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  1. The A2 is a fine TV for the Series S, as long as you don't plan on using it for more powerful hardware it will cover all your needs.
  2. I've been out of touch with Destiny 2 for ages and haven't played it since PS4 Pro was the bees knees. The Witch Queen is currently on sale for Xbox, if I buy that do I get all previous expansions as well, or do I need to buy them all seperately?
  3. For what it's worth, I agree with Garwoofoo here that Odyssey is the best game of the lot. Origins is rather shorth, though, and a full playthrough can be as short as 20 hours or so if you mainly focus on the main missions. Compared to the two newer games it is a bit basic, mind, as there are no dialogue choices and the scenery does get on a bit after a few hours. And while I do agree that Odyssey is the best game overall, my favourite Assassins Creed moments of all times mostly happened in Valhalla.
  4. I used to love cut scenes back when video games were a lot more simple, technically at least. Wether it was a dialogue driven dialogue in FF2 (SNES) or some cool looking still images with some text attached to it, or even pre-rendered CGI on CD-ROM games, like FF7 did, but now that most games does everything in-engine in real time, cut scenes more often than not takes me out of the game and is often an annoyance. I now prefer to play the actual game and not sit and watch/listen to several minutes non interactive stuff. The transition from text only to spoken dialogue in JRPGs were tough for me, as I usually loved a great outing in this genre and the pre-release trailers for FF X had me very excited from a technical point of view but when I finally got to play it, the spoken dialogue turned me off. First of all the voice actors were generally terrible but the fact that I was used to read the dialogue and press a button to bring up the next spoken lines made the spoken dialogue of FF X a slog to me, now I had to sit and wait for the voice actors to finish delivering their lines. Another example; I've always loved the Metal Gear franchise and the first Solid game blew me away on the PSone, the sequel on PS2 equally so. But after Snake Eater the cut scenes and radio chatter was starting to do my head in and this ended up as the main reason I couldn't finish Death Stranding, even though I loved the concept of the game. I now tend to like games that has minimial dialogue the most, and it's usually better if I have to read it. Which is one of the reasons I loved BotW and Elden Ring so much. A little goes a long way.
  5. Vampire Survivors has been stealing most of my gaming time the last couple of days and I don't know why I'm so addicted to it. It looks shit, there's next to no gameplay, the level progress system is not very clear and there's a lot of luck involved in your path to success. Yet I've been playing round after round until the wee hours, swearing that I'll only do one more run before bed time until I realize I've said that ten times in row and just stop caring.
  6. Dragon Quest Builders 2 I remember buying this for the Switch years ago, after I'd rinsed the first game on PS4. Turned out that I'd hit a DQ Builders fatigue and couldn't force myself to play the newest version. The extreme loading times on Switch was also a massive annoyance as well as it making the Switch really hot and drained the battery in less than 90 minutes. I decided to give it a go a couple of weeks ago as I noticed it on Game Pass. Gone are the insane loading times and 60 fps really does work wonders for this game as placing building blocks with precision is a lot easier with a smooth and fluid camera. I'm really enjoying it, it has a nostalgic art style and it strikes me as a Jack of all trades kinda game, it does sandbox, exploring, story telling, combat and micro management and some light rpg elements. It doesn't excel at anything, minecraft does building better, BotW does exploration better etc but the sum of all parts makes for a really enjoyable experience for me. Some sections of the game does feel like it drags on for a bit and the combat does feel one dimensional but other than that I'm rather confident I'm going to play this game to the very end this time. It's a perfect game for me to play on these dark nights.
  7. Playing this on Xbox myself and haven't seen these major bugs you mention (yet). I've had plenty of smaller ones, especially crashes. The one time I had a big bug (left stick didn't register input) I put the blame on quick resume as it happened just after a quick resume. A restart of the console fixed it. I do hope the game gets patched though, as it has a lot of small issues.
