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  1. How is duckstation performance on an xbox one x? Can it handle 4k 60? I’ve given up any hope of getting a series console any time soon as no retailer near me even stocks anything xbox and all the online retailers are constantly sold out and theres no way Im paying 2x-3x the retail price to scalpers.
  2. After recently starting Phantasy Star Online 2, a couple of days ago I went back and played the DC original and have already racked up 10 hours play time in two days, the game looks absolutely stunning on an OLED, the music brought back a lot of memories and the game is still as addictive as ever. I’ve really struggled to get into PSO2 so far and it’s nowhere near as fun or addictive as the original.
  3. Well there have been a few industry people who have said that the chip shortage could well last until 2023 so if thats the case and people still cant get hold of a PS5, then it would make sense. Also the PS4 userbase is absolutely huge and will still be far bigger than the PS5 even when GT7 eventually comes out. Charging an extra $10 for an upgrade is a fucking insult though, wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony do yet another u-turn by the time those games come out.
  4. Yeah I made a lot of mistakes and ruined 4 consoles in the process, twice was because I bought the wrong solder flux as there was an error in the Japanese translation (couldn’t order any from America so had to use the Japanese brands which have zero English on the labels). The other times I just rushed it and messed up the flex cables. Would have been way cheaper for me to pay someone to do it but I learned a lot and my soldering skills have certainly improved. Its funny as I managed to do the N64 HDMI mod first time and have done several GBA mods so this one was by far the most difficult. Well worth it though, the picture quality is simply amazing.
  5. Finally got my dc digital mod fixed, turned out that there was a bit of solder connecting two pins on the audio chip, now its working perfectly Played a bit of Dynamite Cop this morning, this has not aged well at all lol, graphics are janky and the character designs are certainly something, definitely a game of its time which certainly wouldn’t be made today. But its still fun and the golden axe reference certainly put a smile on my face. I also bought the retro fighters striker dc pad and it’s definitely a big improvement over the original pad, its not perfect, but its probably the best pad you can get on the DC. Hopefully they make a wireless one in the future considering theres been nothing but silence for retro-bit’s official DC controllers.
  6. After almost a year and 4 botched attempts and consoles, I finally managed to mod my dreamcast with the DCHDMI mod successfully. Picture looks absolutely fantastic, however I have ran into another problem. Some games have messed up audio and its just loud static noise instead of music. Worst offender is Sega Rally 2, have tried 4 different gdi rips and all of them have the same problem in the same places, not sure whether it is a problem with the MODE or if I hadn’t soldered a connection correctly, but looking at the DCHDMI menu it appears there are no problems and other games play perfectly with no audio issues. Has anyone else had similar problems using the MODE?
  7. Well considering how crazy retro prices are now with some PS1 games going for more than the price of a series s itself, or getting a PS1 modded with XStation and PSDigital which will also cost more, this seems like a no brainer. Full 4K emulation, graphical fixes that are an actual improvement over the original and an almost 100% compatibility rate. And thats just one system, throw in all the 8-bit, 16-bit systems, Saturn, PSP, Dreamcast and gamecube as well, plus the xbox and 360 backwards compatible titles and this is shaping up to be the ultimate retro console. And in the future theres the chance that we can get better PS2 emulation as well.
  8. That video has me seriously tempted to get a series s to just use as an emulation machine. How is saturn and dreamcast emulation on this thing?
  9. Monster Hunter Stories+ is an Apple Arcade game, Capcom just gave apple the iOS version, slapped a plus on the name and called it a day. Really lazy on Capcom’s part as there’s absolutely nothing extra or different in this version to the original iOS release.
  10. Really disappointed that Monster Hunter Stories has no controller or Apple TV support, seems really lazy on capcoms part and that game in particular would be perfect for the Apple TV.
  11. How did she feel at the end when he was eating one of them? I don’t know if it was a gag or if he did actually eat that sheep but I thought that part was the worst bit in the whole series. The series on the whole I thought was excellent, very funny, entertaining and interesting. It also made me have a bit more respect for Clarkson. I dont agree with a lot of his views or the way he behaves, but to have a crack at being a farmer at his age with zero previous experience takes sheep’s size balls.
  12. Anyone using an ODE who wants to play HotD2 or Confidential Mission with a light gun, download the Japanese or Pal versions of the games as the US ones will not work with the sega light gun, just found that one out today when I booted those games up.
