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  1. I got my Kinect 2 out last week to try and use it as a webcam in these stuck at home times.  


    It's a bit of a bummer that I've got the kit so I can connect it to my Mac, but there's no Mac drivers for it, apparently.  Means these things are even more likely to end up as landfill. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, womblingfree said:

    @Wahwah* Five hundred quid for a console? No way would they release it at that price, at least not without a cheaper alternative. Would they??


    It's interesting to see where the "that's too much" lies, I feel like the talk about the power and the special features of the motherboard design and whatever else is priming people for the idea that it'll be expensive. 


    Xbox one was £429, add 20% for UK currency value loss and we end up at just over £500, without even acknowledging the passage of time.   


    If they go for under £500, they've effectively got this incredible high power console, and look out they haven't compromised on power, did we say how powerful it was? ...for less than the Xbox one launched at. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Jashin said:

    Yeah, I agree. I’m actually fairly sure that the XBSX will actually be eye-wateringly expensive, but I’d love to be proved wrong on that. 


    I guess it depends where eye watering is for you, I'd expect it to be about the same as the original Xbox one release - adjusted for Brexit and inflation, I'd expect that to be £500-550.


    I personally will be surprised if they go over £500.


    Worth considering that Gamepass effectively means everyone gets Halo, etc. included with the system. Day one sales of XSX could in theory be dominated by people buying the console only - no extra games. It could be a cheaper launch day than some here had for PS4/X1.


    It'll be interesting to see how third parties play it. 

  4. 39 minutes ago, Jashin said:

    Here’s my conspiracy theory: Lockhart won’t be released at the same time as the Series X. It’s effectively an industrial ruse to leave Sony wrong footed and working out where and how to pitch the PS5. 

    Interesting but that would be a risky strategy - Sony coming out with lower specs but a significantly lower RRP wouldn't be an automatic win for anyone. 

  5. Is there a grinder that people have settled on as a safe recommendation? 


    If it's inexpensive (a relative term, I know) then I reckon I'll get one and some beans to make isolation slightly more enjoyable. I use an aeropress. 


    My friend has a £40 delonghi that he likes, but online reviews claim it doesn't grind finely enough. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Phil said:

    Back when my 360 got RRD


    I think the difference there was that Steve Balmer signed off on an insane amount of money to repair/replace 360 consoles and through customer service effectively save the brand. There's an ign podcast where Peter Moore talks about having to go tell Balmer what was going on.  It's a good listen if you're interested, it's called something like "Xbox chiefs roundtable", they bring together a few heads of Xbox through the years.


    I agree that the elite pad construction isn't what it should be. The rubber grips on two of my pads have come off and I know someone whose L&R bumpers broke, in what is a common fault, apparently. 

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  7. What's happened to this, I've been enjoying it but recently have noticed a significant increase in people camping. I know it comes with the territory but it seems to have become so much more prevalent recently. 


    I played 2 games of FFA where of the 8 players on the map, only 2 of us were actually moving around. Everyone else found a corner, laid down and looked down their sights for 10 minutes. 


    What's madness is that it's not even a good way to get points. I came second despite having a shit game by my own regular standards. 


    It's a great game, but I hope this isn't going to become standard. 

  8. 1 hour ago, gone fishin' said:

    Remember that Games Master TV program? You know, the one with the fat astronomer. No, not Russell Grant, he's an astrologer. Yeah, sure you were too busy listening to METAL bands in the 90s to care about stupid computer games,, but Dave 'The Pistol' Perry was on that program wearing a BANDANA and playing kids games like Super Mario. Well he doesn't do that know. The Pistol does totally rock and roll tattoos like of skulls and shit. And absolutely no tattoos of Super Mario.


    ..might not work well at selling his skills as a tattoo artist.

    Sorry mate, didn't realise this was such a serious topic. 

  9. 55 minutes ago, womblingfree said:

    Weird that his tattoo shop website doesn’t mention him being the Games Animal.


    I imagine a lot of people who know him as a tattooist probably think it's weird that he isn't known everywhere by the name they definitely all routinely refer to him as in everyday parlance and definitely isn't something that he made up for himself while trying to be cool. 


