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  1. I'd like to see them go in a new direction and return to the iconic G1 designs and story setup. It's too hard to tell who's who in these films, particularly on the Decepticon side. Plus Shia Labouf has said that this would be his last Transformers film as well. I think a complete reboot would be the best way to go although they should leave it for at least 5 years for people to try and forget about the bay movies. Worked well for Batman.
  2. Muramasa in 3D, just simply looks amazing that you will wish they were actually porting it over. Some of the best 3D images Ive seen
  3. Youve forgotten another game that NoE brought over that NoA didnt bother with, check your avatar for a hint
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but Download this and put the files on your 3DS' SD card and view them in the photo viewer. Fucking stunning, someone should send these to Vanillaware
  5. Love the music in that trailer, is that from the actual film?
  6. Thats true but third parties seem to be happy so far and if games like Battlefield 3 are going to be on the Wii U then its already a huge improvement over the Wii. Personally I think people kind of blew it out of proportion in regards to the Wiis online capabilities. Mario Kart and Monster Hunter are both fantastic online and I dont have to put up with a load of foul mouthed little shits like I have to on the 360.
  7. I think the biggest problem is price, if this was released at £15-20 or even a eShop release then it wouldnt be so bad. But for a full price £30-40 (depending where you buy) release for something that was a bonus mini game in the previous Resi titles is kind of taking the piss. Will get it at some point once its come down to a reasonable price.
  8. It is, really addictive once you get the hang of it. I hope there are alot more 3D remakes and not just from NES games. Imagine something like Yoshis Island, Metal Slug or the Shinobi arcade games remade in 3D
  9. The 2 main areas where Nintendo dropped the ball are the graphics and the online infrastructure of the Wii, but then again that was done for the sake of keeping the price low, one of the main reasons why the Wii was so successful. Games wise the Wii has a really great lineup although sadly there is an awful lot that has never made it out of Japan. But it seems that Nintendo has addressed both of those points with the Wii U.
  10. Hows the online side of things for this on 360? Is there still alot of people on there or is it pretty much dead?
  11. I thought that as well but they are not re-recordings, thats the original voices, the sound quality has just been improved.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVpLxmW8hrQ&feature=related
  13. Yep, just a shame its only out on XBLA and not PSN as well
  14. It wont happen. Even if the 3DS and Wii U bomb completely Nintendo will still have enough cash to keep on going. Also dont forget that Nintendo make a profit on every single piece of hardware they sell. Out of the 3 console manufacturers Nintendo are by far the best when it comes to making money, sadly that doesnt always work out for their fans when Nintendo dont want to release what they class niche titles in certain markets which might lose them money.
  15. Yep, I just hope they sell well. NoE brought over Disaster and Another Code for the Wii in Europe but both of them didnt sell well. NoA are just taking a wait and see approach, if these games sell well then I cant see NoA not releasing them.
  16. One person I feel sorry for is The Gooch, last year Sakaguchi said in an interview that he had a lot riding on the Last Story and seeing how Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey werent that successful on the 360 he probably was telling the truth. Whats even worse is that by all accounts, The Last Story is by far the best JRPG to have been made this gen and its not even being given a chance to do well and sell in America.
  17. How about BigNig? then youre 2 letters away from it being an insulting word instead 1
  18. This has gone from Project Rainfall to Project Shitstorm Facebook Looks like Im going to have to get a PAL Wii then or wait for the Wii U
  19. What the fuck? I think Paul WS Anderson has really outdone himself this time
  20. Yeah I agree, to me the 3DS design is like original DS and the DS lite put together. Looks wise it doents look like cutting edge hardware, more like something from 6 years ago, thanks to the similarities with the original DS. Also the bottom screen is pretty awful for this day and age, in fact the only thing that doesnt make it feel cheap and low quality is the wonderful 3D screen and slider pad. When you compare it to the PSVita or iPod/iPhone the 3DS really does come off worse.
  21. Love dragon ball Z and am currently in the process of watching the whole thing, currently on series 7 where Gohan has grown up and gone to high school. When I watched it as a kid I got halfway through the cell saga but then didnt have cable so never got to see the rest of it So this is all new to me at the moment
  22. Its a PS3 port Go to 16:44 and you can clearly see the golden 007 logo in the list of Move games coming out this year.
  23. Nope another one that was published by Nintendo and not had a release outside of Japan.
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