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  1. I really enjoyed this. It had a japanese vibe about it and most of the action scenes revolved around the baddies having stealth camo like in MGS. It is more of a slow paced mystery rather than all out action. A lot like Blade Runner. The trailer for a scaaner darkly was amazing though. Really looking forward to it now.
  2. real men add chilli powder and onions while wisking the egg. its great.
  3. The N64 was a great console but realistically it did flop. 30 million units aint bad but this was the console that was destined to be No1. Its like the PS3 losing out to the 360, its just not expected.
  4. OMG i agree! Having seen and enjoyed all the FATF films, this was the best and i loved the song/montage at the start, and the race The ending neatly tied the series up as well.
  5. went twice on friday. im stuffed
  6. mikey is a cunt. Glynn is a cunt. Why the fuck are these two retards still in the house? Spoiral at least was a character.
  7. people who have their own blogs or podcasts etc need to get a fucking life. Also, VS girls, show us ya tits or fuck off. You're almost as shit as UK:R
  8. i have my GC on top of my PS2 as well lolz. UK:R always represented everything bad about sega fans cos lets face it, sega zealots are the worst of the bunch.
  9. kamrantaz

    Cars (DS)

    "Never, ever buy games based on films or TV shows. They are always rubbish. I should know, I've made some of them." thats sig material right there!
  10. one of the writers? sitting a DC on top of a PS2 and calling it a DC stand isnt funny. Its shit.
  11. UK:R are shit. They should have died with the Dreamcast.
  12. gotta agree with you at keast they love alfas.
  13. Spiderman 3 is gonna be the best superhero movie of all time!
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