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  1. This is exactly what I've been left with watching a few gameplay videos. Everything looks so, well, boring just as you said. In still images the game looks gorgeous and really interesting but watching it in motion it looks more like a concept presentation than an actual game.
  2. Rayn


    Had my first ever session on this last night. So far I'm on the fence but I'm planning on having a good session tonight in hopes of finding the mojo. What I like The visual style is unique and pleasing The actual concept is intriguing Voice acting is on point Actual controls feels responsive What I don't like (so far) The level design/world layout is a mess The map isn't very helpful The menus are a bit cumbersome to navigate The AI of the bog standard NPCs is really bad, these are some of the dumbest NPCs I've encountered in quite a while As I've probably only scratched the surface (I've only done the tutorial area and the next one after that, after you find your flat) it's too early for me to be too harsh. I remember having similar "issues" with the Dishonored games and they turned out great once I got settled in properly. I'm crossing my fingers that'll be the case for Deathloop as well because the narrative does tickle me.
  3. I hope the hints in the trailer are red herrings, if not the twist is already in there.
  4. That's actually really good news.
  5. I'm in the oposite end of the resposiveness scale, I felt that the cars were a bit too responsive making it hard to not over steer. I'm sure I'll get used to it, mind.
  6. What's with the laughing? If this is indeed a 16 year old kid it's actually really sad if his actions might end up ruining his life forever. Being a parent for kids in that age might be the reason that particular post triggered me but the thought of getting a phone call from the police out of the blue explaining to me they suspect my son of cyber theft is way up there among my worst nightmares. I am not in any way saying the actions are ok, no matter what the age of the hacker but at 16 the individual might not have had the full understanding of what he\she stumbled upon before it was too late. If it was truly deliberate in hope of making a dime then he\she should be punished but I certainly don't hope it's to the extent of being fucked.
  7. Pinocchio (Disney+ 2022) Ah, classic Disney, Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks. What could go wrong? Well, everything, it seems. While Gepettos workshop looked the part, as did Tom Hanks as Gepetto himself but everything from the weird Jiminy Cricket design, the stageplay looking backdrops of the city streets, the less than adequate animation of CGI characters and overall a unbelievably slowly paced movie just didn't work for me. At all. The few things I liked makes me rate it a 2 out of 5 but only because I'm in a good mood today.
  8. I Used to Be Famous (Netflix, 2022) We're following Vince, a former boyband star, who is struggeling to find a way back into the music business. His former band members are still going strong and we're being drip fed the reasons why Vincent dropped out throughout the entire movie. He befriends a autistic boy which makes him question his own goals in life. There's actually a good story in here and at times there are some really good moments but everything is let down by horrible editing and pacing and the direction is all over the place. It's like a lot of good ideas has been randomly strung together and it all lacks coherency. The very same story in the hands of a more experienced director could've resulted in something quite magical. It was refreshing to see southern London not depicted as a Guy Ritchie esque crime nest and parts of the soundtrack is great (best use of a Portishead track in quite a while). Nearly 3 boyband members out of 5
  9. I agree that we should expect something new but doing something truly next gen doesn't have to mean anything but longer draw distances, more detailed characters and slightly more advanced particle effects. The generational leap between PS4 and PS5 is basically just more brute power but the most of the added power we now have over last gen will be used for making sure the games runs in 4k rather than 1080p. Developers have always been trying to do new stuff with the added hardware power for each generation and the way games are designed today is pretty much exactly like the games during the PS3/X360 era. We're currently 2 years into the new generation but we're still getting cross generation games where, in theory, the only differences between playing on a PS4 or PS5 is basically either 1080p30 or 4k60 (if that). Even the recently announced Like a Dragon 8, coming out some time in 2024 (or even 2025 if it gets pushed back) will be released for PS4 as well. With that said, I'm actually confident with Rockstars ability to bring something new and exciting to the table, I'm pretty sure GtA6 will be more than a reskinned GTA5.
  10. I'm in the same boat. I am both expecting and hoping for more of the same tbh. A bit more creativity and variety in mission design would be great and perhaps some mechanics that can alter the campaign in the direction you choose to play would be exciting, but I'd be happy with more of the same.
  11. Rayn

