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  1. Interesting music video starring LaBeouf, most definitely not safe for work. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=scctp8-xYX4 One of the best tracks from Sigur Ros' new album and something you'd never expect to see someone like LaBeouf in. Also probably the best thing that he has done to date as well.
  2. Major Britten

    Sigur Rós

    Interesting music video starring LaBeouf, most definitely not safe for work. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=scctp8-xYX4
  3. No? Other than Monster Hunter there have hardly been any big new games announce for the 3DS from 3rd parties, before the 3DS launched there was a lot of buzz, now its almost nothing. Vita on the other hand is getting new titles announced for it almost on a weekly basis and publishers seem more hyped for that system than Nintendos. Maybe once its released the interest will ware off like it has with the 3DS but when you look at the games Sony are getting its pretty obvious that Vita has the advantage in terms of 3rd party support.
  4. First of all, although what you said is true, the average person isn't going to give a toss about what it costs the publishers to make the game on a cartridge or about the retailers cut etc, they want to buy the game for as cheaply as possible and of course they are going to compare prices. Also I was talking more about the quality of the games with Ubisoft being an example with them making quick shoddy ports of iOS games. The fact is the 3DS games have a mark up over DS games just because they are in 3D. All of Nintendo's previous handheld games have had an RRP of about £30 whereas this time its £40. Now that could be down to retailer greed rather than Nintendo themselves and although it has gotten much better (GAME are now charging £35 instead of £40 for new releases) it doesn't really matter as the damage has been done and its one of the reasons why the launch was so poor. As for it not being profitable to release games at £20, sorry but thats bullshit, there are already a couple of 3DS games that are being released for under that now and also the budget for a handheld title is much much lower than console title, yet at the moment they are being sold at roughly the same price. So its more than possible but it won't happen. Personally I don't have a problem paying full price for a game if its something I really want, same as I don't mind paying to see a 3D movie but for a lot of people they do not want to pay the extra premium.
  5. Thats kind of true, 2D showings of films usually sell more than the 3D versions and films that are 3D only (Like Shark Night 3D and Fright Night) tend to not do very well. However the reason why people don't want to watch 3D films is not because they don't like the 3D effect but its because of the extra price. People just don't want to pay the extra premium for the extra dimension, if 3D ticket sales were the same as normal then 3D would really take off. With 3D TVs it mostly the lack of content and having to spend £100 extra for a pair of glasses. Nintendo like hollywood have been stung by simply being too greedy, the 3DS was way too overpriced to begin with and the games for the system have been pretty poor all round, with companies like Ubisoft charging £40 for games that cost £4 on iOS devices which actually look worse than the iOS versions. If Nintendo had released the 3DS for the price it is now and sold the games for £20 each then the thing would be flying off of shelves. Biggest problem Nintendo has though is third party support with nearly everyone shifting their support to Vita instead of the 3DS, they need to stop worrying about pleasing 3rd parties and just make as many great games as possible.
  6. You kidding? PSN is imo better than Live, the interface is far easier to navigate and its far better value for money (PS+) than a 360 gold subscription. The region locking of DLC is a pain in the arse but its not too hard to get around and at least all PS3 titles are region free in the first place.
  7. Yeah just tried it and it is the Japanese version and not the US one, hopefully they will get it sorted out soon as thats one I was really looking forward to.
  8. Erm you do know its the US version don't you?
  9. Had a quick go today but I don't think I had my move controller calibrated properly so it wasn't as fun as it should have been. Will try again once I can put down fifa.
  10. Shit they messed it up then, Ive got the online pass, precautions leaflet and an advertisement for a fifa international world cup.
  11. Just picked this up from the midnight launch at HMV, the lines were huge with at least 100 people each waiting outside HMV, Game and Gamestation. Anyway I bought the Limited Edition of the game but I think I might have been given the standard by mistake, all thats in the box is the Online Pass code and that is it with no mention of any special features. Can anyone who bought the special edition just confirm what was included inside the case because I will need to go back tomorrow if HMV fucked it up.
  12. One of the best films so far this year imo, kind of mix between 40 Year Old Virgin and Little Miss Sunshine. Some genuine laugh out loud moments and a great story.
  13. Picked up Withnail and I and The Long Good Friday on blu-ray from HMV today for the bargain price of £3 each. Was a bit suspicious about the price so I did a bit of research and found out that both of them are pretty good picture and sound quality wise with many more extras than the US versions. So anyone who likes those movies should definitely have a look
  14. Or it could just be a remake/port of one of the first 2 games similar to MGS3. If there is going to be a sequel to Anubis then it would be for the PS3/Vita.
  15. What I mean by it won't matter anymore is that the damage would have already been done and anyone wanting to play Monster Hunter 4 would have already bought a 3DS to play by the time a Vita version (if one ever gets made) gets a release. What Im wondering is if Capcom plans to keep the Monster Hunter series portable exclusive and have Dragons Dogma act as a spiritual next gen successor.
  16. Ah ok cool, thought you were saying it was going multi platform like Musashi
  17. Yes but Monster Hunter Tri has remained exclusive for the Wii for the past 2 years so not quite sure what thats meant to prove.
  18. Hmm I don't think we will be seeing any new Monster Hunter games for the Vita anytime soon. I imagine that Nintendo threw quite a bit of money Capcoms way to get the game plus it works out great for Capcom because they can re-use the same assets and not have to completely build everything from the ground up. Thats not to say that a version Monster Hunter 4 won't ever come to the Vita (look at Resident Evil 4 which was originally a gamecube exclusive) but I don't think it will be for a while yet and by that point it won't really matter anymore.
  19. Its not an add-on just for monster hunter, the PSP only has one analogue nub and the monster hunter games seemed to do ok on that platform Nintendo fucked up by not putting one on there in the first place and so are releasing the add-on, Monster Hunter will be the biggest game for the 3DS (in Japan at least) so its the best game to sell the attachment with. This also explains why Kid Icarus and Metal Gear Solid 3D were delayed into next year. This attachment is just going to act as a stop gap until Nintendo release a new redesigned version of the 3DS which will have the 2 slider pads as standard.
  20. Just a quick question about the love film streaming service on the PS3, is it SD only or do they do HD streams as well?
  21. Will that work with a macbook as well?
  22. The iOS gaming platform took everyone by surprise, even Apple but I don't see handheld gaming going anywhere anytime soon. The DS platform sold over 100,000 million and the PSP sold over 50 million worldwide and I imagine that those people who bought one of those handhelds would buy another one again in the future. I doubt the 3DS or Vita will manage to sell 100,000 units this time but that doesn't mean that it won't be successful, even if they sold half of that it would be a large enough install base to justify developing for these systems. Also every single generation the press and shareholders say Nintendo should go multi platform so this isn't anything new.
  23. Got an email from Zavvi earlier today saying my copy has shipped
  24. So performance and graphics wise they will both be about the same?
  25. So for the console versions which will be one to get?
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