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  1. Anyone got the Seagate SSD plugin thingy? I'm going to get one, mainly for the Series S as its 360gb of usable storage is laughably low. What I'm wondering, though, will I be able to unplug it from the Series S and the installed games on the card will be instantly playable if I plug it into the Series X? If it's that intuitive, I'll actually consider getting the 2tb one.
  2. And? I am sorry I didn´t get the memo that told me the truth about the Fallout4 story origins. If I´d known no professional writers had been evolved, I´m pretty sure I´d rate the game less.
  3. I agree with you on Fallout 3 and Skyrim. They both had above average writing. Regarding Fallout 3, the Anchorage DLC had really good writing. Skyrim, however, had mostly really good writing throughout but the best bits were some of the side missions, short and sweet self-contained stories that often were a joy to discover and complete. When it comes to Fallout 4, I'm a bit torn. While it was a letdown overall I never thought it had horrible writing. It was sub par in places, sure, but the main problem, I think, was the mission design made the story a bit too fragmentet which made it harder than intended to follow. With the DLC for Fallout 4 the writing got better and better and in my opinion the Far Harbor chapter was excellent. I'm crossing my fingers that Bethesda has been scouring all critique aimed at their games over the last decade and use it as an inspiration for how to make the best game they possibly can for Starfield. I'm not very hyped for Starfield just yet but I am crossing my fingers that it'll turn out great.
  4. Persona Non Grata was pretty good. Also a danish drama but I really recommend it if you can get hold of it.
  5. I'm going to asume you've seen Another Round? If not you should.
  6. On June 16th 1997, OK Computer was released in the UK. Happy 25th anniversary to one of the best albums ever made!
  7. Rayn

    E3 moments

    If I look up the word cringe in an online dictionary, I'd expect to find a link to this video. Jesus christ that was hard to watch.
  8. Hustle - Netflix (2022) Adam Sandler does a surprisingly good portrayal of a worn out sports agent for the NBA. If it hadn't been as by-the-numbers and predictable this could easily have been a new classic but overall very watchable and entertaining. 3/5
  9. I checked with the latest AI craze what it thought and it has photographic proof of early prototypes:
  10. Yeah, I've played those and loved them, Deadly Premonition in particular. Although not directly comparable, I also loved Life is Strange: True Colors.
  11. I don't know why but this game keeps popping up in my head since I completed it months ago. It's not like there's a great deal of stuff to do and what there is to do is basically all scripted. Also, it's a fairly short game so the time I spent on it is fairly minimal, at least when compared to most other games I play. Yet here I am, still thinking about Lake and the few, but fine, folk who lives there. I would love to see a game like this with more stuff to do, perhaps a "create your own life in a small town" kind of thing.
  12. Audition One of the first DivX encoded films I ever watched. I don't remember how I came across it, I just remember that I went in blind and immediately thought I was watching a romance/drama kind of thing. Little did I know....
  13. I was quite late to the party when it comes to this franchise and only started playing P5 (original PS4 release) last year. I loved it. But now that the Royal version is coming to Game Pass, I was wondering if it's different enough from the vanilla version to play through again, or is it just some added fluff?
  14. Rayn

    Metroid Prime 4

    Just the thought of playing a new Metroid Prime game with modern controls is so tempting. I'm pretty sure this sits on top of my wishlist right now, closely followed by a new main Zelda game and a new 3D Mario game.
  15. Wiki knows fuck all and someone is just assuming they'll use the same engine for Fallout 5 unless an actual insider has updated the wiki but I doubt that's the case.
  16. I've not followed PC gaming for a while now and keep forgetting about stuff like DLSS and of course this makes sense. I think it's very likely that Nintendo will embrace such a technology. Personally I could care less about the actual hardware and benchmark scores but looking at the output from the switch on an OLED (or even QLED) on screens that are 65 inches or larger it does leave a lot to be desired.
  17. Looking back on the history of Nintendo consoles, the average refresh rate between generations has been roughly 5.5 years. When looking at handheld systems we saw updated hardware about once every year since the release of Gameboy Advance in 2001 with numerous versions of the Advance, DS and 3DS families. With three months to go we move past the average release threshold for main consoles and even if I still love the Switch to death I can't help but feel that it has peaked some time ago. We no longer get big first party titles and most other releases are inferior ports of games that's been available on other platforms for a while. I've no doubt Nintendo are working on the next generation of hardware but I can't help but feel curious about what direction they ultimately decide on taking with their next generation. Will it simply be a Switch 2.0 with improved hardware and an updated OS with some QoL improvements, or will they go back to classic console design with the Switch range as their handheld alternative? With 4K TVs steadily becoming the norm I'm expecting their next console to be at least as powerful as the PS5/Series X, anything weaker won't fly for a piece of hardware released 2-3 years after those consoles. It wouldn't surprise me if they would go for much weaker hardware, though.
  18. TES6 was announced four years ago and it's still in pre-production. I really hope these four years of pre-production means they've been working on a new engine EDIT: Just looked it up an to no surprise it seems TES6 will use the GameCreation engine which has been updated for Starfield. According to Wikipedia, the Gamecreation 2 will also be used for Fallout 5. I know engines are complicated and expensive to develop but the Gamecreation engine is based on Gamebryo which was based on NetImmerse. NetImmerse was developed in the 90s and was used for a game as early as 2001. No wonder Bethesda games are a buggy mess.
  19. I've played through this game a few times now and my current playthrough has been based on my previous experience with how the game works. I managed to finish the community center during the first year which meant that I always had very little money. During year two I focused on animals, the amount of money you make on duck mayo, cheese and goats cheese and truffle oil is insane. With the auto feeder and auto harvester in place, you're left with loads of spare time to interact with the villagers and hunting the legendary fish, as well as exploring the island. Using the greenhouse to produce starfruit and then make wine from the fruit will grant you a whopping 6300 gold each bottle of wine if you opt for the artisan skill (+40% sell price for artisan goods). I think each batch of wine on my current save go for 330k. That's 660k each year from doing next to nothing (it takes two full seasons, 56 days, to age the wine to max quality). You'll have plenty of starfruit to spare as well, so selling the fruit you don't need will get net you around 500k each year as well. So that means 1m+ each year from the greenhouse alone. At the end of year 3 (spoiler warning)
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be true, or somewhat close to the truth.
  21. Wordle 357 6/6 🟨⬛🟨⬛⬛ ⬛🟩⬛🟩🟩 ⬛🟩⬛🟩🟩 ⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩 ⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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