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  1. I reckon they will be, there'll be a sequel along in a couple of years and then a couple of years after that the final part of the trilogy. They're probably negotiating for the likeness of the original cast so they can make an entirely CGI Ghostbusters 3 once they've all died.
  2. I use a short one on the left and a tall on the right. I kid myself that it gives me EXTRA PRECISION when aiming. I think I might try swapping back to two low ones though. I don't have an issue with moving my right thumb over to the D-pad but it has JUST occurred to me that I could remap the face buttons to do the D-pad functions in the accessories app, which I am definitely going to do because that would be easier.
  3. No idea how FH5 compares but when I moved over from 1X to SX, I was playing Doom Eternal and thought it had been patched for next gen. It hadn't, it just had a dynamic resolution that meant the game on the new hardware was higher res. Doom Eternal has now had a next gen patch. Do you have a 4k HDR TV and like fast paced Fps? If so, maybe that. Failing that: Gears 5 (Inc hive busters), titanfall2, sea of thieves, a plague tale, Village are nice on Series X.
  4. Great! Anyone else who hasn't played it want to team up on this? I could play tonight from 10 if we can get a 4 (I assume it's teams of 4). Let me know and don't be shy, please.
  5. I've been drinking ground coffee for ages now, but before then, I thought Azera was pretty good.
  6. I don't know tbh. I also don't know if it'd be overriden by another fireteam member's settings, but I assume not?
  7. Final few seconds proves that's definitely a cheater. That's just convinced me to turn off system level crossplay on my console until 343 allow it as an option in Halo.
  8. There's a setting to turn them off if you like.
  9. Wasn't really something I was looking for an answer for. Sorry if it came off that way. FWIW I got most of my Halo Elite Controller using Microsoft Points and now don't really pay much attention to it (but I do keep the Xbox weekly thing going). Would happily say it was worthwhile, but I don't lose any sleep over not doing it.
  10. People putting effort into posting here need to work out what they get for it in exchange.
  11. I think phone reviewers need to be told about this new benchmarking test!
  12. 4 seconds here (galaxy s20+)
  13. I think you can do the same with a shock pistol too, I think I've had the same come up (though 4 sounds unlikely, do they have a lesser version?) And what I came to post:
  14. While I'm here, this guy has loads of videos about alternate versions of weapons. I'm not sure why 343 has made them, but they're in the game if you play custom matches.
  15. "She had dumps like a truck truck truck" https://www.bing.com/search?q=thong+song+lyrics&PC=U316&FORM=CHROMN
  16. Wow, I didn't know the Skewer was so powerful vs vehicles.
  17. I think playing a supportive role is one thing, but if they're next to the oddball and nobody else is and they won't pick it up and then the other team do, that kinda sucks. See also: Won't score a flag, won't return a flag, won't support people carrying the flag/oddball, and that does happen. I lost a round of oddball yesterday because our guy wouldn't pick the ball up at their feet when we needed less than 5 seconds carry time to win the round. I just don't think people who're playing K/D slayer on objective games are contributing much to the team effort. I'd wager that anyone who's good enough to make a real dent in another team would be able to judge when to drop the flag/ball and keep the massacre going rather than just outright ignoring objectives.
  18. I wish they recorded fewer stats, most notably K/D in objective games. For those that care about it, it means they won't play the objective. For those who are prioritising the objective in every game, it means that their overall stats may suffer. This has been the case in Halo since stats were tracked, I'm not sure why they haven't changed it somehow, especially since they appear to be able to track every single detail of every game.
  19. I will be playing this once it hits gamepass. Would love to make a team up of people that haven't played it before so we can all go in without prior knowledge.
  20. Nobody Bob Odenkirk has a go at being John Wick, or probably more Liam Neeson in Taken Etc. A man who knows how to kill and hurt people but is retired, but ends up in a situation where he must use those skills once again. Hard to score highly, but difficult to criticise too much when it is successful in what it sets out to do, which is put lots of violence onscreen with a seemingly unlikely protagonist. I can imagine this getting very positive reviews from some. Nonetheless, 3/5.
  21. I haven't changed anything but there's a "how to fix Halo's aiming" guide somewhere that I've been meaning to try.
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