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  1. Not sure if you can still get them direct, but I got mine from Wayland Games.
  2. As well as the Dominion Box I accidentally bought Gaunt’s Ghosts recently. Absolutely fantastic minis, so much character. I’m trying to follow JH Miniatures guide on this one. I’ll never get the eyes as good as he can, but I’m pretty happy with this at the moment. So tempted to fiddle with it though!
  3. So much red! It all looks great, but it must be exhausting work. I’m chipping away at my backlog of OG Stormcast, while dabbling with the (much nicer) new ones:
  4. Ah, I see. I guess that would also apply for things like grass tufts and the like, so I'd have to do it before adding those anyway.
  5. That's interesting. I don't play, so in theory unless I were to sell a model I probably don't need to as I wouldn't be handling them much. I do have some Ardcoat/Stormshield but they seem so thick and gloopy. I've only used the gloss one for effect a couple of times.
  6. I was just thinking about the fact that I haven't varnished any of my finished minis. What do you guys use if you varnish yours?
  7. Wow. Just goes to show that there really are alternative universes. In my world Noel is one of the main reasons to tune in. It's Vince Noir from The Boosh! Making weird jokes at harrassed/confused contestants! Sometimes he connects with them (with Lizzie, funnily enough this year), but it's such a square peg in a round hole that it works for me. He nearly broke Jurgen last night, it was hilarious But! I do think he genuinely cares about the contestants and wants them to do well. So he's a win for me. Matt Lucas is fine by me as well, but I agree that he is a little...like, would we miss him if he wasn't there? It was better when it was Noel and Sandi.
  8. “Battle Ready” Orruk. All done with contrast paints, apart from the metal parts and the base (which I need to finish). This will be my baseline for all of the set, with hero characters getting ruined by my clumsy edge highlights. Came together very quickly, I should be able to rattle through all the troops in a couple of sessions. Loads and loads of extra details on the leaders though (human heads, swampland bases, cauldrons, etc etc) so those will take approximately forever.
  9. Lots of films in this thread I’ve yet to see, but a big one I ticked off last week was The Exorcist. I didn’t find it scary per se but man it’s still pretty shocking and in 1973 it must have been utterly jaw dropping. The crucifix scene in particular is super nasty.
  10. The miniature work on the ships in the original 1984 film is just
  11. If you'd like to know, it's not that they're ineffective against shields, it's that they are actively dangerous against shields. That goes for the shields around the city or ships as well. From a Wiki: https://dune.fandom.com/wiki/Shield
  12. It’s case by case. Some models yes, you should totally paint in sub assemblies as otherwise it’s impossible to reach certain bits.
  13. Well yes, but generally the idea is you paint from the inside out - so in this case it’s ideal because the skin is the “deepest” part of the miniature, and also yes - I’m figuring out what I want the skin tone to be. I’m painting in batches for this box set, so I’ll do all the skin, then all the armour, clothes, then top details like metal studs and various trinkets.
  14. I think I’ve stumbled upon quite a nice basic green skin recipe for the rank and file Orruks, from which I can shade/highlight further for leaders. Its a bit long-winded but it’s simple enough - thin coat of Plaguebearer Flesh over the Wraithbone primer, with absolutely no pooling. This is just to tint/filter the base coat a light green. Then Aggaros Dunes over that, slightly heavier. Then finally Ork Flesh over that. I found straight Ork Flesh to be a bit too minty, and the yellowy brown Aggaros stage provides a bit of variation that still shows through. You can see it most clearly on the arm here: It has the added advantage of being the same recipe as the Hobgrots, minus the Ork Flesh stage, and also I can do the ropes as well at the Aggaros stage
  15. Nice! I've still got a similar amount of "old" Stormcast too, so lots to play around with. I fucking love this scheme from my favourite Instagram painter:
  16. And a test base coat for the face and cloak on one of the Praetors:
  17. I'm just working out my scheme/recipe now. You get quite a few spare bits, so I've tested various base coats and contrasts on the Hobgrots. For those I'm going Wraith Bone spray, then one coat of Aggaros Dunes, then one coat of Plaguebearer Flesh as a slight filter. I plan to shade down in the recesses and highlight up from there, but I'll see if I can be sensible and only do that on the Leaders. Really want to actually finish this set as a unified army. For the Stormcast I'm going for the Hallowed Knights Scheme, as seen here: I've primed the ones with helmets in Leadbelcher, but the ones with bare heads I've done in Grey Seer, as I plan to base coat the faces in Darkoath Flesh (having seen that in another JH Miniatures video). I've never used Leadbelcher spray before, and it's interesting to compare it to the free Stormcast I recently got which I primed in black and then damp-brushed in Leadbelcher. That one looks better to me, but of course I've not applied any contrasts or shades to the sprayed one yet, and the spray is much quicker of course. The Orruks I'm doing the same as you I think, just need to try out some different contrasts.
  18. That’s a good shout - they also have similar on the shop website.
  19. Too kind @MattKB I’m not trying to lure you onto my Instagram but I did a couple of videos showing exactly how I take and edit my photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPSfMHlH9A_/?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CPP6-2Yne9n/?utm_medium=copy_link Basically magnetic card, sprayed black, bookshelf in my kitchen with natural daylight, iphone 11pro, turn exposure down, take pic, crop, tweak the shadows and black levels, done Still can’t get decent shots on a white background mind.
  20. I’ve done a few every day this week. I really wanted to get it all done so I can relax knowing I won’t have to wield a scalpel for a bit! Everything is primed now bar the Hobgrots. And those only aren’t done because it’s dark out
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