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  1. Ha! They're buying extra systems just to have the experience again, I stand corrected!
  2. Or they're very invested in arguing on behalf of their team.
  3. I should have added expandable storage, quick resume, games under £60 and of course gamepass should be the go-to weapons in the war, not the box. Choose better, soldiers.
  4. Yes, as long as you have a licence somehow, the software will run off the hard drive
  5. The app does installs, but not billing. So you can order a game to download, but you'll be prompted to pay for it when you try to use it.
  6. The way the box opens is nice, but I'm really surprised how many times I've seen it written about and other systems get mentioned. It really seems like one of the least important ways of keeping score. Especially since it's something most people will experience once. It's not something you experience as part of the daily use of the system.
  7. They're all no longer available, aside from Horizon which is available until tomorrow.
  8. Well now everyone's going to get upset.
  9. It's because games are only £70 on one system, disapproving of that price can be interpreted as disapproving of that one system, means people get upset.
  10. I don't think that sounds grumpy at all, I guess that this was bound to happen at some point - the tipping point for console game development cost and install base means we've probably seen the last of those games at the beginning of a generation being representative of anything much.
  11. I think you'll split the crowd with that one, personally 60fps is worth the price of entry of the console, even if it was just to play games that are released on exisiting platforms. What's sort of interesting is that with the falling price of older software, the high price of new software and the limit in distinction between generations, arguably with things like Auto HDR, FPS Boost and improved loading times, the best time to play last gen's games is now!
  12. Good point, there's a window, too old and the price goes in the other direction.
  13. Obviously the best thing to do would be to buy a system from ten years ago that you didn't have at the time. Missed the PS3? Perfect time to get all the games for £2 each. Between £70 games and that is wait for a few months and get it half price. It's pretty weird that this is so obvious but gaming is all about hype and "take my money now!!!" Why can't we just play a different game for 6 months?
  14. I always almost get swept up in these promos but then I look at guides like this and just think "1-2 hours for 1000GS for less than a pound...?" Good luck to anyone who is going for it and will enjoy doing it, but if you're not loving the process, I'd strongly suggest you give it a miss.
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