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  1. I just double checked and they did actually, $199. Obviously that doesn’t include DHL’s markup or import tax. Verge
  2. Looking forward to this, I managed to enjoy Colonial Marines even with all its issues so I cant imagine myself not liking this one. My only worry is because its online multiplayer only that the game will be dead after a few months. Also thinking of picking up the predator game as well as thats currently on sale, whats the active user-base like on that game at the moment?
  3. Thats true, it does. The Mega SG also came with an adapter to play master system games as well and that was still under $200 so I still expect around that ballpark for the Duo, when it eventually gets released
  4. Yeah I’ve been playing some more and Im about halfway through the championship mode and its really becoming a bit of a slog. In the later half each tournament has four races with each race taking 10-12 minutes to finish. Add the rubber-banding A.I. Which is constantly behind you and will overtake you and win if you make a single mistake and it’s starting to be less fun to play.
  5. I’m expecting it to be around $200, $300 max. They’ve had a lot of success at the $200 price point with the Super NT and Mega SG and the pocket will be releasing for that much as well. I cant imagine a basic cd drive would drive up the cost that much, they are much more common and more readily available than the cartridge connectors for the older consoles.
  6. To be fair they have shipped out units to people and even released a recent firmware update, so the machine is finished and apparently it does work really well, especially the Saturn emulation. Obviously covid and the chip shortage have been a huge setback and is taking much longer to resolve. Its been the same with Analogue with their pocket release continually getting pushed back and the Duo which was announced almost a year ago now still hasn’t been given a release date or any updates since then. Personally I’m interested in the Polymega base model with support for all of the CD based systems, I doubt analogue will have a PSX or Saturn console any time soon and the HDMI mods for the PSX are sold out almost instantly, plus the plans of having a lightgun released by the end of the year is a huge bonus. Only problem is the price.
  7. Been thinking about whether its better to get a SSDS3 or wait a while longer and get the Analogue Duo, the lack of any news or updates from Analogue is really frustrating. Main reasons for leaning towards the Duo is that its modern hardware so should last longer than an original PCE and also I can use the 8bitdo wireless pads with it. But of course that all depends on whether or not we can actually order one or if its going to be another shitshow like the Pocket preorders.
  8. For the past week Ive been playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for the first time on the PS2. The first NFS game I had played was Shift and the Criterion HP on the 360 so I had no experience with any of the games previous to that. Ive heard from a lot of people that this was the best NFS on the PS2 so I had high hopes for this and was excited to finally try it out. Its a strange one as graphically its not so good, especially compared to stuff like GT, the burnout sequels or Ridge and the soundtrack gets repetitive very fast as theres only like 4 different tracks in the game. But gameplay wise its a lot of fun and the handling is good with the cars each handling differently and with a decent amount of weight. Its also fun trying to find the various shortcuts in the tracks. Not had a chance to play with a wheel just yet but Ive not had any problems with using the pad so far. Overall I think the game is pretty basic in terms of features and variety but its a fun little arcade style racer and it reminds me of the Forza Horizon games in a lot of ways.
  9. Very happy with Conker being on there as thats one Ive been thinking about buying for a while now, although I always thought it was strange that it never went onto gamepass considering that its a first party game and every other Rare game is on there.
  10. Been playing through Gran Turismo 3 and am currently at 20% completion. Playing it through with a Logitech Driving Force wheel and the difference compared to just a pad is huge, I'm pretty much re-learning the game from scratch as this the first time really using a steering wheel peripheral for any console. It will be strange playing GT7 with a pad after getting used to a wheel, but there's no way I can afford $500 to buy a decent wheel for the current gen machines.
  11. Just finished off double dragon for the first time and I’m not ashamed to say that I did use save states. I forgot how brutal that game could be with no way to replenish your health or increase lives and no continues.
  12. Thanks for posting that, I’ve never heard of that podcast before, it was a great listen and obvious that the guys behind the evercade are passionate about it (especially talking about the d-pad design process). One thing I found surprising was that they originally only planned for about 50 releases in total over the lifetime of the machine but are now reconsidering increasing that target. I’ve been loving mine so far and will definitely get the VS on release. It would be cool if they could get more Japanese support in the future (especially Sega, Capcom and Konami) plus get more modern retro style games such as Hollow Knight or Axiom Verge for the system, even if its just a single game cart.
  13. Got my evercade today. Have only played a bit of xenocrisis so far but I have to say I’m really impressed. When it was first announced I had zero interest in it because lets be honest, Blaze are not exactly known for their high quality. But after all the positive impressions online and upcoming releases I thought Id give it a shot. Build quality is great considering the price, very comfortable to hold and screen is decent quality, games themselves come in a sturdy case with a full colour booklet and I love the cartridge designs, they’re very nicely done. Hopefully blaze can continue the great work they have done here and have a steady stream of releases over the next few years, I would love to see more Japanese support for the system, especially from the likes of Sega, Capcom and Konami/Hudson Soft but on the other hand part of the charm for this is discovering overlooked games and indies which would be overshadowed if the major publishers threw their support.
  14. Most of the people buying retro games these days are scalpers who see them more as an investment or by collectors/hoarders who will just want them for completions sake and have them sat on a shelf untouched while they’ll play the game on a flashcart/ODE
  15. I did get back into collecting retro stuff before the pandemic but prices for most systems have gotten a bit crazy, especially the PlayStation library, before they weren’t too expensive compared to Nintendo but it’s finally getting there with several games going for $700+. Ive been cutting down now in case this is just a pandemic blip and things go back down to normal. If they dont there are at least other options available. Apparently theres a PS2 ODE in the works along with a PS2 digital HDMI mod which will hopefully be released this year, however if the PSDigital mod is anything to go by I might have to wait a while before getting my hands on one.
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