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  1. Is it the biggest release of the year? Probably. Will it be any good? Place bets on the metacritic rating, please.
  2. Looking again at the design, it seems to me that they realised they had a big unwieldy box and tried to disguise that with the swooping curves - it does break up the bulk of the machine and makes it look like the console is sort of the black central part wrapped in the white part. These shots reveal how chunky that white part is and make it clearer that it's a big oblong lump. I always thought the original 360 shape with the curved "inhale" on the sides was pretty naff and cheap looking - mine lived where I'm sure a lot of these new consoles will end up - standing vertically behi
  3. It's the white collar / fins I think are objectionable in the design, they look like they serve no purpose other than to take up more space. I'm sure it will look good in person, but it seems difficult to appreciate the design in these photos.
  4. Microsoft made lots of noise about making sure there would be plenty of stock last time around (Neogaf said that was damage limitation for a lack of demand), but as far as I know, no such assurances have been made this time, as far as I know. I know a few people have said that there is low likelihood of a restock before Christmas too. From my position of knowing nothing, that sounds unlikely, won't they be constantly producing and shipping them now? Is that wrong?
  5. I wonder what Microsoft's stock situation is? Has anything been announced? I know Sony said their stock was affected by chip yields, which could mean if Microsoft have aimed to produce as many that supplies will be more plentiful.
  6. Why thank you, I'm not keeping score but I'll look back fondly on this if there's ever an audit.
  7. haha! Ten pounds out, I'm surprised you're pleased about that massive faux pas. EDIT: Tears? For an obviously well intentioned joke, with an "I AM OBVIOUSLY JOKING" smiley attached? Console launches are making everyone crazy.
  8. Huh, that is less than I expected. I'm really surprised at the £359 price, I assume that must be the absolute lowest price they can get to (or it'd be £350) - that'll be a winning price for a lot of people - full 4k at a very agreeable price and things have been mostly digital for a lot of people. I assume Game will be gone by Easter.
  9. Fuck all, that's why I shared the original tweet, it's the most incredible reach to find a way to throw out a stat to claim superiority. That's why I shared it, it's console war nonsense that I thought was funny. In retrospect, I should have kept it to myself because it's obviously going to derail the thread for the next fortnight because everyone has to be respectful and kind in case someone's triggered.
  10. No, you're right. I shouldn't have shared it. Forgive me.
  11. Whoops. I think I'm struggling with 100 devices all pinging messages and emails at me at once, sorry. I've edited but the gist is that the cable you use now is going to work (assuming you charge your Elite2 on your current Xbox).
  12. You'll just use a cable with USB C on one end and the vintage turn it upside down 3 times until it fits plug on the other end.
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