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  1. I had forgotten all about this. I was a little bit interested but seeing the size of it has taken this from "I would have to hear many positive reviews and reactions" to "this is a stupid novelty, people will enthuse about this but it is not for me."
  2. Microsoft say Gold is going nowhere: https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/5/21355756/microsoft-xbox-live-rename-gold-free-rumors As soon as I saw the headline I thought "I guess that makes Ultimate a little more atteactive" - you may as well pay a few pounds more and get all the games too.
  3. I didn't realise that you could dispose of items like that!
  4. What do you mean? They were asking for it on comms so you just walked off? I think there are some proper idiots on this game. When people are joining with other single players, I can't believe that people are still breaking off on their own to go to certain death areas. And it's those players who constantly spam "respawn me". I wish there was a shortcut message for "press it again and I will not revive you".
  5. Unfortunately, it's not on Gamepass anymore, I know it was but checked last night and it's gone. I was weighing up the extra 3/4 pounds vs getting my disc copy off the shelf!
  6. If you haven't bought the original game, you can buy them bundled together and discounted too.
  7. OK, this seems to be the only opinion. I'll go for it.
  8. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    I assume that this will be useless on a mobile connection, but I'm thinking "why didn't I go for that phone contract that had insane amounts of data, instead of going for the one that was merely more than enough." (Assuming I leave the house again). I would still love to see a proper Microsoft handheld gaming device playing games locally. I'd definitely buy one, with gamepass offering all sorts of indies, they surely could cater for lower specs.
  9. Giving this a bump as the Mooncrash DLC is about a fiver on Xbox at the moment. Worth it?
  10. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    That tweet and embracing the Craig memes must indicate some new social media strategy. When X1 was being called the Bone they ignored it. When Xbox Live's MajorNelson, Larry Hryb was pressed, he said he didn’t like it, that it was disrespectful to the team, cementing it's prominent use for the next 18 months.
  11. All that and Sony can't afford to let you use your old controllers.
  12. Right, I see. It does make sense after all. Thanks!
  13. I didn't really understand what optimised for SeriesX was supposed to mean, tbh. Surely every game is optimised for the hardware it plays on?
  14. Copied from the above linked article: "Full list of 120fps Xbox Series X games Dirt 5 ExoMecha Gears 5 Halo Infinite (multiplayer) Metal: Hellsinger Ori and the Will of the Wisps Orphan of the Machine Second Extinction" I'm actually pretty interested to try Gears 5 again. I posted that I finished a playthrough in 4k after getting a new tv and at the time said I pretty much couldn't imagine how they could make it look better, when it was at it's best. If they're bumping the framerate I wonder if they're doing anything else too? Microsoft's efforts to improve bc titles is a pretty great thing, imo. I wonder if they'll overhaul any other current gen games.
  15. Absolutely love this. I think it's so good I've decided to take a break until it comes out of preview. I saw this on twitter regarding the numbers:
  16. I don't think it's a promo, I believe it's a mistake or something to do with changing the billing process for Series X. I saw something about being able to make purchases on Xbox One that previously could only be done on 360, so they're definitely changing things around.
  17. And Costume Quest https://t.co/M0XYKmEmjR Destroy All Humans https://t.co/oJADYJBc1h Juju https://t.co/9ieGrlZDOj
  18. Ikaruga is free in Argentina. Anyone can "purchase" it as there's no payment method needed. I assume you'll need to be quick, I have no idea why it's free. https://www.microsoft.com/es-ar/p/ikaruga/bz8zv7r2j95r
  19. This will be an interesting test case, I imagine that the Internet will care more about the textures on the Brute's face than 120fps, but time will tell.
  20. Some guy at Smyths toys is probably proudly telling his mum about how he (sort of) made international news.
  21. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    Cultural icon. Edit: I just googled and 1) they still make neighbours and 2) Toadfish is still in it, 25 years after first appearing. 3)that's as incendiary as this post is getting. Sorry.
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