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  1. Day 8 - classic hip-hop track. Cunninlynguists feat Masta Ace - Seasons. Recently rediscovered this little gem. Great beat from RJD2 and a brief history of hip hop in four verses from the MCs.
  2. I slightly regret choosing the strict genre tags. Should have gone with more vague descriptions such as ‘funky’, ‘jazzy’, ‘heavy’, ‘smooth’. Never mind.
  3. Entirely up to you. You can repeat artists if you wish, or you can try not to repeat. If you're feeling clever you can try not to post music by an artist somebody else has posted too. btw. Curious to know how you dance to FC Kahuna - Hayling. It's a brilliant track and they've got some dance tracks in their catalogue, but that definitely isn't one of them! (My opinion, obviously)
  4. I should emphasise that this week's genre selections should be read as two distinct points 1. Classic - a track you love 2. Dance/Rock etc. - the general style of music Doesn't have to be a "classic rock" track or a renowned "dance classic".
  5. Day 7 - classic rock track Deep Purple - Highway Star Not a big rock fan but I loved this since I first heard it on Rock n Roll Racing on the SNES. By chance my folks had the Machine Head LP it was taken from.
  6. Love it. Plenty of good remixes of that one, but the original just pips it for me.
  7. Day 6 - classic dance track Maximum energy levels from Joey Beltram
  8. Day 5 - classic album 1970-1979 I've gone with Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information from 1974. An album of smooth funk and mellow soul (with a couple of trippy instrumental tracks) which is a great listen from start to finish. I especially like the early drum machine sounds in the background.
  9. Yes! Brilliant stuff. And then there’s the wonderful version by Tomita. I’m sure I heard it soundtrack an old Disney clip. I even have a disco remix that’s great.
  10. Day 04 - Debussy - Clare de Lune 1913 A timeless beauty. I like the modern (electronic) versions too but this is how the man himself played it.
  11. Had a couple of busy days so I'm lagging behind already, but I was planning on picking Daft Punk's Discovery for Day 02 and Caribou's Never Come Back for Day 03, so you guys aren't even missing out! Will definitely need to do some research for Day 04 (wonder if anybody will go classical).
  12. 31 day non VGM music challenge is now underway in the music folder if you’re ready for more.
  13. I’ll kick things off then Day 01 - track you never tire of Haddaway - What Is Love I loved it when it came out in 1993 (age 11) and I’ve never grown tired of it since, despite it being played a lot, even on Heart FM which I generally despise!
  14. I appreciate you sharing the link, as I was keen to read an interesting article on this album. I just didn't like what I read!
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