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  1. If the Series X is a 4k machine and the Series S is a 1080p machine, could we say that a Series X is 4 times as powerful as a Series S? A Series X is 4 times as powerful as a One X. Is a Series S as powerful as a One X..? I realise this is too much of an oversimplification, but I thought it was fun to think about.
  2. I just remember waiting. There never seemed to be anything new out, just things on the horizon. I remember getting ZTWW imported, was there some sort of group buy on here? I also remember getting Starfox Adventures and a Wavebird sent over from DVDBO. The wavebird was great! I know I had a few import titles but those are the ones that stand out. The gamecube's relatively small library did give me time to play through RE4 repeatedly, which meant I played it through more times than any other game ever. It meant I considered getting a second console for the first time too. This probably sounds quite negative, but I was a complete evangelist for the gamecube at the time, I loved it.
  3. I got SMB with a gamecube because the forum was going bananas () over it. I still find it hard to believe that people like(d) it that much.
  4. @womble9, seems to actually be "just for you" it's £12.49 for me. I wonder if this is clever marketing - I wasn't going to buy it even for a fiver, but if I were on the fence about it, I might have gone for it even at more than you paid once I got used to the idea that I was going to buy it.
  5. Genuinely surprised, the way people spoke of it was that it very much was worth buying a system for.
  6. So there will be exclusive series X games then. Why are we worried about it?
  7. I assume this is only a problem for publishers who want to release their software on multiple systems? I assume The third party games that require extra cpu power will be SeriesX only and that Microsoft isn't demanding that every game for series X run on every xbox, are they? It'll be interesting to see what happens, assuming there is a tangible difference between games that use all the power of the next gen and those that also run on the current hardware. We may only have PS5 first party games as an indicator of what next gen means. Microsoft first party games = Xbox One Games PS5 and Xbox Series X multiplatform games = Xbox One Games. This could be quite an easy win for Sony if they do put out first party games that clearly could not be done on previous hardware. You could ask yourself how games have changed as the Generation played out. Does Battlefield 4 which launched on the cusp of the current gen (2013) and had 360, X1 and PC versions play significantly differently to Battlefield 5 (2018) which did not have a 360 version? What are the games that when we talk about gameplay, not visuals, couldn't have been done on 360? Of the games that couldn't be done on the previous generation hardware, when did they arrive? Did any of them appear within the first couple of years?
  8. 21 Bridges 3/5. Wasn't expecting much and was in danger of falling asleep on the sofa before I put it on so didn't want to risk something I really wanted to see. As it turned out, I thought the film had a good cast, reasonable (though predictable) story and looked brilliant. On that note, the look of NY contributes a lot to the movie and caused me to feel a little sad at the thought of a visit to New York (where the film is set - the title relates to the bridges that connect manhatten) being so unrealistic any time soon.
  9. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    Is this another example of a video game company on top making shitty decisions before a fall?
  10. Agree that the Brutes and Prometheans aren't good news would be my default, but I've played a lot of Halo Wars 2 recently and the Brutes have a bit more character in my mind now. I pretty much think that the environment is going to be the most interesting part of Infinite. Will it be open world? How will that work? How free will you be? That's a much bigger concern /point of interest than who's shooting back, IMO. Despite this, it's probably too late for a hashtag but #NoPrometheansForInfinite would work for me.
  11. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    I don't think it's a thing on xbox. Re the other stuff, I take the position that if I really want something, I'll buy it and stuff on gamepass isn't really mine. For the price I pay, there's no chance I'm not getting my money's worth. They could do things to make it even better but it's already the best deal in gaming so I don't worry about it.
  12. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, I think that's part of the model really, you still have chance to try and can buy at a discount if you like it and to be fair a two week warning is long enough to see the majority of most games. Taking a pragmatic approach, it really would suck a lot of the fun out of things if you had notice of games leaving the service which meant you had set up a sequence that you had to play them in, feel like the last days of a COD/Apex Legends battlepass, where you don't really want to play the thing but you need to get ten levels done by Friday or you haven't got your money's worth.
  13. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    You'd be even less interested if you had chance to play it.
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