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  1. Archvale is pretty darn fun. It’s basically classic 2D Zelda mixed with twin stick bullet hell combat, sounds a bit weird but works really well.
  2. If/when this is re-released for the Switch I hope they add the option to inverse the Y axis.
  3. I keep meaning to get into this. I've started a couple of times but each time I ended up sailing aimlessly around not knowing what was going on. Is it possible to play solo, and what would be a good way to get started? Any good guides online I should read/watch?
  4. Stealth bits in any non-stealth game, tbh.
  5. INDEED you're 100% CORRECT!
  6. 8-Bit Christmas (HBO MAX) What I thought would be a 90 minute Neil Patrick Harris cringefest actually turned out to be a somewhat enjoyable nostalgia trip. I found the film to have a lacklustre direction and a stronger character building wouldn't go amiss but overall a rather watchable family flick with some really fun bits. My youngest kid loved it. The gamer in me would probably have liked even more about the Nintendo stuff but overall it was nice to see an actual gaming system being used in a film for once, I hate it when films do fictitious hardware. Not great but enjoyable. 3/5
  7. Yeah, I agree. Both Returnal and Ratchet & Clank would've made more sense.
  8. Good guess, but sadly not correct.
  9. I thought we could try and have some fun in here. I'll start off with an easy one. First to post the correct answer does the next.
  10. Without getting into the technical bits, a VPN service is used for encrypting your internet access. This is commonly known as a VPN tunnel. You've probably tried to access a web page or a youtube video where the content was unavailable, often with a message like "the thing you try to access is not available in your country". One of the benefits of using a VPN service is that you can choose to browse the internet using an IP adress from other countries which will make blocked content available to you. A lot of people use this for Netflix as there are loads of movies and series not available in the UK, but going through a VPN with, say, an american IP adress will give you access to all american content.
  11. Mortal Shell was recently added to Game Pass and I gave it a go. After 30 minutes I was left with the sensation of having ordered Dark Souls from Wish. There might be a good game in there but first impressions weren't too positive for me.
  12. I've always assumed that I need the original X360 game inserted in my new Xbox to be able to play but I've found out that's not always the case. Most games will ask me to insert the game disc but with Crackdown 2, Brutal Legend and a third one I can't remember the name of has been added to my games collection and can be downloaded and played without using the disc. I thought this was a bug but I've tried it on my old One S as well, and even though I used the disc on the Series X initially, I could download and play Crackdown 2 on the One S without the disc.
  13. Ted Lasso S1 (Apple+) I don't know why I've not seen this before but started on this a couple of days ago and finished the first season last night. It's actually the best new comedy show I've seen in years and I really don't have any critique. Flawless entertainment with great performances all round. Can't wait to start watching S2. 5/5
  14. The cheapest desktop PC with a dedicated gpu you can find in stock should be adequate. Currys have one for just over 600 quid that'll suit you and then some.
  15. While I agree with you 100% on this I wouldn't be surprised if it could be done, even during this gen of consoles. With AI and machine learning being worked on in every corner of the industry, we've already seen a lot of examples of what can (and can't) be done by AI and it will probably continue to grow more advanced. We've already gotten used to procedurally genererated levels in games by now and even though it's been a bit hit and miss I don't think it's too far fetched to think that procedurally generated buildings backed by AI could be a thing in the very near future. The Unity engine can already make procedural buildings (and I'll presume the Unreal engine can do it as well) out of the box so I guess we can't be that far off from making interactive, furnished procedural buildings. The big question is, though, would that actually add anything of value to a game? The thing is, by being able to walk into hundreds of houses, office buildings, stores etc. you're quickly entering uncanny valley unless you also populate these building with people, pets, wear and tear and loads of other details that would successfully add immersion to the game. On one hand you'll have a big ghost town with empty buildings to explore as opposed to a fully populated map of buildings with hundreds of NPCs that would surely distract you from the main objectives of the game? I dunno, since I'm not a games designer I'll rather see what the future brings us. I'm having a blast with a lot of the games being released these days I'll rather continue to spend my time ejoying them instead of thinking about what would or could be nice.
  16. If you haven't seen Drive you're in for a treat. His best movie since the Pusher trilogy, imo.
  17. Got a Series X and a PS5 on top of the og Switch and a gaming PC (RTX 2070, so nothing overly fancy). Since getting the new main consoles from MS and Sony I've barely touched the PC at all. It's just so much nicer sitting comfortably in the front room with a console hooked up to the rather nifty neo qled big screen that I can't see me going back to hardcore PC gaming any time soon. The only games I still have a primary use for on the PC are VR games. I'm actually very fond of my three current gen consoles and I can't really choose which I prefer more than the others as they all have their pros and cons. Least played, so far, is the PS5 but that's also the one I got last. Due to Game Pass on the Xbox it's become my go to console for daily gaming and even most of my multiplayer sessions are done on the Xbox as a lot more of my mates have a Series S or X than PS5. As my job requires me to travel a bit my Switch is my travel mate and it has made a lot of lonely nights in random hotels a lot more enjoyable than it would've been without it. I'm super excited about what games will be possible on the PS5 and Xbox throughout the generation and I'm pretty sure we'll see some new classics on both platforms in the very near future. I've actually never been a happier gamer than I am now.
  18. I haven't tried this Exhibition yet but I'm going to assume the track you're reffering to is the same that can be found on "I Might Be Wrong" (2001) which are live recordings from their 2000-2001 tour. You can find it on Spotify (and probably Apple Music\Tidal, as well as on Youtube)
  19. This will be yet another movie starring The Rock, won't it?
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