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  1. Hmm, I never paid any attention to the artifacts, I just collected them but I just checked based on this post and I can confirm that all the artifacts are in my museum. I dunno if that's due to me completing the campaign, though.
  2. If you haven't already played it, The Outer World could be the right game for you. It's done by Obsidian (who also made FO: New Vegas) and it's pretty much a Fallout game without the Pip boy, the Vaults and the other staples we know from that franchise. Other than that it plays and feels like a Fallout game and it does have some really good and memorable missions.
  3. I've now completed the game and it honestly left me wanting more, which is not a bad thing. While I tend to prefer more challenging games than this, Tinykins design opens for a broader audience than your average platformer. Tinykin is currently being played (and enjoyed) by my wife who usually don't like these kind of games as she struggles with pixel perfect timing in 3D space. I've also got a friend who has cerebral palsy that makes it almost impossible for him to play games that require lightening quick reflexes, but Tinykin has made it possible for him to enjoy a 3D platformer from start to finish without his handicap getting in the way. I met him last night and he was so pleased with getting another platinum trophy to his collection, they are few and far between as most games are impossible for him to rinse but based on his experience alone is reason enough for me to recommend the game to as many as possible.
  4. Some of the puzzles on the latter levels are a bit more convoluted but they never get challenging, it's all down to exploration. The performance issues seems to be related to the fluffy towels, it brings performance down to 20 ish fps (ballpark estimate). Funny thing is, it's not as noticable on the Series S so perhaps it's only when running in 4K?
  5. I recently watched a gameplay video of this and I must admit I'm not feeling what the majority of the commenters do. Most comments seems to praise it to cloud 9 and beyond and some are hyping it as the best thing since sliced bread. I might be getting old and bitter in general but all I'm seing is a game that had a long, hard look at Bloodborne and decided to make something similar. But looking at the streets in the gameplay footage they strike me as corridors and unlike Bloodborne they seem far too clean and there are far too many 90 degree angles all over the place. Overall the game seems to be 80% Bloodborne and 20% Nier Automata. They've even copied the "citizens hiding in their houses during the hunt" dialogues (2m 05s) As always I'm still hoping the game will turn out good, I never wish for bad games and I'd be really happy if it turns out we have another classic on our hands but as of now I'm a bit wary.
  6. What happened to the rumours that the next AC game would be "the last"? I've no idea where the info originated from, but there was talk about the next AC game simply being a huge sandbox that would live on for years and years and would simply receive content in the form of expansions. If the current rumours about Basim being the next protagonist are correct I'd be fine with that, but I'm not sure if I'm overly excited about Baghdad as the area of choice, the endless vistas of sand and dust in Origins was more than enough of that kind of place for me.
  7. Now available on most platforms, including a juicy Game Pass release, this turned out to be a really good game. It draws inspiration from beloved IPs like Mario, Chibi Robo, Pikmin, Astrobot and probably many more but manages to have its own style and soul. While some gameplay mechanics are lifted straight out of other games it still feels like its own thing. It has a hub based level system where you travel back and forth between levels. There's treasure and artifacts in every nook and cranny and some of the puzzles, while on the easier side, are quite fun. I'm a sucker for levels that are seemingly huge but as you explore you unlock shortcuts, doors, bridges and ropes which makes getting around very easy the more you unlock. Progressing through levels seems to be deliberately easy, the main objective of each level is usually obtainable in less than an hour which can take you to the end of the game in about 6 hours but for those, like me, who love to collect everything there's plenty of stuff to do. The first proper level took me around 3 hours to fully complete. To anyone craving some platform gaming this will most likely satisfy that itch.
  8. That actually does look rather good. Colour me intrigued.
  9. That shouldn't give you any issues as long as you don't check the option to set the office console as your main unit.
  10. I was trying to be edgy with my choices throughout but it turned out that the majority of my own choices reflected what the majority of players did, until the end that is. For some reason, during the final stretch, I managed to find a lesser travelled road and my ending path was only seen by 2.5% of the players. Not a great game but actually really good fun and at times really engaging story. I wouldn't mind to see more releases like this. Personally I liked Road 96 better.
  11. In all honesty, Far Cry 5 isn't too bad for an Ubi Shooter. While the rinse and repeat gameplay gets a bit tired before long the setting is rather good. I mean, how often do we get the chance to go on a murder spree in Hicksville and kill Pro Trumpers while listening to banjo music? By no means a game I'd try to recommend but for me it was an excellent on/off affair that I spent time with when I didn't have anything else to play. Far Cry 6 however....what a mess.
