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  1. Some news~ Trails in the sky 3rd hits Steam on May 3rd For those that liked the game, Trails of Cold Steel 1 is getting a PC release in Summer. Includes extra lines of dubbing.
  2. The PS4 version of Ys Origin was released digitally on the PS4 a couple of weeks ago. The Vita version was delayed to May for digital. There's a small physical release of the game for Vita which is the one you found on Play Asia.
  3. I've played about 6 hours so far and I'm really enjoying it. A couple of minor quibbles but overall it's a really solid fun game.
  4. IF you can bear with playing through it again (for the canonical story), the third character's playstyle is great too. It's another melee class but ti focuses on being fast which is no mean feat considering melee's pretty quick anyway.
  5. Well this brings jumping back so there's some platforming but I wouldn't say it's like Origin or Oath. The story cutscenes were fine from what I could tell since I didn't understand it it's just there's a few too many micro ones. Fetch quests are mostly in sidequests only. Those normally boil down to a trio of "fetch a thing, kill a thing or escort someone while killing things" I liked the plot ideas of 8 though (from what I got) and exploring the island is pretty fun. Some great looking locations too. If you didn't like 7 and Celceta this probably won't win you over but it's still a god improvement though. Except for the town defense missions. Fuck those.
  6. Ys 8 to release in the US and Europe in Fall 2017 for PS4, Vita and PC on Steam Limited edition versions are up for the US only so far. Looking forward to this. It still has a lot of flaws of newer Ys games including some irritating cutscenes but it is the best of the series. Looking forward to the PS4 JP version in May then finally English later in the year!
  7. Sorry, it's been a long while but various things happened. So this will be one giant news burst. Fan translation of Zero no Kiseki/Trails of Zero is underway. Originally it was being partially machine translated by the people who did the Nayuta no Kiseki fan translation but is now being dealt with by people familiar with the series and language Joyoland, the people behind the Chinese PC ports of Trails of Zero, Trails of Azure, Ys: Memories of Celceta and Ys VII have added them to greenlight. This is not indicative of a release but at least offers a framework for possible fan translations or patching in the Xseed translations for the latter. Ys origin is coming to PS Vita on February 21. This previously PC only title is being ported over.[/rul] Ys VIII the PS4 version is launching May 25th in Japan Following this, it will support 4K, run at 60 fps and has a few new game features such as additional content for Dana and Adol. Most importantly, it has shorter load times Trails of Cold Steel 3 has been confirmed. It will be PS4 only and releases in Fall 2017 for Japan. Finally, Tokyo Xanada's ex+ version of the game which features additional content from the original version has been confirmed for release on the PS4 in the West by Axsys. This is the version which will also be used for the Steam version. The ex+ version will launch in Fall 2017 for the Steam ver and the PS4 ver will be Winter 2017 for Europe. The Vita version will still be released and is slated for Summer 2017. The game will feature only Japanese voice over with subtitles. No English dub.
  8. Been slacking a bit so updating this now. 30/03 - Trails in the Sky SC (PC) I won't whitter on and on about this. Ultimately I really enjoyed this. Offered proper conclusion, made some improvements to the gameplay and was just all round enjoyable. It's not without it's flaws, in particular the pacing of the first half is criminal and the the reuse of locations, while understandable, grates after a while. As does the non interesting dungeon layouts. Still, overall great game 30/03 - Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (GBA) My first Kirby game. It was okay. Something about it just kinda rubs me the wrong way. It almost feels like there's a lack of precision in controlling Kirby which I can't say I like. Enjoyable enough I guess. 02/04 - Hyper Light Drifter (PC) This was fantastic. Loved the music, loved the sparseness of story, loved the combat. Can be frustrating at times but not enough that I didn't feel it was rewarding. Couple of things could be tightened up like the multi dash and other moves. 03/04 - Splatoon (WIIU) Fun to play but the areas felt small after a while and the missions became more of a slog. While it's fine to introduce new ideas one by one at the start, it did this all the way to the last boss which is infuriating. Music was forgettable. 06/04 - Call of Duty Ghosts (PC) The only thing I can say about this is that it looked nice. Other than that, the shooting was competent but gets overridden by your teammates all the time. The plot is absolutely dreadful and largely boils down to more racist fear-mongering topped off with completely unjustified machismo throughout. This and Black Ops 2 have soured me on the entire series for even brainlessly playing the SP.
  9. So it's been a while but good news! First Ys 8 is releasing in Japan on July 21st on Vita and 2017 on PS4 which is slightly baffling but I can only assume it's due to them still having to fine tune their first PS4 game Secondly, Trails of Cold Steel 2 has been confirmed for a Fall release in the US for this year so probably Winter for EU again. And last but not least: Trails in the Sky the 3rd is being released on PC in 2017! After such doom and gloom for the series, this is such great news to hear and brings it one step closer to all the current games being localised, Although Trails to Azure and Trails to Zero will still be a bit of a battle I think....
  10. I'm playing through Second Chapter just now and have reached about halfway through. There's a few little changes but essentially it's playing a bit like the First Chapter. There's definitely more stuff happening at the start rather than trivial events but they've (yet) to feel like they've amounted to anything solid. Part of this is down to the cliffhanger at the end of the first game since it introduces a whole new idea that they then have to expand on at the start for it to all have any meaning. Good to hear nice things about Cold Steel 1. I'm chomping at the bit to start it but at the rate I'm going, it'll be mid February before I finish SC!
  11. Mr.Jeff


