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  1. I started this on Friday and finished it yesterday. I must admit I had a great time playing through this game. As it is more of a visual novel/choose your own adventure style of game this won't suit everyone but for those who doesn't mind games like What Remains of Edith Finch, As Dusk Falls, The Stanley Parable etc. it's highly likely you'll love this. What I loved about it was the way they've handled the player loop. Instead of the classic Groundhog Day where you replay the same day over and over you get to control a new nameless teenager for each escape attempt. I also loved that there's not one single goal in the game but a lot of smaller goals (with a main one for those who are really committed). The game isn't perfect by any means and it's a bit annoying that you can miss out on some key achievements simply by making a wrong dialogue option or walk in the wrong direction for a couple of seconds. In the end I'm glad I decided to give this a go and it has left me with some food for thought, I've been thinking about the game since the credits rolled and I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a New Game+ run just to see all the possible outcomes. I'd rate this Highly Recommended for those who tend to love visual novels, Give it a Try for those on the fence and Avoid for those who tend to hate the genre. Personally it's in my top 5 visual novel genre, along with Edith Finch, Gone Home, Everyone's Gone to the Rapture and The Stanley Parable.
  2. I recall being very fond of that joystick for both Descent and Descent: Freespace.
  3. Last Stop The Artful Escape Life is Strange - True Colors Playdead's Inside Supraland Halo: Infinite Campaign Firewatch Limbo What Remains of Edith Finch (just received an update, running 4k60 on Series X) Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Titanfall 2 Unpacking The Pedestrian Donut County Olija Some of these can be completed in less than 2 hours, others less than 4 hours, which means you can pick and mix and potentially complete a handful of games over the weekend.
  4. I know where you're coming from but at least you're less likely to experience server issues and major bugs if you can wait a few days. The last time I was pumped for a new release was Halo Infinite and that was a huge mess on release day.
  5. I've had some reservations for this release since it was announced but I must admit that I'm actually quite hopeful now that I've seen more from it. I'm actually a big fan of the visual direction and it seems they've gone for pure fun. Fingers crossed that it's a fun game that doesn't rely too much on earlier games but rather drives the IP forward.
  6. I love it when there's stuff happening when you're idle. Wether it's Sonic tapping his foot while looking annoyed at the screen or Mario falling asleep in Mario 64 or even when Duke Nukem is asking you if you're waiting for christmas, it's a great little addition that makes some games more alive and wholesome.
  7. Two Point Campus is personally a great 7/10 game. It doesn't do anything that hasn't been done before, it doesn't add anything new to the genre and in many ways it's a by-the-numbers release. What it does have, however, is oodles of charm and some surprisingly witty and clever activities that you can use to boost your overall score.
  8. I don’t know if this one is true but a co-worker told me that in Luigis Mansion 3, whenever you get close to one of the Big Boos the controller will start to vibrate in pulses, spelling B O O in morse. As I don’t know morse it’s a detail that went over my head when I played it but it’s a cool detail if true.
  9. If you deal 69 dmg points to an enemy in Borderlands 3, your character will chuckle. I don't know why I find that amusing, but I do.
  10. Elvis - 2022 Great performances by everyone, particualrly Elvis himself. Wonderfully shot and technically flawless. I was let down by the direction and the pacing was way off. I'd love to have heard more tracks as well, there were basically four or five songs that were repeated throughout then entire film. 3/5
  11. Speaking of Max Payne, in the first game when riding an elevator it plays some muzak. If you look up and shoot the speaker, Max says "Thank you"
  12. Either you guys are trying to not go for the obvious stuff or a lot less people than anticipated has posted so far, but most of Hideo Kojima's games are filled with insane attention to detail, we could probably make an entire page for each MGS game. Some of my favourites are as follows: The Psycho Mantis boss fight from MGS1, that was the most next gen moment ever for me, it was such a meta moment. Especially cool as I had quite a few Konami game saves on one of the plugged in mem cards and when he started to talk about which games I liked and how far I'd progressed through some of them I was literally puzzled for a while. Water droplets on the screen when raining/interacting with water in MGS2. To my memory, this was the first time I saw this effect, at least as convincingly and it also blew my mind. I didn't discover this one by myself, but when I read in Edge (or some other gaming magazine) that it was possible to win the sniper battle in MGS3 Snake Eater by waiting it out and letting the old guy die of old age, well, it blew my mind. The beauty of all these is that they are actually relatively simple to pull off, but the fact that Hideo was (to my knowledge) the first to introduce them speaks volumes to his ability to remain creative and original.
  13. The castle soundtrack in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is the same as the castle soundtrack in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, but backwards.
