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  1. I think theres more to it than that, the way analogue has handled this has been an absolute disaster and people are pissed for good reason. They announced this last year and then there was basically complete silence from them for months. We then get a tease for an announcement which people expected to be them taking preorders which turned out to be just an update on their store which revealed the price, the date preorders actually open and the fact that this would not release for almost another year. Then preorders are completely sold out within minutes and many people missed out due to issues with the shipping page and theres been no mention at all when the second round of preorders will begin. Then theres previous issues such as the ridiculous postage that they charge, the mix up with the Mega SG versions and the way they handled that, customer service which is terrible, the completely pretentious marketing and recently them revealing features being added to the NT Mini noir months after it was sold out and delaying the shipping date and not telling people until the month it was supposed to ship. I think with the pocket, they should have done it with an open preorder over a 2-4 week period to gauge what the demand would be and then manufacture the units needed plus some excess to go on the site on launch day.
  2. Size is definitely going to be a problem. The design is certainly divisive but personally I love it, it just looks futuristic and feels like a proper next gen system, its something that wouldnt look out of place in a sci-fi movie. Which seems to be backed up by the UI if the sneak peak is anything to go by. In contrast the Series X is downright boring, which is a shame as the Xbox one x was my favourite console design this gen.
  3. Well if you look at Microsoft’s first party output since gamepass there has been more of a focus on multiplayer focused games, Sea of Thieves, Bleeding Edge, Minecraft Dungeons, Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5 etc. with a lot of content and changes being added years after release. It can be argued that those were all in development before Gamepass so its hard to say how much they were influenced by the subscription model. Sony seems to be the only one out of the two that are still dedicated to big AAA single player only games.
  4. Im sure I read somewhere its based on how many hours have been played which would make sense as I imagine quite a few people are like me and download a ton of games and never end up playing them. if that is the case then my big concern is that developers who do release stuff with gamepass/ps now in mind will start to focus on GaaS type games that are designed with grinding in mind to get people playing everyday and have no ending or sense of completion.
  5. I really hope Sony have sorted out the system's fan ventilation and sound levels. My PS4 Pro sounds like a jet engine and its so bad that Im thinking of holding off of playing any big recent PS4 games and just wait to play them on the PS5 if they are compatible. Ive recently been playing Spiderman and the PS4 Pro's fan is so loud that I cant even hear the dialogue when the TV volume is at a reasonable level.
  6. Is there any update about a hack for this? I saw on YouTube about a month ago that someone has been able to dump roms on it but its been a bit quiet since. Am tempted to pick one up as I never owned an original but with most of the games being in Japanese, which makes all of the text heavy games like snatcher unplayable, its a bit of a deal breaker for me.
  7. Is anyone still playing this? If so can people please add me, gamertag is MajorBritten
  8. Looks good but I wish retro-bit had gotten rid of the angular handles as that (and the d-pad) was by far the worst thing about the original pad. The new retro fighters pad looks good as well, although that one isn’t wireless
  9. Does Atari actually have any in-house development teams to make games for their new system or are they just farming out their IP to third parties?
  10. I did something similar which is one of my biggest gaming regrets as its one of my favourite games of all time, it will be one of the first games I’ll be playing as soon as I get a MODE and a Saturn setup. No way I can afford to buy an original copy. Bought a white Saturn today in preparation
  11. i was looking at that as well, but I also need something for Neo Geo CD and PlayStation plus maybe PC engine in the future so an OSSC might be the better option.
  12. Whats the best way to play the Saturn on a Hd/4k tv? OSSC + RGB cable?
  13. I hope not, I would rather the Astrobot games remain VR only. The reason the original was so good was that it was built from the ground up with VR in mind. If they did a regular non vr version it would lose a lot of what made the first one so special
  14. Form factor might be different but they are both based on the zx spectrum and allow people to play spectrum games on a HD tv.
  15. Yeah I know, different team but similar product. Will definitely back it when they do their second run though :)
  16. Does anyone know whether theyre planning on making this a retail product or if theyll be doing a second run of these? I didnt back the original kickstarter due to the shit show that was the Spectrum Vega
  17. Yeah, his attitude stinks. He did fantastic work developing a really great product that people actually want but he has absolutely no business sense whatsoever. My only worry is that if there is a clear demand the Chinese will ramp up their prices like they did with ags-101 screens, prices for those tripled over a period of 6 months.
  18. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, GDEMU is way over priced and constantly out of stock because of scalpers. If it wasnt for the chinese knock offs most people wouldn't have a chance to get one.
  19. Europe is also PlayStation country and look at how the PS Classic did. I expect it will do well initially but after a couple of months it will be completely forgotten about and it wont have the legs or sales of either of the Nintendo minis. Also I wonder how the Mega SG and the Mega Drive collections already released on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch will impact sales. I know that for me personally I have no desire to rush out and buy/preorder one of these because of Analogue’s machine
  20. Yeah this is true, I think a lot of people are going to expect enhanced versions of all of these games like the Sega Ages range, whereas realistically these are just going to be HD ports of M2s work on the Wii Virtual Console, perfectly emulated Mega Drive games with save states and nothing else. To be honest I think Sega are a little late to the party with this and I cant see it being a big success for them for several reasons. One is that the novelty of these plug and play boxes has worn off with consumers, people who bought the NES/SNES mini, played it for an hour or so and then never touched it again probably arent in a hurry to buy yet another box to gather dust. Second is that Sony did such a shoddy job with their PlayStation Classic which bombed and dropped in price so quickly that people are going to wait for the same thing to happen here and pick one up once its reduced. Lastly because Sega has been licensing the Mega Drive brand and games to companies like AtGames for the last decade; who have made atrocious clone consoles with terrible emulation, people are going to expect this to be shit and Sega are going to have to do a lot to persuade the general public who have no idea who M2 are otherwise.
  21. Well I think it was only Virtua Racing that had a special chip but who would want to play that version when the Sega Ages version is coming out soon which will be the definitive way to play the game.
  22. I read somewhere that Analogue are changing locations which is why everything on their store has a 2-3 week waiting time. Might be best to contact them directly and find out whats going on.
  23. Hopefully a custom firmware option. Just ordered a white model and now thinking about whether to buy an X5 everdrive or just wait for the jailbreak that will make an everdrive redundant. The jailbreak firmware was released just a week after the Super NT came out so Im hoping it will be released by the time my console gets delivered
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