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  1. 9 hours ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    I got the last one today (Unicorn) using a guide. Never would have gone back into the Battle Arena so more than happy I looked it up.


    The final form of Dracula went down very fast to the Thunderbird.


    Harmony of Dissonance next. It’s…not right is it. It just feels really off to me, the tightness in the controls is gone and the garish GFX and sound are horrible. 


    I have a weird soft spot for HoD as its music and sound effects remind me of old 8-bit computer audio output. It really tried to overcompensate for every criticism CotM suffered. The result is a nigh-on perfect clone of SotN, in concept. The execution is a bit flawed, though I very much enjoyed it on my Advance Collection run last year. The one thing that it suffers from the most on modern systems, is that while CotM was created without the GBA screen in mind, HoD never bothered to think it would run on anything else instead. Taking colour saturation down might actually help you enjoy it more.

  2. Having watched both Skillup and Gman's reviews, it seems SkillUp loves it as a AA modern God of War clone, while Gman is completely unprepared for it being that. His issues with the combat seem to directly echo the worst bits of GoW, so I guess the AA modern God of War clone moniker is actually pretty apt for both. That alone should tell you everything you'd need to know.

  3. Up until a few months ago, the latest releases category on the Store would've been sorted by release date, often swamping big hit releases in a sea of shovelware. They changed the default sorting in that category to most sold, but I'm guessing the lure of cheapo-platinums is even causing that to go awry?


    More likely is that trophy collecting and purchases are now (in)directly connected to PlayStation Stars, making it maybe a real possibility that users could cheaply grind themselves towards the programme's "rewards".

  4. All digital stores had a low barrier to entry to get everyone on board with a non-physical future. I believe Microsoft started filtering them out some time ago, but Sony and Nintendo have been caught off-guard a bit. (Especially strange for the latter considering their stance in the 8-bit era.)

  5. Quote

    Playstation has sent out a dev letter to all its developers noting that shovelware, games that are reskinned, non-games, and games just made to give people a platinum trophy are going to be either shadowbanned or delisted with a chance that the developers being banned from publishing any more games.






    I for one, will not miss the countless versions of Stroke the X games or all the "Gilsonlikes", but is there anyone out there who likes this... let's say, "variety" in games?



  6. On 15/11/2022 at 14:47, Scribblor said:

    I've heard so much about how good this game is, so I downloaded it on the Xbox and I've played a couple of runs.


    I'm not sure it's for me. The twenty minutes I was playing might be the most bored I've been with a game in years. I'll give it another two or three runs to see if it somehow grabs me, but if the gameplay is just 'walk around avoiding enemies and collecting gems/coins while your character shoots' for the whole game, I doubt I'll persevere.

    Sounds like you’re playing with only a whip and a knife. Don’t. ;)

  7. 4 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    Yes, I started Circle of the Moon already, which I think is the only one I played on the OG GBA. It’s so nice to actually be able to see it!


    I have to say, I’ve not enjoyed the second half of SotN nearly as much. The joy of exploration is pretty much gone as you can access any area with your abilities and the initial challenge of the tougher enemies has been completely ruined by the Crissaegrim. I’ll wrap it up tonight I think. Still a great, great game, but I almost think it’d be better without the second half. Probably blasphemy I know, but I’m here for the slow map reveal as you get new abilities, and this is more of a collectathon.


    It's funny because SotN solves the issue of most metroidvanias: normally the game ends when you've got all your abilities unlocked. So in SotN's case it lets you run rampant with all your toys and even throws in a few more. It's a victory lap, really. It also shows why most metroidvanias don't do that: it can be pretty mindless. Though the Crissaegrim really takes any bite out of it that was left.

  8. I know the project from before that year actually. Back in 2009 was the first I heard of it? I think the Kickstarter boom made the project seem like a perfect fit.


    Completed it BTW. Very nice, but also maybe not as accessible due to the harsh introduction. One for the genre fans, and if you can handle it, you should definitely play this. The atmosphere and presentation is rather nice. It really ends just when you think it really starts to hit its stride though. Can't really imagine why some reviews have this down as having a 'giant map'. 😕

  9. 24 minutes ago, ZOK said:

    Are the drops from the chests just random?


    Also on a related note, I connected one of my Switch Pro controllers to the Mac to play this via Bluetooth, which is great. But now that controller seems to have a blue light on it that doesn’t switch off, even when not connected to the Mac…that doesn’t seem right does it?


