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  1. All I get is: Page not found Thats a good start
  2. I actually like the direction it is going, I would rather have an RPG with a new character and have the VF characters as part of the story instead of being playable characters. I mean, to me VF and its characters are fighting games and it should stay like that, but with this game it is an RPG with VF but at the same time does not interfer with the VF series. So it will appeal to people that have nevery played or know about VF while also attracting people that are huge VF fans that would normally not bother playing an RPG. Good move by SEGA I say.
  3. Spoiler# Physically no, you dont ever see Kusanagi. But she takes over one of the dolls in the last 10 minutes of the film and fights alongside Batou. This is a good thing though IMO, the whole movie is about Batou's feelings for her and in a way I thought it was quite emotional by the end
  4. No sorry there isnt, I have not seen GitS:SAC but as I can tell Innocence is not related to it at all, this takes place after the events of GitS. That is why the film is just called Innocence and has no mention of Ghost in the Shell.
  5. Its out in the cinemas here in Japan, the one I went to (Virgin Cinema Roppongi Hills) are showing the film with subtitles.
  6. Ok , I have just seen this and I am still trying to recover and take it all in. First of all though I must warn people right now thatif they go into this film expecting GitS2 they are going to be very dissapointed. Innocence is a very different film but it also has many references to the first film, for instance the title credits begin in the same way as the first film where we see how a robot is born, but this time it is all in 3D and looks truly amazing and a HUGE advancement over its predecessor. So what is the basic plot without spoiling the whole story? Well things begin on a crime scene and batou shows up to investigate, 3 people (including 2 police offices) have been brutally murdered by a doll/robot that has gone out of control. It turns out that only 1 certain make of doll is going awol and some of the victims are high up polititions and other important figures, all of the families never took action against the company of the dolls and its upto section 9 to figure out the truth and see if there is a terrorist action. This is all revealed after 15 minutes and of course this being an Oshii film there are many twists and revalations that unfold as the movie goes on. The other main plot point focuses on Batou's feelings and his search for Kusunagi. The plot reminded me an awful lot of the two Patlabor movies combined into one, not that that is a bad thing of course. One thing that will make a lot of people angry and confused is that half of the script is quotes of proverbs. Also I really dont think that many people will even understand 100% what is going on because of the level of the language used, people complained about the 5 minutes in Matrix Reloaded with the Architect, imagine 2 HOURS of that sort of thing for the whole film. This is a very deep and thoughtful movie with only a few key action scenes, and seeing how most of the people that will go to see this will be expecting lots of action most of those people will be very dissapointed, for example there is more time spent on Batou's basset hound than there is on lots of explosions and killing. But when the explosions and killings do happen you wont be dissapointed, they are quite simply stunning. Now about the animation, Innocence is quite simply the greatest looking anime I have ever seen, the level of detail is mind blowing and most of the time looks almost photo realistic, AND the characters really blend into it so it all looks natural, unlike many previous anime where it was very clear the difference between the 2D sprites and the 3D backgrounds. It is simply amazing and raises the bar on what can be done with CGI in anime like the original GitS did when that was released. Overall I have to say to say I loved Innocence, maybe even more so than the original. It is not only a fantastic sequel to an all time anime classic but also an amazing film in its own right, something that cant be said for the Matrix sequels. For a showcase of Production IG's talent and CGI in anime I dont think this can be beaten, even Studio Ghibli's new film's CGI looks a bit dated compared to this and that is not even released yet. Also the story is so deep that people will find new things in the film even after viewing it many times, it looks at so many things like why humans want to create machines in their own image and also about humankind as a species, it makes the matrix film look like a kids story. I for one will be going to see this many more times in the future and I reccomend this film to anybody that loves anime or very deep and thought-provoking films in general, as long as you dont go in thinking that this is the sequel to GitS or its going to be like the matrix films you shouldnt be dissapointed.
  7. Going to see this at the cinema in about 2 hours time. I will post a review later tonight. Cant wait to see Oshii`s first anime in 6 years
  8. I love the trailer, the part at the end of the trailer where cloud says "I think I just want to be forgiven" "Yes, I just want to be forgiven" And you see a flashback where cloud is putting Aries' body in the water. It brought a tear to my eye. When I first found out about the project and them doing realistic character designs instead of the games anime like designs I was against the thing, but after seeing that trailer I cant wait!!!
  9. I found the movie shockingly bad. It had hardly any zombies in the film and when they did show up they looked shit, they put on rock music so loud that you cant hear what the characters are saying. The acting was dreadful and it had more story links to Alice in wonderland than the fucking game it was based on. There was no atmosphere what so ever, playing the Resi remake in the dark is very scary and has a really scary atmosphere, the film had nothing. I have just watched those and it looks like he is going to fuck up the lisence even more, hes turn Milla's character into a Lara croft clone and has turned the Nemisis character into a martial arts expert. I cant imagine what he is going to do with the Alien vs Preditor film.
  10. I hate western movies thats all, I thought it would be like the first one because I can remember uma fighting with an old kung fu master (they have a fight and he jumps up and balances on her sword) in one of the earlier trailers before the cut it in two. BUT seeing how this is QT I will still see it.
  11. No it does not, I only said that as a joke. BUT I do find Monicca Bellucci's other film 'Malena' very sexy, I think that film captures perfectly the feeling of those childhood days when we just started thinking about women 'that way'. I dont know if you can class it as 'erotic' but some scenes were pretty good
  12. I just saw the teaser trailer that is showing with RotK, I think the trailer is shit; its just Uma walking along a desert and then has "Kill Bill part 2: Love story" in big red writing. It felt more like a western than the asian sword play of the first part.
  13. I would say anything with Kevin Spacey and Kurt Russell are going to be good films, I know some people would say that they are 'stars' but I think that these two fit the criteria that Mr Pickford has said
  14. The R2 release is the Japanese release, which I bought for about £7
  15. Just counting, RotK won 11 oscars, what was the film that got the most oscars and how many did it win?
  16. Looks like LotR did clear up at this years oscars Here is a list of the winners: Official site
  17. They are releasing them in a boxset only like indy. I bet they will release 2 disk special editions in 2006 with added special effects (I bloody hope so anyway, I watched the special editions on tape a couple of months ago and was shocked by how bad the computer effects had aged compared to the new star wars films).
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