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  1. Got this one framed From here https://store.iam8bit.co.uk/collections/monument-valley/products/labyrinth
  2. @Scruff That means you can now pick your music of choice by interacting with the little radio in the arcade.
  3. It's like a 6/10 game that you don't want to stop playing. The combat is very Dark Souls-lite and the interface/controls are really counter-intuitive but I love the characters and ideas. Personal highlight so far was when I died for the first time!
  4. Saw these guys last night at Scala - sooo good! Great sound and energy. The band are very theatrical and hilarious on stage, especially Gus and Jamie in the background whose actions sync up with the sound and really lend to the fun of their music. Hadn't had that much fun at a gig in ages!
  5. FargalEX


    Just finished it! Shat myself.
  6. Ah no way! Gonna be upset if they came to London and I missed it! My main source of music these days is Soundcloud so I've just been looking into whatever pops up on there. If you're looking for nice summery rap then I'd recommend this track by Y.I.M.: Also Chelmico: A lot of my favourite tracks lately fall into the EDM/Dance pit with some hyper j-pop crossover.
  7. Here's some lovely pics of Eiji Aonuma And Shigeru Miyamoto dicking around at E3
  8. Got 5 friends together this evening and we had a load of great games. Here are a couple of highlights: Absolutely loving Zenyatta at the moment. Great damage output for a healer. Environmental kills are always cheeky and hilarious, Lucio is great on this map!
  9. Oh my word, this looks beautiful! Great trailer. Only played Monster World 3+4 but have been told about how glorious this game was many times, so I'll definitely be picking it up.
  10. So it turns out Steve Martin is making a comeback for Nintendo's newly announced film! The Three Amiibos
  11. Absolutely lethal combo, that. Also if you can get Mercy in there you're pretty unstoppable!
  12. Starting to see posters for this popping up on the tube now - apologies to the artists at Gearbox but for a game that's all about heroes, I think these are some of the most ugly and unappealing looking characters I've seen in a AAA game for ages.
  13. Great watch. Looking forward to parts 2&3!
  14. FargalEX


    Watched the first episode of My Hero Academia last night, top stuff! If you enjoyed One Punch Man or like Hunter X Hunter this may be worth keeping an eye on.
  15. FargalEX


    FFS Japan! For every Erased we get 50 of these. On Thursday evening me and my colleague jumped into a meeting room as soon as work finished and streamed the final episode of Erased. We'd been hooked from the start and shared the pain of cliffhanger endings for the past few months. I have issues with the last episode but on the whole it wrapped up nicely and was one of the best shows I've watched in a long long time (even signed up for Crunchyroll premium just so I could stay on top of it). Great characters and storytelling. Anticipating a second series! Now I'm looking for other stuff to watch and am trying out Mushi-shi, which is incredibly slow but very nice. Also, on the subject of FLCL, echoing smac - why would they bring it back? It was an incredible, complete story and that type of animation was a product of its time - I honestly don't believe the same amount of talent/money could be put into a sequel to do it justice. Please make something new instead?
  16. Been hammering the beta solidly since I got beta access a month ago. I bloody love it. There have been some issues with matchmaking fair teams (assume this will be rectified with a larger player pool once it's out) and Blizzard are playing with heavily rebalancing characters every few days to see what works, however the whole experience is ridiculously polished for a beta. They just introduced a new game mode with different rules akin to Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone - at the moment they've introduced "Arcade Mode" which essentially allows everyone to constantly spam their abilities. It's complete chaos and seems to have brought out a lot more friendly/funny discussion on the in game chat, though playing a solid 30 minutes as Tracer dashing about non stop destroyed my hands.
  17. Angel's Phantasy Star Online story inspired me to crack open PSO2 and make a similar character.
  18. FargalEX


    Watched that trailer 3 times in a row, lights off, full screen, 60fps in my face. If I play this in VR I'll probably have a heart attack. And get this!! The artist and musician for this game is the bassist from Lighting Bolt! wwhooOOOARRGHHHH
  19. FargalEX


    All that cg animation looks like ass. I despair
  20. FargalEX


    Erased is definitely the most compelling anime series I've seen in ages, loving it. Anything else on Crunchyroll that's worthwhile? The new Lupin III looks nice!
  21. The 2 biggest standouts for me lately were the Undertale and Destiny Taken King soundtracks. Although Destiny definitely has a huge budget orchestral movie style soundtrack, there are great, memorable melodies at its core with plenty of variation. Undertale establishes some standard chiptuney style pieces in your opening segments of the game, then builds upon them and surprises you in the best possible way - the boss battles are especially great and really catchy.
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