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  1. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    Caught a bit of this funky goodness on Radio 6 today. Ezra Collective - Dark Side Riddim
  2. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    Been listening to it on a regular basis since and it's a very good LP. Couple of really strong tracks and the rest is all solid jazz/funk/fusion.
  3. I finished watching this yesterday. Was a little disappointed at the lack of closure, but otherwise I really enjoyed it. Lots of cool character designs and I dig the art style. Anything else look similar? Fingers crossed that we get a second season soon. Have you managed to find the OVA episodes?
  4. Not Anna Kournakova’s Smash Court Tennis! That was called Smash Court 2 in Japan. The original game had a Japanese and European release, but not a US release. The Japanese cover is this beautiful illustration: I remember having the PAL version back in the day and it played a nice game of tennis once you got used to the swing timings. I think I probably sold it on after picking up the sequel, but it appears to be quite rare now. I was playing the Japanese version yesterday, which I’ve had for some time but never actually put on. I’d forgotten that the game
  5. Recent discovery for me. Mr. Hermano - Free as the Morning Sun
  6. Well it seems the thing is knackered. I tried to reformat it on both a fat and a slim PS2 but it wouldn’t work. I booted up the game again and it offered to reformat my memory card before saving, but after doing so it forgot my save file and offered the same thing again and again. Never mind.
  7. Cool, I have a PS2 in the same box so I will try that later.
  8. Went to load an old save and the game (Fluid) said my file was corrupt, offering me the choice of delete/do not delete. Having checked in the system menu, the entire contents of the memory card appear to have vanished. Anything I can do or is the data lost to time?
  9. I bought a job lot of Electronica CDs from ebay recently, just working my way through them. This is an interesting compilation from 1998. A mix of styles, but mostly ambient/mood music. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Hybrids/release/316894 Copy & Paste of my review on Discogs. Some mostly ambient moods of varying styles and tempos. A couple of the tracks (3 and 7) I don't care for, which is a shame because this would otherwise be a great CD to have play in the background whilst working or reading. The two tracks by Sigma are the strongest on here - opener Sub
  10. Electro banger from 1984. Midway - Set It Out (Funky Breakdown Mix)
  11. The beat on this one from Adam F never drops where I expect it to. It’s the rhythmic pattern on the click sticks that throws me every time. And this trippy 4/4 track took me ages to suss out the rhythm.
  12. Two big Amen smashers from 95/96.
  13. You could always start a personal list, name it wanted, and add the master release to it. From there you can view matching items for sale and filter by format.
  14. A couple of recent discoveries: MIG 29 - MIG 29 (1991) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oqqMbmIhkQ Off-Shore - I Can't Take The Power (1990)
  15. I grabbed that album from Bandcamp the last time it was reissued. A couple of good tracks on there, Rude Movements being my particular favourite - another sampled relic courtesy of Kenny Dope.
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