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  1. Talkie Walkie is indeed a classic album. Not a bad track on there, but my faves are Cherry Blossom Girl and Alone in Kyoto. The Virgin Suicides soundtrack is also great and their first EP "Premiers Symptoms" is good if you want something similar sounding to Moon Safari. There are some good songs on Pocket Symphony and Love 2, but as albums they don't compare to their earlier work. I didn't really enjoy Le Voyage Dans La Lune. They have done another album since, but it's a very limited edition vinyl only job, so I've not heard it.
  2. I recommend you try 10,000 Hertz Legend again. I also didn't like it the first time (and several other times after that) but I can appreciate that it is a great album now. It's just not Moon Safari.
  3. This is very similar to Beggar & Co. - Somebody (Help Me Out) and yet still pretty good!
  4. Found this Italian house banger on an old compilation recently and I keep coming back to it. The Ambient Drops mix is pure euphoria. The Atmosphera version ups the energy and adds some raps, including the line "serious as cancer" - in before Snap? Some fancy DJ could make a great megamix with bits of both versions. Collapse - My Love, 1991. Here the drummer get wicked!! Give it to me baaaaaaaaaby!!
  5. Buck Rogers started out as Zoom 909, which looks less colourful. -EDIT- Ignore me. It was less colourful because the video was the SG-1000 port.
  6. I read that original post to imply that the UK had the biggest bands, i.e. the most famous and most popular, which I found hard to argue with. I think if you asked anybody to name the biggest bands of the 60s/70s/80s, regardless of their age or tastes, they would probably mention The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zep, Pink Floyd or Queen. Most people haven’t heard of Funkadelic.
  7. I think by default you jump down from the great plateau and then head out into the wild, rather than hanging around the base of the walls and exploring. My daughter was certainly intending to go straight to the village the king mentions (she wasn’t, but I didn’t tell her).
  8. The first of my three daughters has now completed all four shrines on the great plateau and was given the paraglider by the king. It was good to rewatch the cutscenes and hear the backstory which I haven’t seen for about 4 years now! I also noticed that the blood moon cutscene is longer the first time. Anyway, off she jumped out into the real adventure and almost immediately she was exploring places I’d either forgotten or not visited. So now I’m mirroring her movements on my own profile and finding more korok seeds, treasure chests and cool unexplored areas such as the ruined colosse
  9. https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/278/ Description: This is a simple hack that allows you to race on tracks that would otherwise be available in Grandprix only. All 15 tracks are available without the full grid. Best times work as normal. To be used on a USA rom. ROM / ISO Information: File: F-ZERO (U) [!].smc Length: 524800 Bytes (4 Mbit) CRC32: A225CB58 MD5: 43BF7426 AE8D2FC5 5F3A037D 6FFD2557 SHA1: 4709D4DC A81A8397 76A7411C BBC869CD 42460BEB
  10. Where’s the slow down in F-Zero? Talking of F-Zero, did anybody successfully patch it with the time trial patch? It enables you to select any course, rather than the limited selection the original game offered. I tried it on all the roms I could find but it just wasn’t happening. If anybody could sort me out a patched version or the correct rom to apply the patch to I would be externally grateful.
  11. Just started the game again with my young kids. You definitely don’t need the warm doublet. There are 6 spicy peppers by the arched entrance to cold area beside the river. There’s also a small camp nearby with a cooking pot. Cooking 3 peppers together will give you 7m30s of cold resistance, which should be enough time to cross the snowy terrain from the other elevated shrine. The other route is longer/tougher because there is combat along the way and you have to use magnesis to cross the icy water before climbing the mountain. There are mobs of monsters along the grassy outskirts
  12. Is Fez on the Switch now?
  13. That’s a nice track. I have Disco Giants 11, which I bought for some track or another. It’s a pretty good selection despite me not knowing many. Apart from BB&Q and Chaka, the only thing I recognise on that one above is You Are In My System by The System. One of my faves.
  14. Ozric Tentacles - Pungent Effulgent (1989). Some quality psychedelic funk rock with plenty of synths. Reminded me of Zombi in places.
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