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  1. Yes. Fusion introduced this. Basically shinespark into a slope to go back to charged running state. And repeat.
  2. Bosses in this game seem to require counters. If you don’t counter, or don’t attack in the scene immediately following it (you can attack in QTE cutscenes), the boss will cycle back and start its pattern anew until you do the QTE again. Often “defeating” a boss means they’ll show their counter opportunity. Successfully completing counters can decimate the amount of time spent with a boss. You can dance around certain ones for fifteen minutes, only to crush them in mere seconds if you manage to RNG two counter opportunities following each other.
  3. Just in case PSA: there’s a logbook under the + button in which you can replay ADAM conversations.
  4. As an aside: the BG&E spiral is also used in Warframe for the in-game inventory.
  5. I have to say that while I kind of liked them in terms of complexity...
  6. Yes, Foregone is good fidget therapy while you're binge listening a podcast, but I wouldn't recommend it straight.
  7. To give you an idea of some of the crazy stuff you can do with shinesparks, here's the OG Shinespark easter egg from Metroid Fusion (spoiler obviously) that made it into a kind of staple technique: Zero Mission took the idea and ran (*groan*) with it.
  8. The double missile tank one in Dairon had me scratching my head way too long.
  9. I don't know as the Nintendo website is refusing any and all transactions atm. [edit] Finally went through and it's still as zen as I remember it to be. No tate btw, straight up port and just good.
  10. Ridge Racer Type 4 Really wouldn't be surprised if whoever did this ended up at Persona in the end.
  11. Cyhwuhx


    As posted in the eShop thread: there's a surprise rRootage rerelease on Switch! https://www.nintendo.nl/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/rRootage-Reloaded-2055698.html Nostalgic instabuy!
  12. HOLY CRAP! Surprise rRootage rerelease on Switch! https://www.nintendo.nl/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/rRootage-Reloaded-2055698.html INSTABUY.
  13. So... is it ace? Anyone playing it?
  14. I wish this was the case. But that's all I can say about it.
  15. My 100% time is already way slower.
  16. Final boss here at 6:40. It’s not impossible, but considering my background I don’t regard that as an average time at all. It’s probably double that if you go in blank and more on top if you want 100% items.
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