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  1. I don’t mind the staggered release as Im more likely to play each game properly rather than them dumping the whole library at once and playing games for 10 minutes before switching to the next one. But the complete lack of communication and the pace that they are releasing games is a massive problem. If we had a release schedule for 6 months to a year we can at least have something to look forward to instead of just dumping some obscure games that nobody really wanted with no fanfare. The SNES and NES libraries have been going for 3 years now and theres still a lot that is missing compared to the Wii VC service.
  2. Yeah the reaction has definitely been overblown, there are definitely issues but theres no way that any of these games are unplayable. I think the main issue is with the huge jump in price, so if it was anything less than perfect people were going to complain.
  3. Sin & Punishment runs beautifully and looks fantastic, probably the best game I’ve played so far in terms of performance. Just tried Zelda as well and that one is definitely running at a faster framerate than the original, thats not a bad thing but it’ll take some getting used to. Theres also some strange shimmering when you turn really fast. Its a shame as the game looks and controls fantastically.
  4. Just tried the N64 controller with Mario 64 in the Mario 3D All Stars pack. Unfortunately theres a problem with the button mapping as both the A and B buttons perform jump so there’s no attack button. The other buttons work as they should. Also no rumble. So at the moment if you want to play Mario 64 with the N64 pad you have to use the one in the N64 app, hopefully Nintendo releases a patch to fix the issue, and seeing how they added gamecube pad support for Mario Sunshine in a patch after release theres a good chance they might do so.
  5. Just had a quick play on Mario Kart and Star Fox, and yeah its not good. With Mario Kart there is noticeable input lag and the audio levels are completely messed up, the sound effects are too loud and the music is hard to hear. For Star Fox, it runs faster than the original so hitting enemies is more difficult. Also if you are playing with the joycons or pro controller the button mapping is terrible, the Z button is mapped to the LZ button while R is R, down c is mapped to x and two of the c buttons are mapped to the stick, it’s completely unintuitive and makes the games difficult to play. The N64 controller is the only way to play these. On the plus side, the N64 controller is perfect. Hopefully someone releases a bluetooth dongle for the original 64 so that they can be used on that.
  6. Any major performance differences between the switch and PS4 versions?
  7. Colin McRae Rally on the PS1. Been playing it in duckstation and it looks amazing in 4K, the game has held up really well and is still a lot of fun today, quite amazing what code masters managed to achieve with the PS1, especially with CMR2.
  8. Just finished Resident Evil Directors Cut on the PS1 and it was interesting, the changed music I didn’t like at all and other than the dual shock features I cant really think of anything that enhances this version over the original. The final tyrant fight at the helipad is also missing. I played the PAL Saturn version to death originally so most of my memories are from that version, which I still consider to be the best version. Tried arrange mode with Chris which was a bit of a mistake as Hunters can pretty much kill you with one hit.
  9. Am I the only one that’s excited just for the bluetooth N64 pad? Hopefully its got built in rumble and can connect up to a bluetooth dongle so I can use it on the original N64
  10. No not yet, retro-bit announced before the pandemic that they were making a range of official dreamcast controllers, with some being wireless, but they’ve not said anything since so who knows when they’ll be shown or actually released. I wanted to wait to see what they had planned but because its been so long without any updates I ended up getting the retro fighters pad instead
  11. Would also add Shining Force 1 & 2, Streets of Rage 2, Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster to the list above. I also have a soft spot for Alien 3, its not an amazing game and is probably the worst movie-to-game tie in when it comes to being accurate to the source material, but its still a lot of fun to play. The Mortal Kombat games and NBA Jam are also really solid on the mega drive as well.
  12. A lot of you are setting yourselves up for disappointment Im expecting nothing major to be announced, just a quick overview of Metroid, Advance Wars and Pokemon, the last DLC fighter for smash and the Zelda Game & Watch from Nintendo. Some 3rd party stuff like Castlevania Advance Collection and more DLC for monkey ball. If they do announce a major new title then it will probably be a short teaser for a game that wont be out until winter 2022 at the earliest.
  13. https://castlemaniagames.com/products/retro-fighters-duelist-wireless-controller nope, this is the pad they released for the switch with the correct stick layout
  14. The DC one they did is pretty good, my only complaint is the design and their logo. Not interested in the gamecube pad though due to the stick layout being wrong, which is bizarre as their switch gamecube controller before this one had the correct layout.