  14. The idea of a reboot of this franchise isn't the worst idea I've heard to be honest. That trailer, though, is not showing any promise at all. It looks very generic and almost amateurish. Fun fact: Back in 92, the original AitD game made me upgrade my PC from 1MB RAM to 2MB as the game wouldn't run with only 1MB. I also upgraded my graphics card which I think was only 256kb. I went for a VESA card with 1MB VRAM, which made my PC SVGA compatible. Good times.
  15. On a similar note, there's a cool detail in Playdead's Inside. Early in the game, in the corn field, it is possible to find a secret darkroom room that houses one of the lamps necessary for unlocking Inside's alternate ending. There are pictures hanging from the ceiling, and if you wait in the room for awhile, one of the photos will develop.The picture is of a point later in the game, where you find a collection of the mindless creatures in a cage suspended over a gap between two buildings.
  16. Yeah, RDR2 is actually quite the case study when it comes to attention to detail. I've seen many videos that points out the small things in RDR2 and they keep popping up still, almost four years since its release. The dynamic weather effects in RDR2 is perhaps the best I've seen in any game so far but it's not just limited to the actual weather effects either. For example, if it starts to rain puddles will emerge where you'd expect. The puddles will continue to fill over time as long as it's raining and will change shape if your ride through them with a carriage. When it stops raining, water will continue to drip from buildings and, over time, puddles will dry out gradually.
  17. No matter how successful (or not) a game is I'm more than likely to become fixated on a minor detail. Some times these details are part of the actual game mechanics while others can be really subtle but still make an impact on my overall enjoyment of the game. What details has blown you away? Here are some of my favourites: Wearing flip flops in GTA V - All footwear have slightly different sounds in GTA V but it's the way the flip flops sound, especially the difference between dry and wet surfaces, that make the addition so great. Samus' visor reflection in Metroid Prime - The first time I spotted this my jaw dropped. It's not as if it really matters for the actual game but as a reminder that you're in control of Samus it really was a testament to the love for the franchise Retro Studios had. Wildlife in open world games - Wildlife can be a great addition to build a believable gaming universe and often you can even interact with the wildlife (read: kill it) but there's one in particular that blew me away and that was in Skyrim. It has ants. The ants are passive and can't be interacted with in any way (that I'm aware of) but the fact it's there (and you're lucky enough to spot them) is testament to the love for details the devs had. Adaptive music - The first time I played a game with adaptive music was Monkey Island 2 and it blew me away. The way the background music changed its mood by either your actions or where you were going without just switching to another track was mindblowing to me.
  18. This game keeps on giving. It really is a fantastic game. Personally I'm not too keen on competitive online games anymore but Splatoon 2 is one of the few games I still enjoy playing online. I've high hopes for the third installment but can't help to feel a little anxious about its release as I fear that a considerable chunk of Switch owners have moved on to newer hardware and gotten spoilt by better online systems and a lot faster loading times. It's probably the skeptic in me talking and I'll welcome any new addition to this franchise with open arms but I'd love to live to see the day I get to play Splatoon online in 4k glory with ultra fast loading times.
  19. I can’t paly RTS games anymore. Used to love them back in the 90s but ever since the early 00s I’ve not been able to spend more than 10 minutes on an RTS before getting bored.
  20. They are slightly better but still not great.
  21. This seems rather interesting. I've not heard of the streaming service it premiers on but I guess it'll pop up on other services eventually:
  22. Been playing a bit on and off this week and I've nearly completed the second level/campus/uni. It really is a great way to relax, the animations are great and some of the rooms are really creative. There are still a lot of stuff I don't fully understand, though, like the Club booths and course points. Is it better to spend the majority to get a course really high level or would it be wiser to spread the points out to have several lower level courses? Is there a "snap to grid" function for placing stuff? I tend to fuck up when trying to place furniture, often resulting in some spacing between them which, in turn, ends up stealing valuable floor space.
  23. Inspired by the revival of this thread I ended up getting this as well. I skipped it on release as I was fatigued on From games. Elden Ring brought my apetite back so it felt like a nobrainer to get this now. All rumours that this game is hard are true, it really does require some pixel perfect desicions done at the correct timing, the setting is great and I'm dying to get better so that I can start to enjoy the game proper. I've got a minor issue with the game, though, and that's the performance. It runs noticably smoother on the Series X as opposed to Series S. The difference is so big that I doubt I'll ever spend time playing this on the Series S at all as the reduced framerate makes for a harder game, the general feel and flow of the controls feels off on the Series S. A shame, really, as this means I won't be able to play this game as often as I'd like (or should).
  24. Seems like Ubi fatigue has hit you hard, in which case it's probably wise to conclude your journey. A bit of a shame, really, as a couple of the best bits in the entire game will remain unexplored by you.
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