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  1. This is great. Emulated or not, remastered or not, these games should be a part of any Switch owners’ collection. My youngest son has only played Odyssey before so he’s in for some great gaming moments this autumn.
  2. Haven’t started this myself yet but bought it as a couple of friends were praising it. Looks interesting
  3. What I wouldn't give to have this on Switch. I'm getting it for PS4 but being able to play it on the go would've been excellent.
  4. Finished the first DLC yesterday and overall it was merely ok. It felt like the directors wanted to do something epic but the overall experience was a bit flat, tbh. It had some interesting missions but after chasing down and killing off the cult in the vanilla game the ancients in the DLC struck me as a "been there, done that to death" job. Even the achievements/trophies for the DLC episodes screamed lazyness as you had to do things that didn't have anything to do with any of the story lines/missions unique to the DLC. I mean, get 10 headshots with a specific hunter skill while having a speci
  5. Isn’t Spelunky a very niche game for the very hard core, nerdy gamers only? None of my gaming friends have ever played it (a lot of them never even heard about it) and asking both my kids who are both avid gamers by now, none of them had heard about Spelunky either. Personally I’m very pumped for the sequel but whenever I mention it to friends they look at me as if I’m not right in the head, like they can’t comprehend why I’m excited for something they view as ‘yet another indie game’.
  6. Thanks for the 35 years of addiction, I’d like another 35 years please!
  7. Finished the vanilla game a couple of days ago, meaning all three main odysseys were rinsed. My favourite odyssey was actually the Atlantis one as it featured some actual mythical beasts and some of the boss fights were super intense. I did the last boss at level 48 while the boss was level 50 for extra difficulty, which probably dragged out the fight with another 10 minutes but it felt like an awesome fight. Taking down the cult turned out to be my least favourite quest line as a small handfull of cultists could only be unlocked in a very cumbersome manner. Overall a fantastic rid
  8. Comparable to the PS4 Pro in the graphics processing department, then ( The PS4 Pro performs at around 4.2 teraflops ).
  9. Thanks a bunch for the generous tip and the helmet
  10. My turnip buy price is currently b396. If there’s any interest let me know and I’ll open.
  11. I've been getting some weird results when it comes to obtaining framed villager photos. The very first picture I got was from the last villager to move in. I got it after a few weeks since she came to my island. Then I got a pic from the guy that moved in just a week before her and after that, nothing for ages. Only yesterday did I finally get a picture from Beau who was the very first villager I invited to my island on my first Mystery Island trip using the free ticket. I'm really fond of Beau and would hate to see him leave but as he's an early villager his house is less than impressive
  12. Out of interest, how many bells and Nook miles do the average player have? I stopped buying nips when I had paid my final loan to Nook and amassed a total of around 13 million bells. I still buy most of the expensive stuff in the Cranny every day as gifts to my villagers, yet my bank balance keep growing just by selling off the fish, insects and other crap I gather each day. Last time I checked I'd passed 17 million and I'm starting to hope we'll get an expansion of sorts to the game that could introduce more ways to spend bells. As for Nook Miles I think I'm close to 350.000 point
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