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  1. Huntdown is good. Are you looking for modern games? If not, just about any retro/arcade game should fit the bill. Stuff I’ve played lately that’s not story based: Breath of the Wild Skate Fez Metal Slug Streets of Rage Everybody’s Golf
  2. This is better than it has any right to be. Great song, obviously, but the sounds used in this cover are all so aesthetically pleasing when put together.
  3. That’s great. I only really know Voodoo Ray and then some of his later drum & bass stuff. I ought to delve into his back catalogue.
  4. You need the other Stallone. Check out this banger from Sylvester’s younger brother Frank, as featured in the John Travolta movie Staying Alive.
  5. Previously: 5. Metal Slug (ACA Neo Geo) PS4 Another coin guzzler that I blasted my way through. I started with 99 lives and was down to around 30 by the end credits. Great graphics. Average music. Solid gameplay but frustratingly difficult at times with so much happening on screen at once. I also played through Vendetta again with the fourth character Sledge. I felt like I’m improving, getting the hang of crowd control and not using as many continues.
  6. Prefer the shorter radio edit on this one. Apart from the funky percussion outro on the full length. Is that mix into Bicep one of your own or can I check it out in a particular mix?
  7. Previously: August 4. Vendetta (Arcade Archives) PS4 A solid side-scrolling beat ‘em up from Konami. I played through twice over, starting on Easy using the default character Blood. Died loads of times but there are infinite continues so it’s easy to see through to the end. The game loops around after beating the final boss and bonus stage, so I tried two more of the four available characters on my second run. I will go back and try the final character next time. Excellent graphics for 1991. Music was a bit average apart from stage 3, which is great. YouTube informs me it was done by Michiru Yamane of Castlevania fame.
  8. I purchased it for PS4 this morning (£5.79 instead of £6.49 on the switch). The aforementioned characters have been removed even in the Japanese version. Good game though. I played through with Blood, then tried Hawk but didn’t really like his grappling style. Boomer was more to my liking and played through to the end with him also. Will try the other character next time. The game seemed to loop back to the beginning after the extra stage. Does it ever truly end?
  9. So many to choose from (and so many versions of certain tracks, too) but I was listening to Pearl's Girl [Tin There] this morning and it has to be one of the greatest pieces of electronic music of the 90s. Layers upon layers of sound and a relentless driving rhythm, all combining beautifully to create a rush of energy and adrenaline, followed by a sweet come down. To the best of my knowledge there are three versions available, the 5 minute edit found on the official Wipeout 2097 soundtrack CD, the 6 minute edit found on the Wipeout 2097 PS1 game disc and the original 8 minute version from the Pearl's Girl singles/EP's (also now included on the super deluxe reissue of Second Toughest in the Infants). I am most familiar with the original, but listening to the shorter versions on Youtube - I do quite like the 6 minute 2097 version with its much longer beatless outro.
  10. This is on PS4 and Switch as part of the arcade archives series. I ought to buy it as it looks decent and I’ve never played it before. Is it a good port? These guys have been removed from the arcade archives release too apparently. They are definitely sexualised retro characters. Fetish ladies with whips too!
  11. Tanuki Justice is on the sale at £7.49 - it looks like a nice retro styled action/platform shmup. Anybody played it? Be keen to know how difficult it is.
  12. This is exactly the reason why I wanted to limit this to retro games. Because sexualised anime characters are so prevalent; and also because any video game character can be rendered to look exactly as originally designed or illustrated now graphics have advanced. It took so much more effort to sexualise a pixel character and they were often dressed in fetish gear rather than just being scantily clad.
  13. That was mentioned in one of the censorship videos I watched, yes.
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