  15. Yeah this has been a huge amount of fun for me and the first time to play Quake with all of its content, my only experience being the excellent but cut down Saturn port. With Bethesda now part of MS I really hope we get xbox ports/remasters of Quake 2 & 3 in the near future. Also Nightdive studios has really been on a roll recently and has done some amazing work reviving a lot of forgotten gems and making them the definitive versions, Turok 1 & 2, Forsaken, Shadow Man, Quake and System Shock later this year, can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for the future.
  16. How is duckstation performance on an xbox one x? Can it handle 4k 60? I’ve given up any hope of getting a series console any time soon as no retailer near me even stocks anything xbox and all the online retailers are constantly sold out and theres no way Im paying 2x-3x the retail price to scalpers.
  17. After recently starting Phantasy Star Online 2, a couple of days ago I went back and played the DC original and have already racked up 10 hours play time in two days, the game looks absolutely stunning on an OLED, the music brought back a lot of memories and the game is still as addictive as ever. I’ve really struggled to get into PSO2 so far and it’s nowhere near as fun or addictive as the original.
  18. Well there have been a few industry people who have said that the chip shortage could well last until 2023 so if thats the case and people still cant get hold of a PS5, then it would make sense. Also the PS4 userbase is absolutely huge and will still be far bigger than the PS5 even when GT7 eventually comes out. Charging an extra $10 for an upgrade is a fucking insult though, wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony do yet another u-turn by the time those games come out.
  19. Yeah I made a lot of mistakes and ruined 4 consoles in the process, twice was because I bought the wrong solder flux as there was an error in the Japanese translation (couldn’t order any from America so had to use the Japanese brands which have zero English on the labels). The other times I just rushed it and messed up the flex cables. Would have been way cheaper for me to pay someone to do it but I learned a lot and my soldering skills have certainly improved. Its funny as I managed to do the N64 HDMI mod first time and have done several GBA mods so this one was by far the most difficult. Well worth it though, the picture quality is simply amazing.
  20. Finally got my dc digital mod fixed, turned out that there was a bit of solder connecting two pins on the audio chip, now its working perfectly Played a bit of Dynamite Cop this morning, this has not aged well at all lol, graphics are janky and the character designs are certainly something, definitely a game of its time which certainly wouldn’t be made today. But its still fun and the golden axe reference certainly put a smile on my face. I also bought the retro fighters striker dc pad and it’s definitely a big improvement over the original pad, its not perfect, but its probably the best pad you can get on the DC. Hopefully they make a wireless one in the future considering theres been nothing but silence for retro-bit’s official DC controllers.
  21. After almost a year and 4 botched attempts and consoles, I finally managed to mod my dreamcast with the DCHDMI mod successfully. Picture looks absolutely fantastic, however I have ran into another problem. Some games have messed up audio and its just loud static noise instead of music. Worst offender is Sega Rally 2, have tried 4 different gdi rips and all of them have the same problem in the same places, not sure whether it is a problem with the MODE or if I hadn’t soldered a connection correctly, but looking at the DCHDMI menu it appears there are no problems and other games play perfectly with no audio issues. Has anyone else had similar problems using the MODE?
  22. Well considering how crazy retro prices are now with some PS1 games going for more than the price of a series s itself, or getting a PS1 modded with XStation and PSDigital which will also cost more, this seems like a no brainer. Full 4K emulation, graphical fixes that are an actual improvement over the original and an almost 100% compatibility rate. And thats just one system, throw in all the 8-bit, 16-bit systems, Saturn, PSP, Dreamcast and gamecube as well, plus the xbox and 360 backwards compatible titles and this is shaping up to be the ultimate retro console. And in the future theres the chance that we can get better PS2 emulation as well.
  23. That video has me seriously tempted to get a series s to just use as an emulation machine. How is saturn and dreamcast emulation on this thing?
  24. Monster Hunter Stories+ is an Apple Arcade game, Capcom just gave apple the iOS version, slapped a plus on the name and called it a day. Really lazy on Capcom’s part as there’s absolutely nothing extra or different in this version to the original iOS release.
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