  13. Well buying two modes is still cheaper than buying a single copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga, so I’d say its a good deal
  14. MODE you can get from terraonion’s website although you’ll probably get stung with import tax, still worth it though. Installation is dead simple, just remove a few screws, remove the cd drive and slot in the mode and thats it, takes about two minutes to do. File system is pretty much drag and drop and you have the option of using an SSD, Micro SD card or HDD to store your games.
  15. Go for a MODE, I bought 2 clone GDemus and neither of them have worked correctly. Also getting the games on to the thing and working is a royal pain in the arse, especially if you’re a mac user. I’ve just loaded my SSD and stuck it in my MODE and it all works perfectly with no issues at all. In fact I’m considering getting a second one so I have one each for the Saturn and DC
  16. Depends on the quality of the paint job and what kind of mod. If its simply changing the colour while maintaining the original look and shape then it can be an improvement. But the ones where people have painted character art or cut bits and pieces off just make it look really tacky. Ive painted my N64 white and it looks so much better than the standard black, ive got to redo the controller though as the paint has started to rub off, will be using car paint this time as I heard thats the best to use for these kind of paint jobs .
  17. I just double checked and they did actually, $199. Obviously that doesn’t include DHL’s markup or import tax. Verge
  18. Looking forward to this, I managed to enjoy Colonial Marines even with all its issues so I cant imagine myself not liking this one. My only worry is because its online multiplayer only that the game will be dead after a few months. Also thinking of picking up the predator game as well as thats currently on sale, whats the active user-base like on that game at the moment?
  19. Thats true, it does. The Mega SG also came with an adapter to play master system games as well and that was still under $200 so I still expect around that ballpark for the Duo, when it eventually gets released
  20. Yeah I’ve been playing some more and Im about halfway through the championship mode and its really becoming a bit of a slog. In the later half each tournament has four races with each race taking 10-12 minutes to finish. Add the rubber-banding A.I. Which is constantly behind you and will overtake you and win if you make a single mistake and it’s starting to be less fun to play.
  21. I’m expecting it to be around $200, $300 max. They’ve had a lot of success at the $200 price point with the Super NT and Mega SG and the pocket will be releasing for that much as well. I cant imagine a basic cd drive would drive up the cost that much, they are much more common and more readily available than the cartridge connectors for the older consoles.
  22. To be fair they have shipped out units to people and even released a recent firmware update, so the machine is finished and apparently it does work really well, especially the Saturn emulation. Obviously covid and the chip shortage have been a huge setback and is taking much longer to resolve. Its been the same with Analogue with their pocket release continually getting pushed back and the Duo which was announced almost a year ago now still hasn’t been given a release date or any updates since then. Personally I’m interested in the Polymega base model with support for all of the CD based systems, I doubt analogue will have a PSX or Saturn console any time soon and the HDMI mods for the PSX are sold out almost instantly, plus the plans of having a lightgun released by the end of the year is a huge bonus. Only problem is the price.
  23. Been thinking about whether its better to get a SSDS3 or wait a while longer and get the Analogue Duo, the lack of any news or updates from Analogue is really frustrating. Main reasons for leaning towards the Duo is that its modern hardware so should last longer than an original PCE and also I can use the 8bitdo wireless pads with it. But of course that all depends on whether or not we can actually order one or if its going to be another shitshow like the Pocket preorders.
  24. For the past week Ive been playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for the first time on the PS2. The first NFS game I had played was Shift and the Criterion HP on the 360 so I had no experience with any of the games previous to that. Ive heard from a lot of people that this was the best NFS on the PS2 so I had high hopes for this and was excited to finally try it out. Its a strange one as graphically its not so good, especially compared to stuff like GT, the burnout sequels or Ridge and the soundtrack gets repetitive very fast as theres only like 4 different tracks in the game. But gameplay wise its a lot of fun and the handling is good with the cars each handling differently and with a decent amount of weight. Its also fun trying to find the various shortcuts in the tracks. Not had a chance to play with a wheel just yet but Ive not had any problems with using the pad so far. Overall I think the game is pretty basic in terms of features and variety but its a fun little arcade style racer and it reminds me of the Forza Horizon games in a lot of ways.
  25. Very happy with Conker being on there as thats one Ive been thinking about buying for a while now, although I always thought it was strange that it never went onto gamepass considering that its a first party game and every other Rare game is on there.
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