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  1. I think Deus Ex : IW is fairly good, and I recommend the game to any fan of the original Deus Ex title.
  2. Yep, Z is the answer..... The Thing is case sensitive!!! It worked for me!
  3. Yep, that also... I only have 10 left and i know at least four of them..except i can't get the page to accept how i spell the games. Some titles is case sensitive, others are not which is getting annoying
  4. haha, lol...it isn't Zelda, as I thought it was... I found it out on my third guess
  5. Once, after falling off of my Harley I wanted to get back on... The game showed the proper animation of the player lifting the bike up from the ground, except he didn't actually do it. After he sat down on the bike, it was hilarious to see the player riding round the town on a ghosbike, the main character hovering in mid air....
  6. Damn, this thread has made me wanna go home and install the PC version after work. I really enjoyed Hitman 2 when it was released, and it seems that its time for another go at it....
  7. Rayn

    Final Fantasy XII

    I've been working on a lot of textures for Square since February last year. I've made some textures for the main characters, the final boss and a ot of the creatures in the game. As you surely understand you realise that I can't give you any specific info on the game, but I can guarantee you all FF fans the FF XII is going to be something special!
  8. Something that bothered me a bit is the lack of variation in the game. You are stuck with the same textures throughout every bloody dungeon for the whole game, and I got bored visiting the same dungeons two-three times each.
  9. Rayn

    Final Fantasy VII

    Don't give up on FF XII, it's gonna be special. I'm not saying that because I'm a fanboy, I am saying that because I know so.
  10. FF VII's snowboard game @ the Goldsaucer Amusement, erm, Saucer was pure genius. I could play the snowboard game for several hours, just trying to better my times...
  11. I adore this game, what makes it so great is the addition of all the neat little touches like the diffrent sanity effects, the diffrent angels of the main story and the minor changes to everything after each chapter.... Great stuff and worth every single penny....
  12. Rayn

    Final Fantasy VII

    I agree, FF VII is still the best.... evah!
  13. Metal Gear Solid : The Early Years
  14. What is Olga Flow. If it is a boss battle, is it better than the fight against the One Winged Angel?
  15. Rayn

    Final Fantasy XII

    I can guarantee some changes in FF XII, as I''ve been "behind the scenes" a while now.... The game is going to be great....
  16. I'm getting this....just wanted you to know..
  17. http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/produc...uctCode=RM00327 It's only gossip thus far, but it wouldn't surprise me if Valve actually confirmed this any time soon....
  18. Rayn

    Duke Nukem 3D

    I remember this game fondly. Actually it's one of my favorite shooters ever based on the funfactor.
  19. The ending theme of Mega Man 3 is for me unforgettable.... Thinking of it makes my eyes moist
  20. Yeah, I've seen that one. Notable for those two Japanese girls standing behind him absolutely pissing themselves and his wild limb-flailing. Link plz?!?
  21. After browsing the net, I've stumbled over quite a few video clips showing som insane skills in various games.... Check out the links below and compare your skills with whats on show here.... Super Mario Bros. 3 clocked in 11 minutes!!! http://home.no.net/apollox/moSMB3.wmv Tetris World Championship... OMG http://www.nordlan.org/~sfenne/phun/558_te...pan_finals.mpeg Megaman 2 clocked in 29 minutes.... Very impressive skills on show here... http://batman.jypoly.fi/~c2236/mock.wmv What do you think about what you see here? I'm impressed, thats for sure...
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