    I think I ended up dropping it at the Snake arc of the first series. That whole sequence was just kinda.....yeah, no.
  12. If you're struggling with it as a VN, I might suggest there is a tv series that covers near enough the full thing. I've only seen that and the general consensus is that it's a great show but that the VN is a better overall experience. I can't say exactly when in the novel that things start happening but when Cern start getting mentioned, it begins to pick up.
  13. I read this a lot (okay, twice) but I can assure you that by the end, you'll look back and realise Okabe is the best of the bunch.
  14. I think it might have been a problem with Steam last night as a couple of unread chat messages popped up this morning informing I had more to redeem which definitely weren't there last night. So now there's Risk of Rain, Company of Heroes 2 and Woah Dave as well. I am overwhelmed by the Secret Santa.
  15. I think this is the 3rd or 4th year I've done this and once again I am staggered by my secret Santa's generosity Gravity Ghost The Evil Within Shipwreck Undertale The Talos Principle Downwell NaissanceE Legend of Grimrock Bundle Bit Trip Flux Momodora III Wizorb I mean, holy quantum monkey fucking christ. Thank you so, so, so much. Your generosity, like all my previous santas, is beyond the pale. Thank you as well for JPR for organising another wonderful love in thread,
  16. Trails and Ys both gone now. Merry Christmas all!
  17. Hello. I'm back again like a broken record. For the Christmas sale, I have a copy of Ys: Oath in Felghana and a copy of Trails in the Sky: First Chapter to give away to two lucky people No doubt everyone is sick of my endless plugging but basically Ys is akin to Zelda but faster for hacky slashy murder action fun and I've wittered on about Trails previously. As always, first person to reply with interest in adding these to their pile of shame, let me know and say which you would like. Ho ho ho. Edit: Trails has gone! Still a copy of Ys up for grabs.
  18. Mr.Jeff


    Having a quick look at the Wikipedia page
  19. I've been remiss in updating this due to reasons but I'll slap down some news anyway. First up, Trails of Cold Steel 1 is to be released in the US next week on the 22nd of December and NISA Europe has confirmed they will be releasing in Europe on the 29th of January. Next up, it was Falcom's shareholders meeting last night/this morning and they have confirmed that Ys 8 will be releasing in Summer 2016 in Japan. The subtitle is "Lacrimosa of Dana". Some screens below: Also confirmed to be in production is Trails of Cold Steel 3. No mention of platform but the general thought is that with their effort to move over to PS4 development, it will most likely be PS4 Also mentioned was that Tokyo Xanadu outperformed sales expectations in Japan and that there is mutterings that they may continue on with a sequel on of some sort.
  20. Mr.Jeff


    That's only if you're reading the Murata version. The original webcomic by One is ahead of that. The next arc as it were is far, far longer. It's probably the same size as the rest of the series to date.
  21. 10/12 - Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Vita) - Overall I think I enjoyed this less than the first. I appreciated the story they were trying to tell but it felt overlong to play. Some of the levels proved overly irritating as you get killed from offscreen from an enemy you can never see. Also felt buggy with combat when enemy hits registered ahead of yours despite the button being pressed ahead of them. Music was great though Previously:
  22. Lacking a mobile authenticator is going to be a bit of a pain. Would gifting work better or is that a similar restriction?
  23. They're not the best on the Vita. The controls are a nightmare in particular since there's certain actions that are mapped to the rear touchpad which can be flaky in a firefight, and while the alternate control style is better, it's hardly ideal. It could have done with custom button mapping.
  24. 29/11 - Dragon's Crown (Vita) - Gorgeous looking game, reasonably interesting plot although by far the weakest out of Odin Sphere and Muramasa but hampered by dull and finicky combat. I ended up rolling with Sorceress and despite being described as an advanced character, she has one attack which wipes the floor with everything and is an area of effect spell. Changing between "depths" on the screen to attack particular targets can get frustrating. Overall, interesting premise hampered by its weak combat. Previously:
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