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  1. Disco Banger!! Mandrill - Stay Tonite from 1978
  2. I always thought Homework was a great collection of tracks but not a great album. Like you say, Rollin’ and Scratchin’ (and High Fidelity) are both great Techno tools but are too long and repetitive for home listening. I also think the longer album version of Around the World drags in comparison to the radio edit. The rest of it is top tier though. Da Funk is massive and timeless. Even the lesser talked about tracks like Fresh and Indo Silver Club are excellent. And as somebody said earlier in the thread, very few producers managed to make filtered disco loops to the same high standard.
  3. Couple of funk nuggets from a Prins Thomas DJ set. The Equals - Mystic Sister Chairmen of the Board - Party All Night
  4. Mentioned their break up to my wife earlier and she asked me this question again. This week it's Digital Love.
  5. I find it helps to do a search (no need to enter a phrase) and filter for current offers. You get a smaller thumbnail and the title in the list.
  6. Super Mario Bros. 3 (SNES Mini) I played up to world 4 on SMB3 this week. I was playing the All-Stars version, which is ugly as fuck, but I shall not be playing any further. It’s getting quite tricky and I am not really having fun.
  7. 3. Panzer Dragoon Remake (Switch) I really enjoyed this once I got the controls set up to my liking. Better on the big screen than in handheld mode too, I reckon. I’m a fan of the original and although the new art style lacks the wonderful Mobius influence, it’s perfectly fine. I played through on both easy and normal with the original soundtrack. Next time I will try the new arrangements. Here’s hoping the superior Panzer Dragoon Zwei is in the pipeline.
  8. Played yesterday on the big screen using the pro controller, aiming sensitivity set to 60% and the original soundtrack on - much more enjoyable. Managed to get past the boss at the end of episode 3 and played as far as episode 6. Great stuff. Idols anybody happen to know if the lock on shot is weaker than standard fire?
  9. Toki (switch) Beautiful graphics but the gameplay was super frustrating. It felt like everything one-hit-killed you on your first encounter, which I had had enough of by the time I got to the boss of level 3 and ran out of lives.
  10. Sweet, cheers. Just ordered a used copy. That Phoojun track posted up-thread is also quite tasty. Rainbow too, but that will always be part of Jazzanova's Mixing CD to me.
  11. Well you can't have both! It's either fast and cheap or slow and less cheap. What sort of stuff have you got? You could always bundle into job lots and stick them on ebay.
  12. I barely listen to CDs any more but I also don’t really want to get rid of my favourites. I’ll sell anything I don’t enjoy listening to from start to finish, with the exception of a few compilations that are 90% gold. Discogs is a good selling platform if you price sensibly.
  13. I am liking this tune. It doesn't seem to be available on CD or digitally. Can anybody sort me out a vinyl rip?
  14. Onibaba - 2/5 Trolls World Tour 3/5 Star Wars 4/5 Batman Forever 2/5 I did write a few words on Letterboxd. https://boxd.it/3luN
  15. Have Sega done anything to celebrate apart from PSO2 content?
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