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  1. "Commercials, donations, and gore games. It's a perfect combo I tell you. Perfect!"
  2. This is the Funko Pop of game presentations.
  3. I'd say Ghost of the Middle Kingdom.
  4. Licensed music should be banned. It's like the marketing department that didn't get a second of involvement in the development process gets to choose a track from their Spotify algorithm list to rearrange and stick on the game without rhyme nor reason.
  5. Good. Got some PSN top up cards as a birthday present, so patiently waiting for the 25th.
  6. PLANESCAPE. https://www.polygon.com/23311530/dnd-planescape-campaign-reboot-three-book-boxed-set And Phandelver II. I just started Witchlight, but I’m already looking ahead now.
  7. “6th edition” Basically ongoing changes to the current edition, physical/digital crossover purchases, and an upcoming official online environment in UE5.
  8. We're getting to the point that Embracer could launch their own console/platform/service.
  9. Virtuos. They also do art asset production for both Horizons. https://www.dsogaming.com/pc-performance-analyses/horizon-zero-dawn-pc-performance-analysis/
  10. Really don't care about a physical release, but it's really annoying that the PS/PC versions are being kept at a nebulous "August release" still. What, did Nintendo buy two weeks of exclusivity? [edit] Those two weeks were in jest, but it turns out it's actually two weeks? https://store.playstation.com/de-de/concept/10004893/
  11. It's not that there are many controls, it's just that they are... "unique". Whoever put Samus' speedrunning under a stick-click needs to the brought before The Hague. Also putting many crucial controls under awkward modifiers is not helping anyone. Never mind presenting you with a separate set of controls and timings for specific scenes. And then there's the usual "fuck you this game needs something new" Nintendo stuff all bolted onto the d-pad taking away that potential movement scheme. The abilities themselves are pretty good, but in terms of controls this game is one big sloppy mess.
  12. This now has a PS5 version (and a free upgrade for PS4 owners) and is available on Steam. The haptic feedback on the PS5 version especially is subtly done.
  13. Still not completely won over, bizarrely enough combat feels like a 13 Sentinels Light, which I did not think possible. Story also features a lot of "and then this happened off screen" texts so not much to grab me on that front either. I'm guessing this is a great RPG diversion for MOBA players, but I might hold off until this is at least half price. As mentioned above, the character names are god-rays-and-all-glorious and the voice acting seems to be done by the same team/studio as Octopath Traveler. No issues there.
  14. Some excellent comments about the vid here:
  15. Playing through the demo and I’m getting some mobile MTX grinder vibes… I hope that’s just an awkward start, but the production values are also a bit ‘naff and the menus feel like they were made for touchscreens. Let’s see where it goes. Anyone else playing?
  16. https://www.reuters.com/markets/europe/exclusive-tencent-plans-raise-stake-assassins-creed-maker-ubisoft-sources-2022-08-04/
  17. Yeah, seeing it moving I really hope that sprite filter is optional.
  18. I've come to despise the PS5's shape even more over the years. It's just an extraordinary ugly piece of kit. The scumbag collar absolutely ruins whatever positives were left in the design. It's arguably the least Sony-ish device I've ever seen or owned.
  19. If those Sony/Square Enix merger/buyout rumours are true, this move could have one well of a hangover for Sony. “Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest is heavily entrenched, so no rival - no matter how relevant - can achieve it."
  20. I really enjoyed this gem.
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