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  1. I just have no idea what I'm doing in this game I spent ages getting a sword (Flamespear?) thinking it sounded great but then an hour later it's almost broken so I feel like getting it was just a waste of time. Can you repair them or is that it?! I really struggle with no direction. I need to be told what to do! I have four hearts - Should I even be attempting a Divine Beast yet or is it too early for me?
  2. As bad as the spins are at least that is just part of the game itself. It would be a lot (lot!) worse if you could buy roulette tickets. That bloody better never happen!
  3. The slight issue I have is in a lot of ways it's a Pokémon style collection game but the only way to collect them all is to either play for thirty million hours or spend a lot of money on top of what you've already paid to play the game even. It's just a setup you don't expect from somewhere like PD.
  4. Rally stages are so ridiculous I'm the white car and overtook here by flying over his head after touching a bump.
  5. All my four star spins were the lowest reward possible all through the game until the last cafe menu. Felt like such a fix.
  6. Trust no one! Use rest mode and remote play.
  7. Bought that Tomahawk for 1m last night Jesus it's so quick.
  8. I've stupidly bought the same car twice. The 162k Legend Cars Jag, and you can't sell duplicates?! But with the Legend Cars fluctuating in price I'm assuming selling will come soon? Anyone heard anything?
  9. I couldn't make it tonight (played five hours from 1-6pm so was worried about dying) but hope to make most of them going forward!
  10. That's the other weird thing, only the first two licenses are needed for the whole Cafe.
  11. Well I'm embarrassed to say I've just completed all of the menu cards I was expecting a bit more variation with the cards, like drag races, etc, but I guess they're in Missions? If anyone's curious I finished with 70 cars and 3.5m credits. (won 1m credits in the last roulette). Bought 3 cars so far (95k) and spent 1.1m on tuning.
  12. Panning mode 2 or 3 would be most suited. If your wheels aren't blurring then reduce the shutter speed. If it's as slow as it can get then increase the aperture.
  13. Had terrible luck from the start with roulette but today I've had three 4-star attempts and one was a Supra GT500 and another was 500,000 credits so I'm pretty happy.
  14. I feel like I've played way too many cafe menus in the last couple of days so I've slowed down and just started making scapes of quiet villages in the country which are having too many visitors over the holidays so the locals are complaining about the amount of cars blocking their front doors.
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