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  1. Mine was already installed when I booted it up over lunch. Maybe it's just a case of a staggered rollout?
  2. It does download updates in rest mode?
  3. I really don't get why they didn't just stick with the PS4 shortcut menu.
  4. It doesn't. Extra heads-up: there's a controller update as well that'll require you to connect it to the console via USB-cable. NL only: they did clean up some of the translations. E.G. 'Type' is no longer 'Lettertype', it is finally 'Genre'. Likewise, 'Afspelen' has been updated to 'Game spelen'.
  5. Disco should be patched with yesterday's 1.3. I just hope the UI will now finally remember my menu settings. Thank god you can now easily switch between parties en friends instead of having to keep scrolling down forever...
  6. Everything seems to be working here (NL), so might be server maintenance or something similar.
  7. Another day, another UI/UX fuck-up. This time around, Sony has modified your Library page on the website. It used to be that when you clicked "Download from library" in the Store you'd be dumped into your entire Library on one page, which was confusing, but one CTRL+F away from finding the game you wanted to download. Now, they've paginated the Library and you are unceremoniously dumped onto the first page, without any means of searching further, meaning you'll have to manually scour the pages one by one to find the game you wanted to download in whatever arcane sorting
  8. Taiko no Tetsujin works rather well on an iPhone with all the tapping on the screen. (And it has the Ridge Racer theme in there, which is the closest we've gotten to a new instalment in almost a decade).
  9. Fantasian is... odd? It plays very well, like a classic FF, but it looks... Bad. Maybe because I'm playing on a TV via an Apple TV 4K, but urgh. It has this foreground/background contrast like the FFIX remaster and the handcrafted backdrops bring up memories of... <whispers> Shadow Madness... Still, more fun than DQXI so far (which admittedly ain't hard), but I feel like it's a bit of a failure on the graphics side. Also, that's the worst default combat theme Uematsu has produced so far.
  10. The worst part is that the entire UI seems to be built around that card concept. You can't normally browse through trophies any more, they're all on a 'card' even though they stubbornly refuse to let the descriptions word wrap. Even when not in the main card interface. I've had to kind of train myself not to look at the cards every time I press the PS button because whatever trophy is next, is basically a built-in spoiler for the game I'm playing. Same with those 'guides'; there's so much spoiler stuff in there, you still are better off just doing a quick web search on another device. You
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