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  1. Thanks! By balloon secret, do you mean the spawn rate and direction of wind? It’s not that I don’t get any balloons, it’s more that I don’t get recipes. Seems like I only get cheap and common furniture, clay and bells.
  2. If he doesn’t want it I’d love to take it. Been playing 5 hours daily all of November and I’ve had very little luck with recipes from balloons.
  3. If it’s not too much of a bother, I’d love that Franklin poster!
  4. What is it with my shit luck in this game. No matter how much I play it always works against me. As we’re getting close to a new month and a new season, I’m still lacking a lot of mush recipes. I’ve been on for three hours straight now, cleaning up flowers and not one single balloon has been spotted. Oh, and wtf is Audie up to
  5. The missus and I started re-watching this a couple of weeks ago and we were both surprised at how well it still holds up. We’ve just finished Season 2 and watched a handful of S3 eps, apart from a (very) few «monster of the week» episodes this is still fantastic (if shallow) entertainment. Walter Bishop is still one of my favourite characters ever!
  6. Ah sorry, too many Alexes on here Thanks a lot @Mr Do 71, and sorry to @Alex W. for the confusion!
  7. Ooh, thanks a bunch, much appreciated! Anything you need? Also, thank you @Alex W. for the red pinball table Just give me a heads up if you need anything!
  8. So I’m a bit tired of not getting any new pinball machines since May, so I was wondering if anyone has pinball tables for sale/cataloging? I have White, Blue and Black which means I need the red and brown.
  9. I had a short blast on the new map and I think it might turn out to be a very cool map. I can't say much about the balance of the map yet but it seems to have a bit more verticality to it than previous maps but in a good way. I'm not sure about the vehicles yet as I haven't done much with them so far but they might add a bit more time to hang back and gamble that the hovercraft will get you to safety before the storm catches up to you, even though you're a noisy and very visible target when using it. Can't wait to get to know more about the map.
  10. Palm Springs Andy Samberg does Groundhog Day. Pure fun if you can stand Samberg. 4/5
  11. Thanks for the seizure
  12. Thanks for that @Curtis, that’s brilliant!
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