    Outer Wilds

    Sad to hear it doesn't run smoothly on the PS5. Any word on the Xbox performance?
  12. I don't see how the leaked footage in any way suggest that the next GTA game won't be more emergent and free form? No matter what direction the game ends up taking, the core of the game would always have been what we already know, like crime stuff, robbery, car theft, car chases etc.
  13. I was just about going to post in the Konami thread that I'd love to see Suikoden 1-2 remastered and here it is, my prayers has been heard! Got goosebumps from watching that trailer!
  14. Not on paper but in my mind I'm a fairly young Disney princess!
  15. I've been playing this for nearly 30 hours now and there's certainly a lot to like about the game but there's most certainly a lot to dislike as well. A lot of the stuff I dislike might be sorted and ironed out before its retail release next year, like camera bugs and glitches, NPCs you hang out with that wont follow you or even stops following you without a prompt, glitchy cooking (even with a recipe activated and using the autofill ingredients, the end dish comes out as something completely different), controller input that doesn't register, game crashes and well, the list is rather long. When it comes to the gameplay mechanics I honestly don't understand the reasoning behind the Dream Shards nor the energy meter. The latter reminds me of free mobile games only in this game you simply have to eat something or visit your house to refill it. It doesn't add anything of value to the game, it has nothing to do with strategy, challenge or entertainment in any way you look at it. It's just an annoyance. As for the Dream Shards, making a rare drop a currency for finishing main quests is bad enough in itself but when the thorns they drop from only spawn a few every 24 hours it's verging on ridiculous. What makes the game worth playing, for me, is the very fact that it's a Disney game. I grew up with Donald Duck and Mickey, I subscribed to the weekly comic for years and watched anything Disney on telly and cinema. Playing this game, interacting with friends from my childhood with some classic Disney music playing in the background it makes for a really relaxing experience. I honestly don't think I'd bother with the game if it didn't have the Disney theme going for it but I'm confident I'll spend a lot more time with the game in the future when new characters, quests and biomes are added.
  16. No mention of the Butterfly "games"? The first game will award you 4000 achievement points in about 5 minutes, the second game will give you 3000 achievement points in about 30 minutes. For the first game, simply enter a level, hit pause, wait 2 seconds and you'll get an achievement for clearing the level, even if you didn't. Exit the level, choose the next, hit pause. Rinse and repeat for the first 25 levels. The second game requires you to actually play the game, but it's mostly piss easy. I spent 40 minutes in total for its 3000 points. I bought a pack with both games included for about 6 quid on the MS Store.
  17. Rayn

    Outer Wilds

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll gladly play through it again with the 60 fps patch applied.
  18. Most 3D games from the PS1 and N64 era. Even games that were revolutionary at the time are now hard to play. Tomb Raider is a good example, a game that looked technically impressive when it was released but used traditional d-pad controls. Trying to play it today is nothing short of annoying.
  19. I've stopped expecting anything from these so I might as well just throw down my wish list: A new Kid Icarus game Metroid Prime remake (if not the entire trilogy, at least the first one) A new F-Zero game A new main Mario platformer (or even a sequel to either of the excisting 3D ones) A new Mario RPG (or Paper Mario) A new IP from Nintendo
  20. I think this could've ended up as an instant classic if it only had more focus on the story and a bit more presense from the main character(s). While I loved the game and its mechanics I never really cared about the main dude or the end goal, I was simply enjoying the game with my brain turned off.
  21. Yeah, the dodge button is far better to use, especially in combination with the skill that slows time down when dodging an incoming attack. Makes combat a lot easier as well as a tad more interesting.
  22. 2 minutes in and I'm sure I've stumbled upon my first bug. During the character creation I named my dude "Rayn" as per usual in video games. The game has just started and Merlin keeps referring to me as Player Name
  23. No reason to be shouted at, anything labeled HDMI 2.1 should cover everything you'd need unless you're working with really high tech stuff.
  24. For future proofing, a high speed one should do the trick: https://www.currys.co.uk/products/vivanco-premium-series-42207-ultra-high-speed-hdmi-cable-with-ethernet-2-m-10225651.html If you don't need the bandwidth you can get one for less than half the price.
  25. I'm actually intrigued by this game but the reports of performance issues and minor bugs makes me wanna wait until it leaves early access.
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