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  1. Oh, how fantastic is that. I was impressed by the Edge article a few months back but it's another thing altogether to see it in motion. Plus I've been deliberately avoiding ROTS hype so see it seems wierd seeing Vader, Stormtroopers and Chewie in a prequel game. Of course, it won't be as good as the sequel - Lego Star Wars: The Classic Trilogy...
  2. We've been using them for a few years now, we started off making our own cases from recommendations but for the last couple of years have just been on the "world wine tour" where they send you a crate every 3 months. I've no complaints at all, they're very reliable and the wine is almost always extremely palatable.
  3. I'm sorry but I can't read those words without imagine them being spoken by Comic Book Guy. "Best. Lego. Ever!"
  4. Long Gone Before Daylight was my Official Favourite Album Of 2003. And as nothing last year came close IMHO, I hereby declare it my Official Favourite Album Of 2004 too. It's that good.
  5. Another Nottingham Playtime fan here. When I was selling loads of games this time last year I was in there a lot doing trade ins - after the first couple of times they started to recognise me and stopped bothering to check the discs cos they knew I looked after them. After that I offloaded all my scratched up crap.* They're really nice guys, always do a good trade in deal and its the only non-online games shop I've used for over a year. Three cheers for Sabreman and "the other one"! *Not really.
  6. Apart from the snogging, that's a pretty good description of virtually every Sam 'n' Frodo scene in every Lord of the Rings film. If only they'd got it over with once they crossed the river they'd have got to Mordor in no time.
  7. I'm not sure if this "qualifies" as New Games Journalism, but it seems to press all the right buttons for me. Confessions of a Street Fighter Virgin
  8. This year's Beyond Good & Evil? I'm still playing last year's Beyond Good & Evil. What do you mean it's nearly next year? ;P
  9. Any plain chocolate will do for me. I know some makes are better but even the worst ones are still fantastic. If I have to make do with a normal chocolate bar then Boosts, Mavericks and Fuses get the nod. But a bit of plain is 1000 times better.
  10. I think my view is somewhere between yours and hers. Yes, the industry (in Britain at least) is starting to make the right noises about tighter ratings and restrictions, if only because they could see it coming in Blunkett's Britain (TM - now under new management!) and would rather influence the outcome than have it imposed on them. However, they still continue to market violent games to a younger audience. In this respect I agree entirely with the infamous Redeyegate article. But elsewhere I'm not sure there is any such shift in approach and so I can understand the writer's indignation. I don't want my children playing violent games (and I don't let them) but I also don't want the manufacturers pimping those games to them regardless. Who knows, perhaps the UK industry and our old mate Roger Bennett will end up showing the rest of the world the way forward.
  11. Oh, I dunno. Fear And Loathing In Super Mario World could be good. Plenty of mushrooms for a start.
  12. I'd just like to put in a good word for Pokemon Channel. Not in a "look beyond the it's-for-kids appearance" way, but simply because it is for kids, and my kids absolutely love it. A game about having your own pet Pikachu, talking to loads of other Pokemon(s?) and watching nothing but Pokemon cartoons and other programmes on telly? Very boring for 34 year old dad, digital crack for his Pokeholic offspring.
  13. I think the Magisterium is clearly meant to be analogous to the Catholic church - their obsession with original sin for a start. And I didn't interpret the books as being anti-god or anti-faith but anti-establishment and anti-organised religion. The General Oblation Board represented (to me) the kind of exremists in all religions who get so obsessed with carrying out the letter of the law (or just a selected subset) that they forget the spirit - in both senses. If they're careful this could work well. It doesn't have to be explicit to be powerful. A bigger risk to me is that it turns out to be just another utterly average missing-the-point film adaptation. I'm not expecting Lord of the Rings but I hope it's not Lawnmower Man.
  14. I think with these type of adverts the viewer is supposed to think that they are watching an excerpt from the game itself. I think they are definitely trying to mislead. The Harry Potter ones were the absolute classic, they were based on a current film so they could have used film footage but instead they went with obviously-computer-generated graphics. What is the viewer supposed to think other than that they're generated by the game itself? And the disclaimer is just small print, they say it because they have to but they don't want to draw your attention to it, just like "your home may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments". However it does work the other way, my own wife (never one to express any interest in gaming) saw the new Prince of Persia ad the other night, complete with its "in-game action" caption and was moved to comment on how impressive it was.
  15. You didn't cry at the end did you? I could forgive all manner of wheeled animals for that.
  16. Still, look on the bright side, we can look forward to His Dark Materials: The Movie: The Game. Daemon - Gotta Intercise 'Em All!
  17. I think all of mine have been mentioned by now but I'll give another vote for the following, in no particular order: Ico Rez Disgaea Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (get a Hori stick for maximum joy) Eye Toy (Play or Sega Superstars, both great fun) Fantavision Flipnic Kingdom Hearts Space Channel 5 Space Channel 5 Part 2 (yes it's worth getting both) Gran Turismo 3 And if you never played them on the PS: Vib Ribbon Metal Gear Solid
  18. Oh man, I haven't even played MGS2 yet so I've not been following the hype for this very much, but now I can't wait for it! I suppose I ought to have a crack at 2 in the meantime. (I loved the PS MGS by the way so I'm not a complete series newbie).
  19. I really liked that one by Enrique Iglesias (sp?) and Kelis this summer, I spent ages trying to find out who it was. Imagine my shame when I eventually did.
  20. As was my wife (then girlfriend). T'Pau though. I thought they were pretty damn good at the time (86? 87?) - the other singles off the first album were ace too, "Heart & Soul" was like a warm up for China in your Hand and "Sex Talk" was a Soft Rock TM anthem! In my university band days (88-90) we had a swedish girl on vocals who could really nail Sex Talk. And she wasn't a bad singer either! Ah, those were the days.
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