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  1. How does this run on the PS5? I watched the DF video when this came out and John said it uses dynamic resolution in all versions, so this should be 4K 60fps right?
  2. I think EA hasn’t been so bad this gen, their games have been consistently good. Fifa (micro transactions aside) is the best its ever been. They have had a bit of a bumpy start with the Star Wars games but all the games that have been released have so far all been excellent. Titanfall 2 is one of the best games this gen and Apex Legends is awesome as well. If you want to talk about the gaming company thats had their worst gen ever, nobody can beat the downfall of Konami this gen. In comparison to that, EA have been amazing.
  3. What is the likelihood of this getting custom firmware? All the previous system cores were done by kevtris and he released the custom firmware a few days after release. As he’s not personally writing the cores for this one, does that mean that its less likely there will be a way of playing rom files off of an SD card?
  4. I was thinking about getting my famicom modded but couldn’t find any of the HDMI mod kits in stock or anyone to do the mod so decided to go with the NT mini noir, however I’m thinking about whether to keep it or not as, although I liked the NES and have fond memories of it, the MD/SNES are the systems Im more interested in and likely to play. I think Ive only played the NES app on switch for about an hour and not really gone back to it as I dont really have the patience anymore for some of the more difficult games. Even the original SMB kicks my arse when as a kid I could finish the game witho
  5. I don’t know, I’d say the NT mini would be the better option as a HDMI modded NES is still going to be a 30+ year old system which is more likely to die sooner than the mini. Then again it depends on how much you really love the NES and how much time you see yourself playing it, a retropi or a hacked NES mini should be enough for most people and far cheaper as well, especially if you’re only going to play a few games for an hour or so and never go back to it.
  6. Looks great, and interesting to see a CD drive for the first time on an analogue product, hopefully a Mega CD, playstation and Saturn system are also possible in the future. I just hope that there will be enough stock or they do an open preorder to avoid a repeat of the pocket shitshow.
  7. Wow, never expected this one. With inXile, obsidian and now bethesda MS has pretty much all of the best western RPG developers in the business. Plus Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake, Dishonored etc all being xbox exclusive. Microsoft are certainly not fucking about.
  8. Was going to wait until next year to pick up a series x but after the shitshow with the PS5 preorders Ive decided to get one at launch. Being in Japan hopefully means I will have no trouble whatsoever getting a preorder in at amazon. Has there been a confirmed list of launch titles or is it basically just upgrades to current/cross gen games?
  9. Have they got any plans to release this at retail or is Kickstarter going to be the only way of getting one? I want to get one but I don’t really want to put money down now and have to wait a year before receiving it, especially with the next gen systems being released in a couple of months.
  10. Well to be fair the arcade stick pro they released was apparently really good and fixed all of the emulation problems that people had with the NeoGeo mini, and this thing is being made by the same company so Id say theres a good chance of this actually being really decent. My biggest gripe with these systems is that none of them offer ways to buy more games for them legally or have any new releases. Hopefully this thing will get hacked and people will be able to stick mame on there. Im tempted to get this provided it gets released in Japan and does cost an absolute fortune like the 1u
  11. I think theres more to it than that, the way analogue has handled this has been an absolute disaster and people are pissed for good reason. They announced this last year and then there was basically complete silence from them for months. We then get a tease for an announcement which people expected to be them taking preorders which turned out to be just an update on their store which revealed the price, the date preorders actually open and the fact that this would not release for almost another year. Then preorders are completely sold out within minutes and many people missed out due to issues
  12. Size is definitely going to be a problem. The design is certainly divisive but personally I love it, it just looks futuristic and feels like a proper next gen system, its something that wouldnt look out of place in a sci-fi movie. Which seems to be backed up by the UI if the sneak peak is anything to go by. In contrast the Series X is downright boring, which is a shame as the Xbox one x was my favourite console design this gen.
  13. Well if you look at Microsoft’s first party output since gamepass there has been more of a focus on multiplayer focused games, Sea of Thieves, Bleeding Edge, Minecraft Dungeons, Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5 etc. with a lot of content and changes being added years after release. It can be argued that those were all in development before Gamepass so its hard to say how much they were influenced by the subscription model. Sony seems to be the only one out of the two that are still dedicated to big AAA single player only games.
  14. Im sure I read somewhere its based on how many hours have been played which would make sense as I imagine quite a few people are like me and download a ton of games and never end up playing them. if that is the case then my big concern is that developers who do release stuff with gamepass/ps now in mind will start to focus on GaaS type games that are designed with grinding in mind to get people playing everyday and have no ending or sense of completion.
  15. I really hope Sony have sorted out the system's fan ventilation and sound levels. My PS4 Pro sounds like a jet engine and its so bad that Im thinking of holding off of playing any big recent PS4 games and just wait to play them on the PS5 if they are compatible. Ive recently been playing Spiderman and the PS4 Pro's fan is so loud that I cant even hear the dialogue when the TV volume is at a reasonable level.
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