the view that most sellers massively overprice and overrate their painted miniatures on eBay, and have therefore pitched my stuff not that far beyond the price of the original, unpainted mini. Except of course that most of mine were £7.99 a pop with Mortal Realms mag. So, for example, Lady Olynder is £27.50 new from GW. I got it for £7.99 with the mag, and I just sold it for £60, painted (which took me god knows how long).

    Important thing is I’m getting positive feedback:






    Anyway I’m wondering what you guys think my next steps should be. I have a huge backlog of minis to paint, so many that I am 100% determined not to buy another until these are all painted (yeah, I know). So the plan is to just paint them for fun, and sell them for extra pocket money. It doesn’t matter if they don’t sell. But I’m also thinking of getting some business cards printed to include with each one, perhaps even saying I take commissions. But I don’t know how I’d price that and it’s a big commitment. I’d even consider doing a free commission to get something on my “CV” so to speak. 

    What about an Etsy store, is that a good move? I can imagine there is some shocking work on there.


    Any thoughts in general?

  8. Reserving judgement on the whole album, but sounds redolent of songs like 'Faith', and especially 'Majesty' (especially the bit at 21 seconds in that repeats throughout the song). I guess I was kinda expecting another stylistic shift on this album, but it sounds a bit like more of the same. Which I'll hoover up of course. But yeah...waiting to hear more.

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