    Mostly, but the upgrades are based on the upgrades you picked up. Certain weapons will evolve through chests but only if you've sussed out the combo. That is, get two upgrades to their max level, and if they're compatible it'll evolve with a chest. Also, the Luck upgrade can vastly influence chest contents.

    Once you want to influence your build more directly, you'll probably start to encounter options to skip or even remove upgrade options from your level up. And that's where you fall into the rabbit hole proper. :P

  10. 2 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:


    You can't disagree that I like something else more. 


    You want your statement to be personal, but mine to somehow work differently? :P Or should I plaster 'IMO' everywhere?


    On a more serious note, I thought BS was very rough around the edges. I enjoyed it, but it could've done with a few more passes on the gameplay editing side. It copied the best ability system from the Castlevanias, but its level design wasn't really up to snuff.

    In comparison: SotN's level design is OK, but the presentation of each area more than makes up for it.

  11. 9 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    Despite buying the game for the PS1 (ntsc-u version) something like 24 years ago 😂 I had never played it properly... until this year where I played it to completion.

    All on my ntsc-u PSone into a Sony PVM via RGB. A lovely time. I thought it was absolutely amazing...



      Reveal hidden contents

    ...not as good as Bloodstained. 



    Ooo, I would definitely not agree with that. Hell, AoS and DoS alone are miles beyond that one.

  12. Got this on PS5. The sprites are not as bad as I expected, but their contrast could do with a boost.


    The presentation of the game though is delightful. Basiscape is in charge of the audio and it sounds like it. Lots of UI touch ups and I even spotted some KB+M control support on the PS5. Madness. Gameplay is classic TicTacs. No idea how all the new combat tweaks work out, but I guess I'll get to know about those in due time.


    [edit] FYI, I guess I should disclose we (as in my employer) worked on parts of the game's localization.

  13. 34 minutes ago, metallicfrodo said:


    Have you only been doing that at save points then? To be honest it took me a while to understand what it meant when I saw that press down on the D-pad in game when I was looking at the module inventory section.

    Yup, just like in Hollow Knight. 🙃 Got lulled into thinking so by the familiarity of the module system. 

  14. This is slowly becoming a mess.


    A hot, sweaty, sexy mess. 🥵


    I mean, yeah it contains just about everything: MercurySteam-Metroid contols, Souls leveling, Hollow Knight graphics & ability loadouts, TimeSpinners ally-focused story line, Axiom Verge amounts of weaponry, FOG DOORS, not one stamina bar...




    Nothing is finely attuned, but it does barely work. And once you are properly set loose its flow becomes a bit more Souls-like.

    Delve into an area; meet weirdos; die cheaply; come back with the spoils; repeat. And suddenly I couldn't put it down and this unappetizing bowl of slop started to taste like MOAR.


    TL;DR. If you loved Metroid Dread, this will be horrid. If you thought Dread lacked a fair share of mystery and could do with less hand-holding: try this at the very least.

  15. Yeah, it becomes more, let’s say convincing once you reach the “site”. (Even though the one upgrade you find afterwards softlocks you and requires a quit and restart).


    I think the game mis-paces itself spectacularly though. Before you get to the “site”, the game throws these mini-bosses at you with minimal health, then basically dumps three estus flask-like upgrades at you in quick succession when that’s all done. 

    I can imagine about 90% of players not reaching the “site”.  Despite all that, it certainly is an interesting one. But every time I want to declare it scifi Hollow Knight, it pulls another weird thing out of its sleeve. 

  16. I found it quite refreshing to play something which doesn’t hold your hand at all. Still, it’s not too complex in figuring out the next step as most solutions are a bit obvious. 

    Main issue is that this is as front-loaded as Kid Icarus, and until you get a few levels in (Souls style), combat can be brutal. The rhythm between ranged and melee is pretty interesting.


    It’s obvious this has been in the oven too long though. Every design tweak from the last decade of metroidvania game is in here. From Mercurysteam’s stick controls for Samus, to Souls like leveling and death, to Hollow Knight’s boosted vertical transitions. 

    The thing is, it really feels like a mixed nuts approach instead of a smooth singular experience. 

    I’m enjoying it, but more from a “ooh how will the game solve/not solve this conundrum” angle than squarely liking the game in front of me. 

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