    "The Revolver Tattoo Rooms were opened in March 2007 by owner and lead artist Dave 'The Pistol' Perry."




    I can't think of a single person who I know by a name other than their actual name, and Dave Perry has two alternate names! What a guy. Actually, there's one guy I had to contact for work whose colleague clearly didn't like him and implied that for reasons undisclosed everyone in their organisation referred to him as "pornhub". 

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  10. 4 hours ago, Dudley said:

    Those things die so, so quickly.


    Do you think what will be in the controllers will be better? I'd imagine they'll be the same. 


    I'm using my launch day play and charge battery still. It's max charge can be measured in hours, not days now but I haven't replaced it as it doesn't bother me too much, but if it did, it's about £20, quite a lot better than a replacement pad, not least because of the eventual journey to becoming landfill that products that can't be easily broken down end up taking. 


    No company that professes to give a shit about the environment should be putting out products with a non removable battery, Microsoft should have stuck to the old system, imo. 


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  11. I might get an EA Access sub to play A Way Out. Or I might just buy the game for a tenner in the sale. 


    Does EA Access ever go cheap now? I seem to remember buying a year's sub for about £12 a couple of years back. I'm not sure it's worth an extra ten pounds over the cost of the game #Skinflint. 

  12. 5 hours ago, Parksey said:

    Maybe it's just me, but lightsaber modifiers that change a tiny component of your sabre and are invisible in normal gameplay, and poncho upgrades are not particularly compelling to root out. 


    I believe that if you buy the more expensive version, that a few of those light saber mods and skins are all you get extra too. It makes me wonder if EA demanded something for the purpose of selling a premium version and Respawn did the nearest thing to absolutely nothing that they could manage. 


    My mistake, there's a digital art book and behind the scenes video too. 


    Still approaching absolutely fuck all, imo. 

  13. 11 hours ago, Boozy The Clown said:

    Who cares ?. It's the most powerful console they've ever made and they have enough teams to provide content from day one that will melt your eyes. 


    Get Xcited.

    And bear in mind that you'll only need the hardware - all those teams delivering games for Microsoft will be putting them straight onto Gamepass. And your old controllers still work so you won't need extra peripherals that you may have needed to aid your lie that the console would be played by the whole family. 


    They could afford to be the most expensive console because you don't need to buy any games - you effectively get them all for free*



    *Not for free, unless you're paid up for 100 years thanks to the gamepass/live conversion fun a few months back. 

  14. 13 minutes ago, Robo_1 said:


    Too late then though, surely. There may be some minor wiggle room on clock speeds, but once you're shipping dev kits, the core tech is locked down.



    Yeah, I guess maybe. I don't know the ins and outs and I remember last time that people asserted that the manufacturers needed orders to be placed significantly ahead of manufacturing, so perhaps, yeah. 


    I'd have thought they'd be doing anything to not be the weaker system this time around though. 

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  15. 31 minutes ago, Robo_1 said:

    MS would never let Sony win the spec war again" is largely academic. It's not a race they can knowingly choose to win or concede, as they have no way of knowing what exactly Sony is doing with the PS5.

    Well, they'll know exactly what's in the devkit. 

  16. Funnily enough, myself and @evilboris were talking about Control being an inevitable Gamepass title. Remedy trying to claw it back is funny, nobody who heard about the original announcement is buying it (or the game). 


    The exclusive dlc is a bit of a shame, I presume that part of the equation for Gamepass is boosting dlc sales. 



  17. On 30/11/2019 at 00:24, Thor said:

    Phil Spencer has been quoted as saying "Nobody's asking for VR on Xbox" which as patent bullshit.


    I mean, he might have more info on this than you, but as noted above, I thought the VR bubble had burst. I'm not aware of much interest/hype around it anymore. 


    On 30/11/2019 at 00:24, Thor said:

    what a short-sighted muppet. He needs to go. He just about steadied what was a very rocky ship. But now Xbox needs a visionary, Phil Spencer clearly isn't one.


    I dunno, he's led Xbox to being a real contender, gamepass, large numbers of studios, is popular with fans and seems to like games. 


    I think most would say he's really good for Xbox. 

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