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    Larry Levan's remix of Instant Funk - I've Got My Mind Made Up came up on shuffle today and it reminded me of this thread, and also of Universal Robot Band's Barely Breaking Even, which is similarly long and funky.
  2. Dracula X does seem a strange fit for this collection. Would definitely have been better among the other linear CV games featured in the Anniversary Collection. Saying that, I enjoyed it on the SNES. It’s a solid if uninspired entry in the series. Does the Requiem Collection have an exclusivity deal with Sony or would we likely see that on other formats later? The only other 2D game I can think of is Castlevania Chronicles on PS1, itself a port/remake of the Sharp X6800 Castlevania game.
  3. Recognised the name from somewhere but had no idea he was in Cabaret Voltaire. A quick search of my collection revealed this tasty slice of ambient techno from 1994. Recently rereleased on an excellent compilation from Music From Memory.
  4. Found this in the archives today. No idea where it came from! I thought it was going to be something from the Space Ape going off the spoken intro but it’s actually some Krautrock / Synth-Pop from Germany 1980. Xynn - Space
  5. acidbearboy


    Also from the same album, although I'm not sure if this is a direct sample that was pitched right up or just a cheeky nod to the original.
  6. acidbearboy


    Found this one on Deep Heat 8: The Hand of Fate.
  7. Also found via the Blind House videos. Can't believe I've never heard it before, but it just keeps getting better.
  8. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    ZOK once sent me the opening track from this jazz LP on one of his Rllmuk Mix Club CDs back in the day.
  9. Just catching up on some of the recommendations from this page. Liking this one very much. The original 1983 12" single is a bit pricey - Discogs has 1 For Sale from £161.58 but it was also recently reissued (2xLP/CD/Digital) on this French Disco Boogie compilation. I'll take the digital download for 99p thankyouverymuch!
  10. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    How about this for a vocal performance!
  11. I also fancied some PSO after having the Dreamcast out recently. I cheated and booted up PSO Blue Burst on PC. The Ephinea server is still fairly well populated, although I must admit I’ve mostly played on my own. I also cheated and played Rez on a modern format, but that will always be a Dreamcast title in my mind.
  12. This was one of the first SNES games I bought after getting the Mario All-Stars pack for Christmas in 1993. SF2 Turbo had not long been out, but I couldn’t afford that, so I grabbed this for £20 brand new from Argos I think. Loved it. And the sticker album. And the soundtrack cd from NMS.
  13. Samba de Amigo - full set up with the official maracas. Such fun! Cosmic Smash - really needs an update with a level select option. Rez Infinite - first time playing Area X and I just want more (or to try it in VR). Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (Ephinea server) - Playing some Dreamcast games recently gave me the urge to play PSO too. Not played for several months and annoyingly levelled up my MAG with the wrong stat, meaning my Android character has 3 photon blasts without Shifta and Deband, so I ought to start again with a proper plan!
  14. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    Yeah, I have that and it is indeed a great album. And one I probably bought off the strength of his appearances on those Saint Germain comps. Is he still around?
  15. Comment posted on this YouTube video Sounds like a Japanese PSP game. I don't know the name of the game but the song sounds exactly like this song (Without the flute and the percussion). The cover of the game has a pink siluette of a girl holding a mobile phone. This a beautiful song though
  16. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    I've been revisiting Saint-Germain-Des-Pres-Cafe compilations of late, all of which feature some cracking tunes. Here's all you need from Vol.3 Love pretty much everything I've heard from Nicola Conte, this is sublime.
  17. I think pixel art these days is a stylistic choice for the most part. As a consumer, I'm drawn to old and new pixel art games. I just like the look of it and I appreciate the effort that goes into making it. I don't really use Twitter much these days but my feed was always full of pixel artists work, and not all of it was videogame related. One of the things I like best about it is how your brain processes the image and fills in extra details. I also love how when you zoom in too far on a pixel image, it looks like total ass, but when you zoom back out and it looks fantastic again. Ultimately, it's just artistic choice isn't it? Like making art in real life where you can use pens, pencils, oils, watercolours, spray paint etc.
  18. That’s one of the ones I bought. I already had an edited version on a Far Out compilation but it really warranted the full duration. I’ve listened several times but there seems to be very little of Jazz Carnival in there.
  19. Some bangers in here. I've either dug out or purchased nearly every tune they used!
  20. Seeing as though I was finding it hard to find a list online, I thought I'd start one of our own! I will try and keep the list updated if anybody replies below. Games that DO NOT run over RGB Scart REGION / TITLE / SOURCE JP Giga Wing [Klatrymadon, rllmuk] PAL version works JP Pop N' Music [Shmups forum] composite video or S-Video output only JP Skies of Arcadia [Shmups forum] JP Street Fighter Zero 3 Saikyo-Ryu Dojo [acidbearboy, rllmuk] JP Super Street Fighter II For Matching Service [Camel, rllmuk] JP Vampire Chronicle For Matching Service [Shmups forum] US Skies of Arcadia [Colonel Panic, rllmuk]
  21. A small thing, by the sounds of it. https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?p=926271 I found this topic whilst searching for an answer to why SF Zero 3 wasn't booting, which mentions a few games Japanese version of SF Zero 3 for example does NOT support RGB output. Composite, s-video and VGA only. There's at least one title which does not even support RGB *or* VGA. Same for japanese Skies of Arcadia, no RGB cable support. Super Street Fighter IIX and Vampire Chronicle, both for Matching Service, don't support RGB and will only show the top-left quadrant of the picture. They do support VGA though. The Japanese DC GD-Rom disc of Konami's Pop N' Music doesn't support RGB nor does it support VGA output whatsoever...it's only composite video or S-Video output only. The same for Gunbird 2.
  22. Interesting. Does anybody have a PAL copy of SFA3 they could try running over RGB Scart?
  23. I’d lean toward stamina with hindsight. But whichever you focus on, make sure you cook meals or potions to supplement the other.
  24. I know there's plenty of info for VGA compatibility out there but is there a list of games which don't run over RGB Scart?
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