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  1. I got myself a hand-made CD-R album earlier this year through Bandcamp. It came in a basic card sleeve, but it was only about $5 including shipping from Brazil - and I got the digital download files immediately upon purchase.
  2. Ce Ce Peniston - We Got A Love Thang (Silky House Thang) 1991 Loose Ends - Hangin' On A String (Frankie Knuckles Club Mix) 1992 Fonda Rae - Living In Ecstasy (F.K. Groove Mix Edit) 1996
  3. What’s the deal with Ridge 7. I’ve won the first few GP’s and events with just the basic car, no upgrades. But now I’ve moved up to category 3 machines I’m finding it more difficult to win. Should I be upgrading car parts or buying nitros? What’s best? Are credits used for anything other than upgrades?
  4. I watched that DF video yesterday. I didn’t care too much for the mobile and pachinko games but the Ridge Racer 6/7 comparisons were very interesting. I can’t remember ever seeing a copy of Ridge 6 in the wild but I dug out my copy of Ridge 7 from the garage and set up my PS3 last night. I had a save file with one race completed, which explains why I didn’t remember playing it before. I played through the first few GP’s and it looks and plays very well - much like the PSP game, as mentioned in the video. I did really like the white/black/green colour scheme of the menu in Ridge 6 to match the Xbox 360 colours. But otherwise the PS3 game seemed to have a much nicer art style. The tracks looked a bit dark and drab in 6 compared to the improved lighting and textures in 7.
  5. November 13. Streets of Rage 4 (Easy mode as Axel) PS4 Bought this in the sale a couple of months ago and played it from start to finish for the first time today. Very impressed with it - great art and music and a solid set of gameplay mechanics. It was probably a couple of stages longer than it needed to be, but I will definitely be returning to it to use other characters and have a crack at the harder difficulty levels. Previously:
  6. Thanks! I don't remember reading anything embarrassing, but I do remember liking the Brooklyn Funk Essentials track, which I hadn't heard before.
  7. @amc Has one of your posts vanished? I thought it was you that posted videos for Wood Allen and Brooklyn Funk Essentials earlier but now I can’t find it!
  8. acidbearboy

    New Order

    That mention of the studio visit seems to corroborate with my memory of what was written but I guess nothing more came of it. I was kind of hoping there would be some magical Kraftwerk cover version or something!
  9. acidbearboy

    New Order

    I saw a clip of New Order yesterday on some 80s music show on BBC2. There was a little message box shown during the performance which stated that Kraftwerk were amazed at how good Blue Monday sounded considering the cheap equipment it was made with - and that they apparently spent some time deconstructing the track for themselves. I wondered if anybody had any further information on this? Thanks!
  10. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    That's a lot of Jazz!! Only heard a few of them.
  11. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    This is excellent.
  12. Probably my favourite rave anthem about a moustached Liverpool striker. "Get right on one, matey!"
  13. Will check that one when I get chance! Here's some real Soul. The restraint of the long spoken intro really enhances the impact of the second half, where she absolutely belts it out. The Three Degrees - Maybe, 1970
  14. Decided to check out the rest of Raising Hell from 1975 to see how it compares. It's so much better! This is mostly a really good album. (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop is a funky classic that will never grow old. All Day is a very tasty uptempo groove centred around the horn section, with some nice percussion and some Moog(?) towards the end. Next up there is a solid cover of Put Your Love (In My Tender Care). Groovy Kind Of Day is a sweet and mellow soul/jazz number which I really like. Spanish Hustle is another disco classic. Unfortunately that's where the good stuff ends in my opinion. I Can't Help Myself isn't one of my favourite songs anyway and this cover seems rather uninspired. Party Time closes the album in a fairly average fashion. Still, 4 great songs and a tidy cover out of 7 is pretty good going, so this comes recommended.
  15. I was getting really into Bus Stop and Spanish Hustle the other day, so I dug out the only Fatback LP in my vinyl collection - 1977's Man With The Band. I was a little disappointed to be honest. The opener and title track was a solid groove, but nothing much happened considering the 10 minute duration. Master Booty and Funk Backin' are both similar funky grooves, but neither excited me. Mile High is probably my favourite tune on the LP - a smooth disco groove with some jazzy chord progressions (with a SNES Pilotwings vibe about them), a funky bassline, plus a cool little electronic breakdown in the third minute. I Gotta Thing For You is a slower paced 4/4 groove but I didn't really like it. Midnight Freak has a sleazy funk/disco vibe with some nice organ work and a cowbell. Zodiac Man is not my type of Funk, man.
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