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  1. Might not be a popular opinion but I still think that the original Resi 2 is better than the remake. There were too many changes which were for the worse and the whole scenario a & b system which was one the most unique aspects of the original was completely ruined. I’ve also grown to appreciate the original Resi 3 and enjoyed my recent playthrough much more than when it originally came out. Code Veronica is a bit of a chore and with the most annoying villain in the series. Worst game by far for me is Revelations, I thought the boat setting would be great and maybe similar to Carrier but it was truly awful, the story, voice acting, enemies and just general presentation were all just bad, it may have been a technical showpiece for the 3DS but nothing else holds up compared to the rest of the series.
  2. Yeah Timesplitters felt incredibly rushed and seemed to be focused on multiplayer only, which was really disappointing considering all the hype around the game about it being made by most of the team that were responsible for Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.
  3. Considering the shipping time is Q4 2023 it’s likely to be an open preorder until orders slow down, I doubt they’ll sell out within a day. When the NT mini noir had its final run I managed to get one without any issues. Kind of surprising that they are doing this as it will leave them with the pocket as their only system for sale and they can’t even make enough of those to have in stock. I’m sure there will be new models of the NT, Super NT and Mega SG all with Analogue OS integration, but theres no way they will announce those before the older models ship at the end of next year because otherwise people will just cancel their orders.
  4. Play them on mute or change the language
  5. Kamiya is always a fucking dick so thats nothing new. Did she say what she got paid for the original Bayonetta and the sequel? If she got less than $4,000 or about the same then Platinum hasn’t really done anything wrong and it’s not exactly an insult if thats what she got before. Also how many days worth of work would she have had to done? If it’s just recording for a couple of days then $4,000 isn’t that bad considering that the programmers actually making the game for the last 4 or 5 years would make less than that in a month.
  6. Two of my favorite light gun games growing up are sadly arcade only. First one being Virtua Cop 3, which I still can’t believe never got a home port. Probably the one I played the most though was The Lost World: Jurassic Park. That one blew me away when I first played it and although it had absolutely nothing to do with the movie other than there being dinosaurs, it was still great fun and atmospheric. In the future I want to get a decent enough PC and a Sinden lightgun mainly for those two.
  7. Recently picked up an original xbox and first game I got for it was Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Managed to play through and complete it and it’s still a lot of fun although can be difficult with some of the later enemies that can kill you in a couple of shots.
  8. Obviously technical things in games like controls, graphics, framerates, interactivity, storytelling and camera controls have advanced dramatically, but in terms of the actual user experience of using the hardware and playing games on it in what ways are modern systems better?
  9. MiSTer is great and its something I’m looking forward to getting in the future, but it is very much a hobbyist machine for people who enjoy tinkering with settings as much as playing the games themselves. Game compatibility is not 100% for every core and it is constantly being updated. I personally prefer a solution like Analogue’s consoles which is pretty much plug and play with compatibility with original cartridges and accessories.
  10. Yeah it’s getting better, especially with stuff on game pass which you can be pre-download days before release. But for me the biggest concern is with most publishers focusing on GaaS with constant updates and DLC. There are some games that feel more like a second job rather than a piece of entertainment. And others that simply do not have an ending. I’d much rather have a game that can be beaten in a few hours which I can always go back to than a game that takes hundreds of hours of grinding or doing repetitive tasks that are there for padding which I will never touch again after finishing it. Games like Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, Zelda, sonic, panzer dragoon, Halo, Resident Evil 1, 2 & 3 and Pokémon are some series that I have been playing regularly for over 20 years and most of them I do play through every year, and I never get bored of them. Resident Evil 1 and Mario 64 are two for example that I must have finished at least a hundred times each over the years, I know them inside out but never get bored with them, which is something that I cannot say for most modern games.
  11. Due to difficulties with my CRT I went for a while without playing anything retro and have mainly being playing games from the 360/PS3 onward. Recently got a new CRT and have been going back and playing some PS1, PS2 and Gamecube games and was surprised by just how much better the overall experience was: - No terms and conditions allowing publishers to use all your gaming data that need agreeing to. - No installing the games on to the HDD before you can open it. - No need to wait for a patch to download and update before you can start the game. - No micro-transaction advertisements or season passes, in fact no DLC at all. - No notifications telling me that I have run out of space and need to delete something so I can install/download a patch. - No system updates that have to be installed as soon as the system is switched on. - Games can generally be finished within a week Playing a modern game can take upwards of 10 minutes from putting the disk in and actually starting to play the game. With the retro systems I just simply put the disk or cartridge in, power on the console and that is it. Although there are some benefits to modern consoles, such as quick resume, it was kind of shocking to see how bad the user experience has become in every other way. I feel sorry for the younger generation who never played on systems from the 128-bit generation or before. The only systems on the market now that are even close to that are the Evercade or the Analogue repro consoles.
  12. The only GaaS title I really got hooked on was Sega Heroes, I didn’t spend any money on it, but I played that game every day for over a year and racked up an insane amount of hours. In the end Sega decided to shut the game down which is why I stopped. I remember that for the final week they gave out a shit load of gems which would have cost hundreds of dollars ordinarily, so people could buy and level up all of the characters. I was so glad that I hadn’t spent any money on that game as not only would I have felt cheated by them giving out all of those gems, it would have also been a huge waste of money as the game was completely unplayable once they pulled the plug after only a year or so. After that experience I have avoided all mobile or multiplayer only games and only play titles with a single player mode.
  13. Should try and replay this at some point, to see if I will enjoy it more a second time through. I bought and finished it at release and was pretty underwhelmed by it. Maybe if it wasn’t called Resident Evil then I would have enjoyed it more for what it is but it just doesn’t feel like a resi game to me at all, the story was pretty weak and Ethan just is not an interesting character. I still dont like the change to first person either, and after playing the Resi 2 & 3 remakes it seems a bit strange that they went back to first person with this one.
  14. Glad to see that was a mistake on MS’s part. Any impressions for dolphin and flycast on the series s? Any compatibility issues? Can all games run at 4K?
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