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  1. Wahwah*

    It Takes Two

    My girlfriend and I have got through most of A Way Out (I think we must be near the end anyway). This new game looks good, but I think it'd be far too stressful. For both of us.
  2. It's a bit blurry with Ultimate though.
  3. I think the Xbox one was sold at break even but the series X is definitely being sold at a loss, but I assume as time goes by the components get cheaper. I think you're right that games are by far the lion's share of the money.
  4. If you're Nintendo, why do you want your customers to give Microsoft money, which they'll give you a cut of, when you could just sell them Mario Kart and keep all the money? The switch is so successful, what does Gamepass offer them, that they actually need?
  5. I think it's more nuanced than that, certainly the sales of Sony's first party exclusives aren't the biggest sellers on the platform, but they do drive the most engaged parts of the audience which feeds to the more casual parts of the market. As Don Mattrick said (IIRC) "first to a million installed consoles, wins" (or similar).
  6. Every time a company reaches dominance if they do stuff people don't like, they go elsewhere. Get a second job, etc. etc. I can't imagine Gamepass encompassing all software - there'll be places to play games without getting onboad with Gamepass. Nintendo aren't going anywhere for a start.
  7. Yes, a publisher could refuse to have their game on gamepass, you are correct as far as I'm aware. However, I stand by the idea that Bethesda / Zenimax, who have already had titles on Gamepass, would have allowed Microsoft to pay for their titles to be on gamepass earlier in the game's life for less money than Microsoft put down to buy the company.
  8. If Microsoft wanted to put those games on Gamepass, they could do it without buying the company. If they wanted to sell games to PlayStation owners, they'd make a lot by putting Halo on PlayStation. And yet, they did buy the company and they haven't put Halo on PlayStation. I think Boozy's summation is correct.
  9. In short, yes. I personally am not bothered about getting a new emblem, skin for a weapon or whatever, but I like that it makes the multiplayer have an aim or target. Tbh, I think Apex Legends does it best by giving you a series of level boosting challenges (use particular characters or guns) to push your level along. I can get that some won't like it at all, but it's worth noting that while the battle pass costs some virtual currency, I was given the currency I used by playing the game and the battle pass gives you more credits than it costs if you complete it.
  10. I'm not saying you're wrong, and if anyone will have worked out the highest possible revenue, I'm sure it will have been Activision!
  11. To be honest, I'm not sure it takes longer than the Apex Legends pass does, but I think you'd definitely have to play most days to get it done. For those who play a lot, I reckon it'd be pretty easy, I started mid way through the season and got it done, but I did play a lot this weekend to get it finished (double XP). I've done a couple of Apex Seasons, and getting one of them done really made me question if I was enjoying it (I wasn't). I don't even care about the stuff you unlock, I just like completing it.
  12. I have to say I was never much of a fan of COD but I've loved the multiplayer on this and the previous game, I just hit level 100 on the season pass, but will probably sit the next one out as the past couple of days I've felt obligated to grind out some extra season pass XP this weekend to get it done.
  13. I don't reckon there'll be anything to show that isn't already talked about. Obviously the big question that's waiting to be clearly and definitively answered is where those games will (and won't) be playable. If they can reveal some ETAs on the games we do know about, that'll be something. On the other hand, a show isn't much of a show without footage and they'll want some hype and press. Hopefully it won't just be Fallout76, now at 60fps!!!1!!
  14. It's because their deal will have finalised and Microsoft will be finally able to reveal their plans. Until then Microsoft legally can't say what they're doing with the Zenimax brands. EDIT: Beaten by milliseconds.
  15. I reckon a significant number of next gen consoles are standing immediately behind the TV. In that sense I suppose they are in the background.
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