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  1. I can’t seem to find any information about todays’ patch for the game, it was rather big too (3.5gb).
  2. Over the last twelve months I've been meaning to start a new save just to check out all the new stuff but every time I've decided that now is the time, another expansion has been anounced making me want to wait until that's out before starting....
  3. Yeah, As Dusk Falls seems to be an apt title for this game but a more fitting one would possibly be From Dusk to Dawn as that's been my last couple of sessions I've had with it I think I'm getting close to the end now and it keeps on giving. This has been a surprise hit for me.
  4. Stuff either drops randomly but your safest bet is looting treasure chests, wether they're from enemy camps, castles/strongholds or caves. I think the best way to play Valhalla is to just relax and explore, don't feel pressured to chase a new quest just as you've completed one. Get to know your camp as soon as it's set up in England and for the love of God don't bother with the River Raid missions, they demand far too much time with little in return. Little by little you'll start to claim the counties that are around your camp and you'll end up in London. This is where the game is beginning to shape up and from there things should make a lot more sense. Just take your time.
  5. It's pretty likely to have something to do with the business side of things. As a publisher it's a lot more safe to invest in a game that's built to cater for millions of players over many years than to risk losing your money on a game that most likely will be forgotten a year after release. I might be too old school to be included in any targeted audience group by now, but that doesn't change my feeling that we're not getting a whole lot of certain kinds of games that used to dominate. At least we're getting another Dead Space and System Shock, but something completely fresh would've been great.
  6. Powering down the console entirely, preferrably unplugging the power before powering it up.
  7. Yes. I think I gained 80 levels playing through the Ragnarok campaign alone.
  8. If you're using an external HDD which is of the old spinning variety, the disc some times fail to spin up properly when you try to access something stored on that disc, especially if it's just spun down. Disconnecting and reconnecting the drive might solve it.
  9. I've had this happen to me a couple times since I got it. A cold boot seems to fix the issue.
  10. To be honest, don't pay too much attention to the specific paths you can take in the skill tree, just look around when you have points to use and unlock what you think sounds best for your style of play, or try to find a path that leads down to something that sounds essential to you. In the end, if you stick with the game that is, you'll have all skills unlocked anyway. Even with weapons you're better off sticking to something you like the feel of. Should a different kind of weapon drop with much better stats and you don't like the feel of it, don't use it. Scrap it for mats and use the mats to upgrade your excisting weapon(s) at a blacksmith. I'm currently close to power level 600 and still use a scythe I picked up when I was around level 220 and it's still not fully upgraded and nothing has come close to beating it, stat wise. With the runes I'm using with the scythe, it has a high chance of setting enemies on fire, inflict crit damage as well as healing me. It's highly likely that there are many weapons that are better than the one I'm using, at least stats wise, but none have felt this good to use, for me, which is why I'm sticking with it.
  11. Rayn


    Yes. Sept. 14th.
  12. During the 90s we saw the rise of FPS games, which started with Wolfenstein 3D and it immediately spawned a lot of alternatives. Personal favourites include (but not limited to) Blake Stone, Marathon, System Shock, Heretic, Hexen, MDK, Skynet, well the list is long. I've excluded the heavy hitters like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and Half Life, but throughout the 90s and well into the 00s we saw a lot of great FPS games that were singleplayer games with a great campaign, often with a multiplayer mode as an extended option. I loved games like Outlaws, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, Blood, Kingpin, Delta Force, No One Lives Forever, Deus Ex, Perfect Dark...well the list is rather long. But then the internet took over and multiplayer slowly turned the entire genre into a multiplayer first thing, some times with a single player campaign as an option. Aside from Titanfall 2 and the latest Halo I can't remember the last time I really played a good, solid FPS campaign. Granted, the latest Doom games were great but they're "just" Doom. They don't have the proper setting I'm after, it's more like a First Person Arcade Shooter for me. I'd love something like Soldier of Fortune or Project IGI, perhaps something like Half Life or NOLF, games with memorable settings, great characters and interesting missions. Oh, and a great story is a must. Are there any modern FPS games I might've missed?
  13. Yeah, the Throw Weapon skill is fantastic, especially in large battles as it's insanely OP. If you've got +crit runes equipped on your gear, the Throw Weapon damage can more often than not oneshot even the Elite guards.
  14. Rayn


    Less than two months and I'll finally be able to play this on Xbox. I'm looking forward to it.
  15. There are no fighting game style combos in Valhalla but there are combos. It all depends on your build, but there's a big difference between a 1h weapon + a shield versus a 2h weapon. Each type of weapon have their own move sets and all depending on your activated skills you can chain some pretty satisfying combos together by alternating between light and heavy attacks and then finishing off with one (or more) skill moves. Once you get in the zone you can actually dance around a big group of enemies taking them down little by little in a long, dance like brawl which pretty much can see you pulling off endless combos. Have a look at this video to get a general overview of the combat system but bear in mind that this video is based on the early game and doesn't include some of the more unique weapons unlocked in the latter half of the game, nor does it include the really juicy skills you may unlock:
  16. Keep going, the 30s are a bit slow and is starting to feel a bit filler ish, but it gets really interesting again around lvl 40 and onwards, especially as you start exploring the mythical stuff. I hope you've got the DLCs as well, especially the Atlantis one as it makes for one hell of a journey.
  17. DO YOU FEEL LUCKY, PUNK? As a social misfit in the 80s you're on a quest through your angsty teens and try to make people understand it's ok to be different. Try to avoid neighbourhood watch groups, police and insecure people in general. Become a grafitti artist and spread your beliefs. Make punk albums and make them understand and most importantly, survive!
  18. Cable management is on point.....
  19. 🕹 High Score Day #115 - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://highscoreday.com
  20. I read somewhere that someone ordered the 1TB one from Amazon during one of their sales but received the 2TB one. He didn't complain at all. I do wonder why they're so expensive, though. Is it merely down to the exclusivity or are they, for some reason, just insanely expensive to make?
  21. Personally I think only 4 is shit, all the others are great.
  22. I got the 1TB SSD expansion card, mainly to use with the Series S. What a great product it is. Performance is on point but what I love the most is that it can be hot swapped, no faffing around with installation or setup. It's actually great to have a few games on the card that doesn't need to be installed on either of my Xbox consoles. Last night, for instance, I was playing on the S in my man cave and when I heard my wife went to bed I simply brought the SSD upstairs and plugged it in to the Series X and continued playing on the main tv. I've concluded this was pretty much essential to me but I still think they are too expensive.
  23. I'd like to give Observer a shout as well.
  24. Yeah, the price is a bit steep. I bought mine about 4 weeks ago, it was then discounted at 50% off which is why I decided to get it. I agree with you on the Asgard bits of the base game, they were my least favourite as well, but the new area in Ragnarock is friggin awesome and has some of the best landscapes in the entire series.
  25. Finished the main story of the Ragnarok DLC yesterday and I must admit I loved it. My favourite DLC for Valhalla by far and way up there as one of the best expansions for a game ever. It's a bit sad to see that so few players has experienced this DLC, all the achievements were sub 10% of players has this achievement, I think for the end of story one it was 1.49%.
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