  8. No love for Gunfire Reborn? Due to no buzz around it I went in completely blind, I didn't even know what kind of game it was. First impressions weren't that good either, really simplistic art style and low poly design. The easiest (and perhaps cheapest) way of describing the game is FPS version of Binding of Isaac, but there's more (and less) to it than that. It's a rogue lite, you choose a protagonist/hero and you have to traverse a simple room to room layout and find your way to the next level. After four levels you need to tackle a boss then you're off to another world with a new setting. The game not only looks overly simplistic at first glance, it really is a bare bones game with few enemy types per world. The AI is stupid but can pack a challenge when you're outnumbered. Stick with it, though, and you'll start to find the beauty of the game. There are loads of different weapon types and each weapon can be blessed by elemental traits as well as other bonuses. Throw in a mix of powerups and curses and you'll be able to start making interesting builds for each respective run. You can go for overpowered weapons, a defensive character or a wizard in elements. As you play and make progress you can permanently upgrade your hero and play long enough and you can unlock new and unique heroes with brand new play styles and powers/weaknesses. Where it really shines, though, is that it supports co-op play for up to four players and this is where the real fun starts. You need to really plan ahead and each player should specialize in something the others don't so that you have one tank like player while another specialize in removing shields from enemies while a third might focus on finishing them off with elemental damage. While Gunfire Reborn is far from perfect it really is capable of being a real fun game to play, especially in co-op. Sadly it strikes me as a bit unfinished with some random crashes and some of the content hasn't even been translated. You can find a special kind of treasure chest (red chests) where you can pray for power ups, the text for all choices here are all in chinese (or some other asian language) so I don't even know what my options are when accessing these chests. The art style is uninspired and it does tend to get a bit repetitive if you end up stuck on a boss not knowing what kind of build is best to take it down, but in a time where proper co-op games are few and far between this does get a recommendation from me.
  9. Must be a regional thing then, because I watched it on Disney+ (I'm in Norway). You can always check with JustWatch (either the web site or the app) where any movie or series is streaming (if anywhere) or at least is up for rental. Here's a screenshot from my JustWatch account after I've searched for Barbarian: Edit: I just checked and you're right, it's not on Disney in the UK. I tried different regional settings on JustWatch and it seems it's only available in Scandinavia, US, Canada and Japan atm. This is very unusual for me, I'm used to UK getting loads more new stuff ages before Scandinavia. For my future posts in this thread I will try to elaborate wether it's available in UK but for now I'm sorry I got your hopes up, I honestly thought the content on Disney+ was global.
  10. I still regard Daikatana as the most overhyped game ever. Before its release it sounded like the best thing ever but it was a mess of a game. Honorable mentions that spring to mind include Spore (which was fun for about an hour), Anthem and a more recent example; Balan Wonderworld. What a shitshow that was.
  11. Yellowjackets (2021, SkyShowtime) Been meaning to start watching this for some time now but the comparisons to Lord of the Flies and Lost kinda held me back. Not that I don't like Lord of the Flies and Lost (the latter is one of my favourite TV series ever) but when series are made "inspired by" they often end up as bleak copies. Once I started viewing I knew I was in for a treat. Great performances by the main cast and some really interesting sub plots that mostly ties together throughout the season. All in all, a great character driven drama with plenty of action, mystery, gore and suspense thrown into the mix. 4 plot twists out of 5
  12. Barbarian (2022, Disney+) Went in blind and I'm glad I did. Solid performances by all the actors and refreshingly believable characters. It doesn't rely on jump scares and it does just as good a job telling a good story as being creepy. If only the last 15 minutes had been as original as the rest this would've been an instant classic in my book but hey, maybe it will end up as a classic regardless. Solid movie and my favourite horror in ages, maybe since Hereditary. 4/5
  13. Rayn


    I've got an ambivalent realtionship with this game. I can start the game, have loads of fun and I'm really enjoying it but just as I die or switch region my momentum is lost and all of a sudden I feel the game is a chore, only to get fun again later. Overall the game is fun and unique but it's as if I'm not finding the true magic I suspect might be in there somewhere, especially as it reviewed so well.
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