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  1. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/09/07/new-ps5-system-software-update-is-out-globally-today/ Folders are now implemented in the latest firmware and in typical Sony fashion, you can only select games, create a list with it and delete it. That's it. You want to reorder the games within the list? In this economy?
  2. Yup, completely agree with that. You can find more actual cyberpunk flavour in the side stuff than in the main story (which only has some shock and awe ideas in there). Buy the run-down Northside apartment as your base, do gigs, hunt cyberpsychos, and you can almost pretend to be a Count Zero wannabe.
  3. https://www.gematsu.com/2022/08/tencent-and-sony-interactive-entertainment-collectively-acquire-30-34-percent-of-fromsoftware
  4. If anything more Chinese mythology in games would be appreciated. Often when I see/play Chinese games it feels like I'm missing a large chunk of shorthand and signals that would readily fit into my brain had the game been Western or Japanese. Getting some more examples would be appreciated. F.I.S.T. being the most recent one I've played that made me feel "uneasy" in missing out on subtext.
  5. Then it might be any of the other Big Companies. EA's been on the menu for quite some time now. Maybe the bidding war is still ongoing and someone jumped the gun too early.
  6. Not one for peeking behind the curtain, eh?
  7. Match made in hell. Amazon getting their hands on FC and F1 and the ol' James Bond dev seems good for them though.
  8. Yeah, although considering how both companies operate, sounds like a match made in heaven.
  9. https://deadline.com/2022/08/steve-blackman-horizon-zero-dawn-orbital-umbrella-academy-showrunner-netflix-deal-1235099888/
  10. I hate all of this. Grinding is fun when the game's mechanics are nice. Grinding is horrible if you need to make them work at all. Battle/Season Passes make games feel like work. They turn even the good kind of grind into the bad kind. This stupid 'games as work' notion started with gamerscore and achievements and we're now getting to the point that some devs are trying to actually make it into work by letting you earn money by playing games through shady crypto-stuff. I want a game to be a game. A game needs to earn attention, not demand it. If it's F2P, make dedicated transactions crystal clear (I still feel Warframe is doing this best currently). Don't make people spend money on what is essentially Stockholm-syndrome-as-a-Service.
  11. Provides a nice overview of where PlayStation is in a comfortable lead then. Waiting for Microsoft to simply lower both X and S with the same amount. Worldwide.
  12. Yeah, it’s a nice bit but tells very little about the actual game. Bit of a downer to go out on as the rest of the presentation was rather solid. Much more so than yesterday's drivel.
  13. Yeah. Neil Blomkamp for example. (Are you watching this without audio?)
  14. No issues on YouTube. And boy is it good to see System Shock.
  15. Oooooooo English Wizardry!
  16. Gimme that Benedict Fox metroidvania btw.
  17. Yes, Both Kratos and Freya so to speak.
  18. No Keighley and the presentation actually seems fine despite the cringe.
  19. I'm actually a bit wary of Lies of P now. The initial unveiling made it look like a Bloodborne-inspired game. Now it's going all turned-to-11 flashy again. Really hope it's just a hyperactively cut trailer, because it looked more like a DMC-game rather than a Souls-like.
  20. Well, in terms of story it looks they are trying the Kirby's-cute-enemy-turns-friend-route now. Which would mean...
  21. Don't worry, they'll shoehorn in the Big One and then the entirety of California can play island.
  22. Oh Christ, I completely forgot that existed. Well, that can be skipped then.
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