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  1. The power button on the system.
  2. Just press the power button for a few seconds.
  3. I assumed it was as well, the promo image that I saw for it made it look very much like it was an add on for the latter, not the former, which is the actual situation.
  4. Well, that works too. Same maps and game modes for 5+ years is the thing to avoid.
  5. Call of Duty seemed busy enough when I played the standard modes a while back. With luck there'll be an appetite for Halo's equivalents later this year. Halo seemed to get a boost in player count recently, I haven't played H5 in ages, but when I did it seemed quick to get into a game, etc. Even Halo Wars 2 which I play most days has got more players, you could always get a game but it would take time to find someone. It's still not always very quick but it is better. I think most games would struggle to keep an audience with the same maps for over 5 years. I think that hype for Infinite has caused some lapsed players to revisit in preparation, even if the game is from an entirely different genre. Alternatively, they're all people who skipped Xbox one and bought a Series System. I think that it's reasonable to say that one Halo game per generation isn't enough to sustain an audience (especially when they split that audience further with MCC) and that people will come back to the brand when there's something new to see. I hope that Halo Infinite's successor is already being thought about and that we don't have another 6 year gap between titles.
  6. Yes, it was Apex Legends that I was talking about. I'm not sure how big Apex Legends is (I'm sure I read here someone saying their player count was falling a while back) but they don't seem to be worried about slightly alienating those who leave mid game. You'll get a cooldown for quitting which effectively means there's no point in leaving a match in order to go play with someone else, or because you haven't secured the character you wanted, as you'll be waiting as long as it might take to play the game through before you can start matching again. I have wondered if Infinite's bots will be pressed into service if someone quits mid game or if they're part of a way to ensure speed of matching should 343 wish to experiment with more playlists. Early on, it became apparent that the bots would congregate in one area on the first map at the beginning of a game, so if you ran there immediately and were lucky with grenade throw timing, then you (or if less lucky, a teammate) could pickup a multikill at the start to the game. Beyond that, I thought the bots were reasonable opponents once their skill level was bumped up, as they were when the 3rd map, Bazaar, was released. As long as there's not too many tells, and not too much predictable behaviour, it could work out well to keep teams balanced in that way, but there's no escaping that playing bots isn't as exciting/ satisfying/varied as playing against other people. Hopefully 343 have been looking at Apex's methods to discourage quitting, as well as it's business model.
  7. I think the commando rifle might have a bit of a learning curve, I couldn't see what it was for initially, but after a couple of goes it seemed a bit more useful.
  8. Oh bum, how frustrating. Thanks for the replies all.
  9. I thought you could get a reward for the gamepass app/ playing gamepass every day? Is that incorrect?
  10. Goddamn, first time I've got a monthly 1000point challenge done in ages. Need 60 tasks, done 59. I need to play gamepass or log into the mobile app to get one more task complete. The Xbox app won't register playing gamepass, getting an achievement or logging into the mobile app. Am cry.
  11. For the first time since switching while playing Halo 2, I'm using the default settings. I map left stick click to one of the paddles and A,B and X to the others and that means the only thing you have to take your thumb off a stick for is change weapon.
  12. There's a third map on the test now and they've bumped the skill level of the AI up.
  13. Tbh, I think the second map they have included on this beta technical test looks much better than the first one, but in those 3 pics @RubberJohnnyposted, I have to agree, Battlefield looks better, is also cross gen, will feature high player numbers, vehicles, etc, etc. It's a fairly like for like comparison. I don't think it'll hurt Halo, but if it does, perhaps 343 could go some way to explaining what their engine does best, etc. I suspect Halo will end up being one of a very small number of games that will run at 120hz (series) and will look a bit dated as a result of using the power in that way.
  14. Two months old, I have been led to believe.
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