  12. The ruby isn't used for a lot in Stardew. Perhaps you've planned to give it as a gift to boost realationship with some of the villagers? The dwarf, Clint and Emily love rubies and will quickly boost the realationship status with them. Other than that it's only used for a t-shirt recipe using the sewing machine and as part of the treasure bundle in the community center.
  13. Most probably because you've placed a ruby in it, either by choice or accident. The actual item description from the game is as follows: So if you want it to spawn anything else you need to insert the gem of your liking into it.
  14. I was made aware of this and its availability on Game Pass last night and downloaded it immediately. Didn't have time for more than a handful of levels but so far it seems like a solid game. My friend who gave me the heads up about this never got to play it, it seems there's an issue for some players (at least on Xbox) where the game will freeze on the first loading screen. Deleting the game and installing again doesn't help, nor does playing from the Cloud.
  15. I'm 100% with you on this one, my thoughts exactly (well, not entirely accurate, as I thought it looked a bit like Bayonetta) and was hoping it would veer more along the lines of the Souls like games.
  16. Sorry, but when it comes to footy fans I don't get the jokes. All I see and hear is screaming, shouting, finger pointing and fighting, It must be stressful to be a fan of a team as you'll always need to math out the best narrative possible for your preferred bunch of sweaty men.
  17. Not that I care as I don't rate either team but how do you defend that statement when you look at all the VS matches historically? Manchester United lead in the head-to-head record between the two teams, with 83 wins to Liverpool's 70; the remaining 58 matches have finished as draws.
  18. Breeders (HBO MAX) Season 1 Never heard of this before accidentally stumbling over it while trying to find something to watch with my missus. By the description I was expecting a sitcom style comedy show about how shit parenting is but it turned out to be a quite serious drama affair with some really dark humour thrown in for relief. Overall great performances and some really interesting situations that hit really close to home. 4.5/5 Season 2 Still great but a small dip in quality/originality as it veers towards safer grounds throughout the season. 4/5
  19. The Gray Man (2022 - Netflix) Two hours of beautifully shot, by the numbers action seemingly inspired by every Bond, Bourne and M:I movie ever made. This was more predictable than my morning visits to the loo and didn't even try to do something original or unexpected. Most of the action sequences were entertaining though, and two of them were particularly enjoyable. Not the worst way to spend time while emptying a bag of crisps but the very definition of average to me. 2.5/5
  20. Cheers guys, I think I might give this a go tonight then. @moosegrinderas awesome as Quick Resume is, it tends to f*** up some games, which is why I tend to not use it if I can help it.
  21. Combat wise you'll evolve a great deal from the early hours. Towards the end you'll have so many skills and abilities that affect the combat you'll be able to do some pretty impressive moves and combos. Regarding the Season Pass and Ragnarok expansion, don't worry too much about them just yet. The first DLC has a minimum level requirement of 55 if my memory serves me right, so you won't be able to start that quest line until then. I do recommend starting (and completing) it as soon as possible, though, as waiting too long will make the entire Ireland journey far too easy of you're lvl 100+ The second DLC has a lot higher lvl requirement, I think it was 220? Again, don't wait too long before starting this. Ragnarok is meant to be played after you've rinsed the main story and have reached a minimum of lvl 300. Each DLC/expansion has unique characters, armor sets and weapons. My personal favourites all came from France (second DLC), but that's just a matter of preference. I was so over powered when I got the Ragnarok expansion that I refused to use the kit I was rewarded with there.
  22. I keep hearing about the bugs in this game. Are the bugs equally bad on all platforms or are some platforms better than others, bugs wise? I'm really tempted to buy it for Xbox but don't think I'll bother if it's a buggy mess.
  23. It's a bit funny. I went into Elden Ring totally blind, it was a game that wasn't even on my radar before its release and it was merely the review buzz that made me bite. I loved the game from the very first moment and it was the only game I played for a couple of months. I basically rinsed it on my first playthrough, but during my first days playing the game I had, at the time, one issue with it and that was the soundtrack. For some reason I was yearning for some memorable tunes, a musical score in the classic RPG sense that would have me hum along as soon as the melodies settled. The endless single note strings in several of the areas did my head in at times and I even ended up turning the music down during some sessions. In hindshight I realise it was genius and a great way to compliment the atmosphere of the various areas.
  24. Review embargo is lifted 3pm UK time today. So what do we reckon? A hit? A bit shit? Somewhere in the middle? My guess is a metascore of 83 by the end of the week.
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