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  1. Glad to hear this is good. Didn’t like Man of Medan at all after the brilliant Until Dawn.
  2. “15 years later…” Christ I’m old!
  3. Oh sure - I’m not painting it solely to practice edge highlights. I was painting it anyway, but I’m forcing myself to try and do it “properly” as I think it’ll be worth it. I’m taking it slowly, as I think trying to do too much at once makes me splosh the paint down in a hurry. I haven’t painted a Space Marine in a while though, so I’m definitely going to see if my skills have improved since I painted these: I have a gazillion Stormcast and Nighthaunt to paint first though. And scenery. So much scenery! On the subject of Stormcast, how much better are the new designs! The proportions and details are so much better. I’ve primed this guy and can’t wait to paint him:
  4. Forcing myself to get better at edge highlights. Must…resist…urge…to dry brush!
  5. No different at the cinema. At one point I was tempted to ask someone at the Curzon if there was a fault.
  6. Personally I’d have done a trilogy, if not a series.
  7. "It's just a little blue! It's still good, it's still good! "It's gone Mikes" "I know..."
  8. Well you've nailed a smooth base coat, which is more than I could say on my first attempt.
  9. Something was definitely up with the sound. I could barely hear much of the dialogue and it wasn't just my old ears.
  10. Yes, obviously. But that doesn't mean that all of the swaps are the right ones, or that the re-emphasis has been executed well. Villeneuve has said he wanted to focus more on the emotional narrative, and in that regard I think it fails. The tragedy isn't felt at all IMO, as the stakes aren't established, nor the characters, and there's no time to feel the gut punch of the betrayal. Duncan looked like he was having a blast escaping in that ornithopter, although that's Momoa's one-note acting, I fear. Rebecca Ferguson as Jessica was the exception to this, I think she carried a huge amount of the emotional impact in her performance, and I especially liked her in the Gom Jabbar scene. I thought having her recite the litany against fear was a perfect way of introducing that at the same time as showing her sheer terror at possibly losing her son, even though in the book it's Paul who is thinking/reciting it.
  11. I’m absolutely fine with losing dialogue but in the case of the Baron making him taciturn ruins the character IMO. The whole character of the guy in the book, his fatal flaw even, is that he can’t resist bragging. He’s constantly mouthing off. How anyone could read the book and think he should become a man of few words is beyond me.
  12. Also if they could put all the Baron's dialogue back plz.
  13. Hehe. I get that they need to cut things. Just not things like character motivation. It did look amazing of course. The sense of scale visually was astonishing.
  14. Missed the dinner party scene too. One of the best bits of the first half of the book, gets key concepts across, introduces Count Fenring (not in the film, and therefore neither is House Corrino - not a big deal, but it's an easy detail to suggest that there are more than two houses), and is a great moment for Paul too.
  15. Saw it on Saturday. Was pretty excited having heard so many good reports and the Villeneuve interview and review on Wittertainment in the car beforehand. Unfortunately I was bitterly disappointed by it. I am a huge fan of the book, having read it maybe a dozen times, most recently this year. I’m aware therefore that I’m going to be hard to please, but I’m fully prepared for compromises, character deletion - anything that’s necessary to get the story told well for the medium of film. What I wasn’t prepared for was a total absence of character motivation, huge missed opportunities for easy wins from the book, and for one of the most moreish villains of any work of fiction to be so thoroughly neutered. I also felt it was a remarkably cold film in terms of the performances, and with the exception of Rebecca Ferguson (who just about held the film together, emotionally), nobody seemed to give a shit about what was happening. In fairness it did look fabulous but even so I honestly think this is a huge missed opportunity and now there may never be a version which does the book justice. To be fair to Villeneuve, he did say he had decided not to lean on the political back story, and probably the only way it could have been done properly to incorporate all the political intrigue and detail was the Game of Thrones approach. Any film (or even pair of films) is only ever going to be an impressionistic, surface level take on it, or being more generous, to have a different focus. But even so for this to have been made with such simplistic A to B to C plotting, and with no sense of motivation or character is just very, very sad. I could go on, but I don’t want to yuck too many yums, as clearly lots of you loved this. I can only assume that most people simply haven’t read, or can’t recall the book, but regardless at the very least the motivations matter, even if I realise you can’t provide all the detail from the book. There has to be a reason why the characters are doing what they do, and I couldn’t find them on screen (or hear them - terrible sound for the dialogue at my screening) Anyone who enjoyed this but hasn’t read the book yet is in for a treat if they do.
  16. That makes sense, but I figure I’m going to paint them anyway so I may as well stick em up and see what occurs. Added a lot more Tesseract Glow to the Royal Warden and fucked around with backgrounds and vignette/blurs to make him look as moody as possible:
  17. I think it’d be next to impossible to make a profit given the man hours anyway. I’m thinking more of a sort of service that clears my pile of shame, helps me practice, and represents something that’s decent for a reasonable price. Like, if I couldn’t or had no interest in painting, but I had £50, what would be a reasonable standard I’d pay for.
  18. Well, I guess they probably just don’t sell? As much as that guy is aiming high with his BIN, it could just as easily sell for 99p or not at all.
  19. It's in a hard to see part of the mini, so what I would do there (and take this advice with a big caveat of "careful now!") is brush a small amount of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement onto that area. Because plastic cement actually melts the plastic, you can smooth out bumpy areas if you're careful. And I do mean careful, as you can melt details if it runs everywhere! I've been painting for just over a year now (not including some dabbling in my teens), and I've been thinking about the amount of minis I have accumulated, and perhaps painting them for eBay sale rather than just leaving them either gathering dust or selling them unpainted. I've gathered all of them in appropriate groups, and I've knocked up the most efficient recipe I can think of in order to present them at what I would call "Battle Ready Plus". I don't think I would have the gall to call them "Parade Ready", as I'm still learning, but looking at eBay I think I can manage something much better (or at least more consistent) than a lot of what is being offered. I mean, this is a pretty extreme example, but this guy wants £80 for what he calls a "Parade Ready" mini: Talking of mould lines, he's taken a pretty big chunk out of this backpack! Now I would never, ever criticise a model painted to any standard for personal use - but this is for £££, and it is, frankly, appalling. I was thinking of asking maybe £40-£50 for a group of three models painted to a much higher standard than that. I especially object to their use of "Parade ready" in the description. It's not even based! Most people don't have the gall to say that, and just say "Well painted", or even simply "Painted". This is much better for example, but also it isn't pretending to be something it's not: So I guess I have a question - do any of you guys flip your painted minis on eBay or elsewhere, or do any of you paint specifically to sell? I realise it's probably not worth it if you factor in the time spent, but I'm kinda enjoying the organised approach to it, I'm going to learn a lot painting in batches anyway, and in theory I'll make some folk happy who want to buy something half decent they can play with, for a lot less than £80! Thoughts generally?
  20. Oh damn. I didn't like BR2049. But I did like Arrival. Going on Saturday, so we'll see I guess.
  21. Use the edge of the mould line remover. When I first got one I thought I had to use the flat side, like a file.
  22. That would be awesome I have ambitions to base one of them crossing a river. Had the resin and dye in my basket for a long time, but Christ knows when I’d get the time to muck about with that
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