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  1. 53 on Metacritic, with critics giving it anything from 0 to a perfect score so this seems to be classic M Night alright.
  2. As a returning Xbox player I’ve got about 300 physical X360 games in my collection to choose from, as well as around 50 live arcade games on top of Game Pass, yet I decided to buy Stardew Valley again (a game I’ve bought and rinsed on Switch, PC and PS4 before) and I got dragged in immediately. I don’t know what it is but Stardew Valley is pulling all the right strings for me. Whenever I play it I instantly go into a zen like state of relaxation and I just love my daily routines in the game. The music, the villagers, the fishing, the mine exploration, the dating game, the secret casino…this game just has it all. I’ve clocked around 40 hours in two weeks now and I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with a 100h+ save before looking for something else to play.
  3. Sam & Mattie Make a Zombie Movie (2021) - 5/5 Documentary about two friends with Down syndrome who decides to make a zombie flick and gets the entire town involved. It was pure fun and heart warming to watch from start to finish, I didn’t want it to end.
  4. Can someone with the game please confirm wether there’s an option for Inverted Y-axis on camera controls, please? The lack of this option made The Wind Waker remaster almost unplayable for me.
  5. Little Inferno I kinda feel it’s hard to explain to anyone, even seasoned gamers.
  6. This is actually fun in multiplayer but I agree with @ChewMagma above me that it lacks polish. If Mario Tennis is anything to go buy we might be lucky and get a couple of content patches that brings the game closer to what we were expecting, that’d be great!
  7. Edit: By fighting the controls I just mean that I’m not very good at fast paced precision aiming using a pad. Being a PC gamer for 15+ years straight ruined my controller skills. I’ve seen loads of people doing impressive stuff on RoR2 using a controller, I’m just not one of them.
  8. If you like rogue likes you’ll like Risk of Rain. I played RoR2 quite a bit on PS4 but after a while I realized I was fighting the controls more than the game so I tried it out with mouse and keyboard on PC and Ineas totally sold. It really is non stop action with a lot of strategy and skill involved.
  9. If you don’t mind a bit more dialogue driven games, have a look at Oxenfree Not completely like the genre Op asks for but this is pretty darn close in vibe and atmosphere.
  10. State of Decay 2 for me. I was so frustrated with it on release, it was a buggy mess with major performance issues one the Bone but now it’s silky smooth, far less buggy and overall a much better game.
  11. I tried it on my Early 2013 MBP the other day and it worked really well with Safari and 5Ghz WiFi connection. I got some pixelization for a couple of seconds after starting the stream but after that it was surprisingly crisp. Input lag was barely noticable but that might've be helped by the cabled controller I was using.
  12. Some more of my favourite PC games from the 90s (we should extend the thread to include the 2000s too) Call of Cthulhu: Prisoners of Ice - Another gem from Infogrames who churned out a lot of classic games. This game was exciting and creepy and only let down by being far too short. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream: A fantastic story, a true sci-fi horror master piece about an AI gone rogue. I'd love to see a modern take on the story, either as a game, movie or series. Lands of Lore: After being a massive fan of the Eye of the Beholder games on the Amiga I was so happy to finally learn that the PC got something even better. Hexen: Beyond Heretic - A fantastic and rock hard FPS/RPG/Adventure that used the Doom engine. If you got past the difficulty there was a gem of a game to explore with fantastic, hub based level design that's quite similar to Dark Souls 1.
  13. I ended up buying Let's Sing 2021 and a couple of song packs. The ladies went all out competing for best scores while singing cringy hits from the 90s while us boys were sat on the sofa enjoying the alcohol.
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