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  1. I’m planning to try something similar on my (several) Dracolines. At the moment they’re on hold following a dry brushing. Really want to simulate actual fur somehow but needs some proper time set aside and I’ve got loads of other stuff I’m working on
  2. Had another crack at the gem around this lady’s neck. Quite pleased with it! Its such a squeaky bum moment when you put that white dot down!
  3. I decided to go green for my Necron in the end. Need to redo the eyes… I think I could push the brightness a bit further with some pure white hotspots.
  4. Argh! You need that thumb! So I’ve posted before about my negative experiences at GW stores. I am now doing a complete reversal. Had a long list of paints to buy and the website takes a while to post them out. I was running out of a couple of key paints so I thought I’d pop in and buy the lot, as I was in the area. The guy pounced on me and I explained I was buying quite a lot and did he have a basket or whatever, but he said “You call them out and I’ll grab them for you!”, at which I immediately bristled. I had time to kill, I like taking my time, and it meant I wouldn’t be able to browse or think, or change my mind at my own pace. He and I were now shopping together, as a team, which was literally the last thing I wanted. So I did a huge internal sigh, my shoulders sagged, and I thought “Great, the usual non-chilled GW retail experience”, but then I just thought fuck it, and said “Ok mate, go for it”. So then we got chatting and actually it was quite pleasant. Not only that, but turns out you get the most expensive paint free for every few (I forget exactly how many) pots you buy. You don’t get this on the website! So he saved me quite a bit of money because I was able to pick another base pot to get a £4.75 paint free. So then I chatted about the new Stormcast design and how much better they are but how I’m not going to buy any as I have loads of minis already blah blah blah, and he gave me a free one to paint! So I saved quite a bit of money, had a pleasant chat, and got a free mini. I think, basically the selling style in these stores is to buddy up and impart store/hobby wisdom, which can feel like you’re being bothered and talked down to, or lectured. It’s not conducive to an anonymous, quiet shamble around a shop to kill time on a gloomy afternoon. But if you go along with it, you can have quite a nice time and there are financial benefits to going to the stores vs online. I’m still not buying any of their rip off spray paints though.
  5. I’m building a lot of minis at the moment, just standard GW stuff from the current range, and my fingers are pretty sore. This looks nightmarish!
  6. The second one is obviously much better, but the first one isn’t beyond salvation. You could use it to practice highlighting? That red could be made really bright if you felt like it. I have this one nearly finished too: I’ve got the dry-brush graininess going on as well, I might try to do traditional layers next time.
  7. Fuck me, painting gemstones is hard! This zombie lady has two. The one round her neck has been re-based about three times now as I keep fucking it up, but I think this one is ok:
  8. Love it. Sort of model and paint job that makes me want to get one!
  9. I've got Lady Olynder to paint at some point, and she really is all Sheet! Do you guys keep recipes? I've done certain models where I wish I could remember what I did, but I'm probably adding stuff on the fly so much that I wouldn't have been able to keep a note anyway. I've recently tried to have more of a gameplan though, so I might start actually writing down what I did/am about to do.
  10. Yeah, lots and lots of fun ways to paint them, and the raised wispy edges respond well to dry brushing as you say. I think I did the horse in Hexwraith Flame and then made a glaze/wash of Incubi Darkness which allowed some of the green to show through (on the ribs for example).
  11. Do you mean what are they like to paint on? I can’t say I’ve ever noticed any difference. I think this is only the 2nd can of GW paint I’ve used anyway (I was in the shop in Canterbury so I bought some as I needed it), so all my 100+ painted minis have been done over the cheap stuff. If the paint starts peeling off though, I’ll let you all know!
  12. There he is! I’ve already done the mounted version, had the solo guy around for a while so he’s up soon. I agree they are quick and fun to paint - when I’m in the mood. I can get a little burnt out on all the wispy smoke that turns into their cloaks. I prefer painting the deadwalker zombies or any other undead with actual legs.
  13. Just out of interest, where are you seeing pooling? I can’t see any myself - if there’s anything awry it’s more likely to be melted plastic from over zealous Tamiya Thin as well application. I’m terrible for that. The areas I can see with a slight texture are on the Stormcast’s back, bum and thighs, and the sleeves of the Nighthaunt. And I think that’s more down to my application than the paint (I had about ten models attached to a metal ruler and primed them all at once). Appreciate its hard to see black paint in a photo on a black background
  14. It’s a riveting neck and neck race! Point is they’re indistinguishable. The only downside of the cheaper can is that it’s a lot more powerful so you can easily drench the mini. So different to use, but almost impossible to tell apart IMO.
  15. Smoothness easier to discern on the back I think:
  16. Spot the difference. One of these has been primed with GW Chaos Black (£14 for 400ml), the other with Hycote Matt Black (£6 for 400ml)
  17. Looks great! I don't think I've varnished any of my models apart from a dab of gloss to make something shiny. I should probably sort that out.
  18. Ooh, Fancii Cheers guys, I’ve treated myself. I tend to hunch over my desk magnifier so hopefully this will aid my posture too.
  19. 8 hours a day would kill my eyes and hands I think! Which magnifying glasses do you use btw? I've got a magnifying light that clamps to the desk, but frankly I could do with constant magnification.
  20. Haha, no the Instagram one was this: My “problem” (there is no problem per se, it’s all good), is that I aspire to that clean, smooth style of painting, but I’m also excited to paint lots and lots of models and know that I can get good results with more, let’s say “random” methods like dry-brushing. You’re right about combining both styles of course - I’ve done that before. But the highlights I paint manually are always a bit thick, rough, or shaky, and so I often think they make my work look worse when I add them. That’s just practice of course, and also having the patience to go that extra mile. Appreciate the feedback and kind comments on it anyway. I think I’ll keep working on it and see how far I can push it (I’ve yet to add the orange mane on the new one, plan being to use contrast as before then individually highlight the raised feathers this time). Better comparison pic I took this morning: Perhaps I’ll add some manual highlights to the one on the left. No reason not to experiment with it, it’s not like it’s “for” anything. Gotta say, I don’t know how you paint so many models consistently the way you do. Hats off! Oh yeah, and the Yamaha is brilliant. It’s only the THR5 but it sounds incredible.
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