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  1. Plus you can play all the classic Resi’s on GC, from 0-4 plus CV. Sometimes I wish I still had my Japanese box set.
  2. Me and the kids also picked up the Boomerang Fu demo from the recent recommendations and I will be making a purchase next time it’s on sale.
  3. Anybody played Battle Axe? Nice graphics and music but it’s still £10 in the sale and is apparently only 4 levels?
  4. I am enjoying this thread, keep it up Cottem. @bplus GC Resi 2 is good but I have only played the PS1 alternative to compare. Not sure how it fares on DC or PC?
  5. I took a listen without downloading. It sent me to sleep, which is a positive review in my book!
  6. I know it’s probably been asked a million times before, but how do I share my digital library with my daughters new switch lite? Also, can her profile and save files be ported over? Thanks
  7. I have an old set of Yamaha YST-MS50 speakers and sub woofer, back from when I first had a PC around 2000. I haven't used them for ages but they always used to sound pretty good for the size - maybe you can find a cheap set? The user manual suggests they are magnetically shielded: Although the YST-MS50 speakers are magnetically shielded, keep floppy disks and tapes away from them. The YST-MS50s may cause picture distortion when located close to a television or computer monitor. In this case, move them away a short distance.
  8. Castlevania IV and Super Metroid have already been mentioned but the SNES is exactly my era for this sort of thing. Secret of Mana had a beautiful title screen theme and a moody intro.
  9. @Siri could you update the topic title to let people know that this is now available for PS4 and PS5. I downloaded New Genesis on Thursday night after a tip off from @MW_Jimmy that it finally had a UK release on PSN. It’s a 47GB download and I had to stop playing the opening section to let the installation complete. The original PSO2 game is also available to download and play separately, but that’s another 50GB which I didn’t have room for so I’ve stuck with New Genesis over the weekend. The story is a bit naff. The text is too small. There’s a lot of ‘go here, do this’ type quests to do but I am enjoying the combat (I’m a Hunter) and the general anime/sci-fi aesthetic. One thing I am not enjoying is the amount of systems and menus to try and understand. I have followed the tutorials and upgraded a couple of weapons but I wouldn’t say I knew what I was doing. What items or consumables should I be selling and what should I be saving. I’m quickly running out of storage space already.
  10. But he was so right in classing Zelda as a Metroidvania. -edit- More thought and further reading suggest they are not as similar as I first thought. Although they both employ the structure explore > obtain new item > use new item to explore further, they do so in a fairly distinct manner from each other. IceKrabby on Reddit sums it up best
  11. Hudson Mohawk has released his third full length LP. As with previous efforts, styles are varied but most of it is big bold and in your face. I liked the first third best, with Bicstan being my personal favourite. It’s patchy from there on but definitely worth a listen.
  12. A highly polished 1994 production from Pete Heller and Terry Farley. The original was by Julie Stapleton in 1991.
  13. I don’t think the Xbox port was vastly different. It will certainly suffice if you’re not familiar with the arcade version to begin with. The sequel, Outrun 2 Coast 2 Coast plays very similarly (with extra modes and different courses) and is available on PS2, PSP, PC and Xbox. You can’t go wrong with either really.
  14. I’m not the biggest platform game fan, but I always found Yoshi’s Island to be a frustrating game to play. Getting hit knocks baby Mario off your back, causing you to panic in your rush to rescue him. It’s tricky to find all the collectibles on each level and then not lose them on your way to the goal. The vehicle transformations often end up with you repeating sections multiple times if you don’t get through before the timer runs out. Even the egg shooting mechanism is time consuming. It’s a lovely looking game and very inventive, but I just don’t find it fun to play. Super Mario World on the other hand is effortlessly simple and brilliant.
  15. I was surprised and slightly disappointed not to see Phantasy Star Online in the Top 100, although it was comforting to see that it only narrowly missed out. If you can write anything that stirs my emotions like the EDGE review did then that would be wonderful.
  16. The new acid house classics show is excellent. The guests are Marshall Jefferson, Tyree Cooper, K-Alexi Shelby, Luke Vibert, Ceefax Acid Crew and Oliver Bondzio (Hardfloor).
  17. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    Yeah I have no problems with them either. I was just hoping for a big Gospel vocal performance that didn’t materialise. There female harmonies are still nice. See what you think
  18. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    Was listening to Herbie on LP and reading comments on YouTube and a Gospel cover version of Trust Me was mentioned. It’s not as good as I had hoped and still has a vocoder vocal. On the plus side, this excellent live performance was a related video. Starts off smooth and ends with a sweet Hammond solo. The bassist and drummer are great too.
  19. Been playing this over the weekend and then again today. Currently stuck on the last level (?) on the battle with Black Mantle and Anna. Any tips for avoiding the projectiles?
  20. I asked this very question at the time of its release as I hadn’t enjoyed a Zelda game since Link’s Awakening on the Gameboy, but I was encouraged to give it a try and I’m glad I did (so much so that I put it at the top of my list). I didn’t notice many Zelda traditions on my play through and I think the game would hold up if you swapped out Link, Zelda and Gannon for a new IP. The world itself is the star, not the characters.
  21. Like both of these. Especially the second one. Recently rereleased on vinyl and available digitally via Bandcamp. https://v4visions.bandcamp.com/album/v4-visions-label-sampler
  22. I had a hand written directory to help me find cheats in my magazine archive. We regularly used to rent or borrow SNES games so it was helpful to quickly find cheats or action replay codes. One of my favourite ‘cheats’ wasn’t even a cheat! Super Play printed a user submission of Action Replay codes to change the music on the title screen of Secret of Mana - I think it took the sound palette from the themes to various locations in the game and then used them to playback the title screen music. I spent hours trying out all the variations and recording my favourites to cassette. This post makes me feel old.
  23. As mentioned, a lot of the best stuff (Ni No Kuni, Wipeout HD, Shadow of the Colossus) is available elsewhere now. I still keep a couple of exclusives for it, but it was never a main console for me. I still need to properly play Tokyo Jungle. There are also two Everybody’s Golf games - World Tour is the first one. I think the other is just called Everybody’s Golf and is only available to download in the UK. Then there is Ridge Racer 7 which is kind of exclusive. Ico HD which I understand is only available to stream on PS+. I have the lovely Japanese box set for Ico. The only curio I own is Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day but it’s been so long since I played it that I can’t really recall the gameplay!
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