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  1. The Castlevania Requiem bundle with SotN and Rondo of Blood is down to £3.19 on PSN for anybody who still doesn’t own this classic.
  2. I’ve just seen that all the individual games for Capcom Arcade Stadium 2 are half price on PS4 at the moment (£1.64).
  3. I used to hook my Dreamcast up to my old PC monitor via a VGA box and the picture did indeed look beautiful. But the DC is the only console I can think of with a VGA option, so I was basically wondering if there were middleman boxes to convert HDMI or RGB Scart from other consoles.
  4. Are those old CRT PC monitors with a hardwired VGA out cable instead of any input sockets of any use? Can things be plugged into them with some sort of middleman device?
  5. I’m gonna get my kids some amiibo cards for Xmas. Are there any characters that are better than others? The Sanrio ones look cool.
  6. Do it man, I’d certainly read it. I would very much like an arcade cab myself and will soon have a man cave (garage) in which to house it. Difficult to know what’s the best avenue for me to take though - I’m not much of a fiddler or fixer so I’m worried that an original arcade cab might be too much for me maintain. Plus they’re expensive. A good emulation box connected to a CRT and arcade stick might be a better option. I met a local guy recently that has a Taito Egret 2 with rotating monitor and a bunch of original arcade boards at home - looking forward to popping round one day to try that out which may influence my decision making!
  7. Quality Soul-Jazz from Ronnie Laws, 1980. -edit- Youtube played me Friends & Strangers next - another cracking tune!
  8. Excellent stuff - I watched all four episodes.
  9. Thanks guys, I had used the site before but don't remember there being a delay. There wasn't actually a delay this time either but for some reason the email with the code went into the spam folder at the same time as the confirmation email went into my inbox.
  10. Anybody used this? I made a purchase last night but it’s still processing. Have I got to wait for Monday so somebody can scratch off the code and email it to me?
  11. I saw it on deku deals and on the eshop. It should be in the results for "capcom arcade".
  12. Still not had chance to listen to any jazz albums yet, but the charity shop had restocked the shelf today so here’s another pound’s worth!
  13. Capcom Arcade Cabinet bundle is half price at £14.99 - probably gonna grab that. I may also try Dusk Diver which is under a fiver.
  14. I think a new headshell would be a bit overkill. The metal connectors on the wires were brittle and the blue one snapped when I pulled it from the old cartridge. I’ve seen a set of wires on eBay that will hopefully do the job - just waiting for confirmation from the seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133698615781?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=gipTyhXqR9i&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=-P0ExPgpRfq&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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