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  1. Rayn

    Doom 3 : Xbox

    The post of the day, so far
  2. Rayn

    Doom 3 : Xbox

    Hey, it's my twin avatar and he makes sense!
  3. Rayn

    Doom 3 : Xbox

    The reason for an XBOX version is to up the sales..not everyone has a top of the range PC, nor a PC at all....
  4. Rayn

    Doom 3 : Xbox

    Don't bet on it. The alpha ran without all the bells and whistles added later as well as the lack of any monsters and AI routines.... Such things are CPU heavy!
  5. Finished the rather bland and buggy Jack the Ripper last weekend...not a game I'd recommend.
  6. Give me a new Zelda title (with more temples than in TWW) and a proper Mario game (and not some Moonshine crap) and I'd be a happy man!
  7. Deus Ex 2 Kingdom Hearts The Longest Journey Mafia Vagrant Story Half-Life FF VIII Wing Commander III Hidden & Dangerous 2 Metroid Prime¨ Mario 64 Alundra Xenogears MGS So many fine intros
  8. The music from FF VII is my favorite game soundtrack ever!
  9. As a Norwegian, I thought it was funny to see a character in the game having the same name as me... The green and stupid Prince Stig has the same name as me, and A&D is the second game in a fairly short time having a character with the same name as I have. The other was Space Colony where one of the main characters was named Stig
  10. I enjoyed A&D, only niggles must be the short lenght of the game... I laughed out loud quite alot throughout the game
  11. As a complete product; Daikatana! oh dear
  12. The "Clean the Eels teeth" level in Mario Sunshine...absolutely arse!
  13. The game was waaaay ahead of its time....
  14. Removing Coop mode in PC Halo....
  15. I am waiting for Hitman 3 instead.....
  16. If you have a good telly it really makes a diffrence. The image is crisper and more easy on your eyes in 60 hz... If you have an old 14" Goldstar telly it doesn't matter at all, the picture would be bad in any case....
  17. The first Silent Hill game really freaked me out...
  18. Played it twice as in clocked it twice (which the game deserves) or only had two goes on it in total?
  19. It starts of easy enough and the difficulty is very varied throughout the game, depending on what type of approach you choose. For tension and atmosphere I recommend the stealth/hacker approach!
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