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  1. I think you can do the same with a shock pistol too, I think I've had the same come up (though 4 sounds unlikely, do they have a lesser version?) And what I came to post:
  2. While I'm here, this guy has loads of videos about alternate versions of weapons. I'm not sure why 343 has made them, but they're in the game if you play custom matches.
  3. "She had dumps like a truck truck truck" https://www.bing.com/search?q=thong+song+lyrics&PC=U316&FORM=CHROMN
  4. I think playing a supportive role is one thing, but if they're next to the oddball and nobody else is and they won't pick it up and then the other team do, that kinda sucks. See also: Won't score a flag, won't return a flag, won't support people carrying the flag/oddball, and that does happen. I lost a round of oddball yesterday because our guy wouldn't pick the ball up at their feet when we needed less than 5 seconds carry time to win the round. I just don't think people who're playing K/D slayer on objective games are contributing much to the team effort. I'd wager that anyone who's good enough to make a real dent in another team would be able to judge when to drop the flag/ball and keep the massacre going rather than just outright ignoring objectives.
  5. I wish they recorded fewer stats, most notably K/D in objective games. For those that care about it, it means they won't play the objective. For those who are prioritising the objective in every game, it means that their overall stats may suffer. This has been the case in Halo since stats were tracked, I'm not sure why they haven't changed it somehow, especially since they appear to be able to track every single detail of every game.
  6. I will be playing this once it hits gamepass. Would love to make a team up of people that haven't played it before so we can all go in without prior knowledge.
  7. Nobody Bob Odenkirk has a go at being John Wick, or probably more Liam Neeson in Taken Etc. A man who knows how to kill and hurt people but is retired, but ends up in a situation where he must use those skills once again. Hard to score highly, but difficult to criticise too much when it is successful in what it sets out to do, which is put lots of violence onscreen with a seemingly unlikely protagonist. I can imagine this getting very positive reviews from some. Nonetheless, 3/5.
  8. I haven't changed anything but there's a "how to fix Halo's aiming" guide somewhere that I've been meaning to try.
  9. And that, R2D2, is why you should never trust a Wookie (exploding engine on spaceship)
  10. I think that's both a crazy outfit and Halo getting away with it. Perhaps they can get away with this F2P nonsense without destroying their brand. I had thought recently that we haven't had Elite Skins in Halo for a long time, I wonder if they can make that work without giving a target size advantage to one or the other, and I guess Brutes and non-spartan elites could be made to work too. Some would pay to play as Buck/Nathan Fillian, I'm sure. I came to post this, also from a Microsoft account:
  11. They look like explosions from Star Wars to me, I really like them but they did stand out initially. I actually assumed they would be really processor intensive, rather than a low tech solution from the 90s!
  12. The thing is you can't turn it off in all modes, and now every time you play someone who seems really good, you'll be wondering if you were just outclassed or if the other player was cheating. The first thing I thought of when I saw the video was the one game I had that seemed astonishingly difficult to make any progress against the other team. I'll never know!
  13. I promise to rt #NoCrossPlayForHalo if I see it tweeted by someone else.
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