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  1. I’m glad to hear you’re having good connections with your Ethernet adaptor daifuco - I ordered one last night in desperation after a night of horrifically laggy matches. If anyone else is interested, you can get the official adaptor from Argos Ebay for £15 (RRP is £25): https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hori-Nintendo-Switch-LAN-Adapter-From-the-Official-Argos-Shop-on-ebay/362223086044?epid=689656769&hash=item54562da9dc:g:igQAAOSwVElazc51 Alternatively according to Amazon reviews, this one should work for £12 (but I’m a sucker for official kit!): https://www.amazon.co.uk/UGREEN-Ethernet-1000Mbps-Nintendo-Compatible/dp/B00MYTSN18/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527867114&sr=8-1&keywords=Switch+lan+adaptor
  2. Went and bought the Hori ‘Hayabusa’ stick for the Switch. It’s fantastic! Feels so good to play with absolute precision on the inputs - although it does mean I can’t blame the Pokken USB pad I was using previously for when I’m playing badly. I’m trying to branch out into non-shoto characters on 3S. Hugo and Dudley are a lot of fun to play as, and the full rotation special moves with Hugo are great fun on the stick. Loving this game!
  3. Managed to play some rounds online on the Switch but the lag is terrible. I’d say 80% of the rounds I’ve played have been hitching all over the place
  4. I received my Switch copy from Base this morning! Was anyone else lucky enough to receive theirs and fancy a game? I can’t find anyone online and the leaderboards are all empty, which may suggest that online isn’t enabled yet?
  5. Could fit an hour or so in, when’s good for you?
  6. I’m running slightly late, can be online around 20:15?
  7. Yes please! I can’t do this weekend but any evening this week should work for me.
  8. Shame it didn't work out for you wev, I've not heard of that behaviour before. Hope you can get it fixed! And fun game COTM, let me know when you're next planning on going online!
  9. Sounds good, my character is Crake, see you then
  10. Free both days, whichever works for you is fine
  11. Cool I'm back online, got a level 71 FOnewm and a level 14 HUcast, let me know when you want to meet in the lobby and exchange guild cards
  12. I'll play COTM! Haven't been on Ephinea for around a year so need to see if my character is still available. Will connect some time over the weekend and let you know when I'm up and running.
  13. Great! I've joined the Splatmuk Discord (https://discord.gg/9dNvpPX), and Strawdonkey I have added your friend code (found it in the Discord chat) I should mention that, although I want to try out League, I'm average at the game at best. Here's the two best things I've ever done in the game, which coincidentally both happened last night, and in no way represent my typical competency: https://streamable.com/z4ygy https://streamable.com/h1h3f
  14. Would anyone be up for trying League Battles? My friend code is SW-5756-8674-6488. Perhaps we could get a team going and chat over Discord?
  15. Damn. Tether to your phone for a while to help diagnose if you've got a duff Switch, or a bad wifi setup?
  16. I saw you mention that your 5ghz network kicks the Switch instantly, but just checking you're using separate SSIDs for your 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks? I was getting constant disconnects on ARMS before I started using separate SSIDs, and now my connection is solid (using my 5ghz network).
  17. Come on acidbearboy. Proper PSO. Just like Yuji Naka wanted. See you online.
  18. I'm online now, get involved! Character is 'Crake', likely in team 'UKresistance'
  19. A new PSOBB server has come online in the last week: Ephinea, at http://ephinea.pioneer2.net. Operated by Sodaboy, who's a big name in the PSO private server community and seems pretty switched on from his forum posts at pioneer2.net. They offer a 'SEGA-esque' PSO experience (normal EXP and rare enemy rates) that appeals to me more than Ultima server's crazy-high EXP rates. They also allow for export of your character data, which I believe could then be uploaded to a Tethaella server instance (http://www.pioneer2.net/phpBB3/index.php). I will probably never use this feature but it's a nice thing to offer and gives me confidence that the server is under good management. I'm online right now in fact! Anyone fancy scheduling a game on this server?
  20. Can we all start playing Schthack PSO BB again please? Time it for this weekend?
  21. Oh, I'm one of the constant talkers. Hopefully on again tonight, I'll be in open Normal rooms so scan a few and hopefully we can meet!
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