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  1. "Kingsley Coman has won the league every season since his professional debut - 2013 and 2014 with PSG, 2015 with Juventus and 2016, 2017 and 2018 with Bayern."
  2. No surprises at all from Arsenal. Pretty rubbish all round. Hard to know what Emery's plan is. He hasn't had a fortune to spend, naturally, but he's brought in enough to think there should be some progress. The sloppiness is still there. We can't defend. Playing out from the back has pretty much been a disaster, we're resorting to hoofing it more often than not. We've got injury issues but tough shit. You could argue that City are simply the better team by some distance but they'll have tougher games against bottom half opposition. Arsenal are drifting, there's very little to be excited about in my opinion. All very unfair on Emery at this stage where we're probably still thinking CL is a possibility and we at least need to secure Europa. There's not a lot of wiggle room with budget, players he doesn't want and our modest but crucial ambitions for European football. I would have expected something more though. We're still a rabble.
  3. You're not all there, are you mate?
  4. Shame to lose to your rivals, especially at home, but I don’t think any Arsenal fans will lose sleep. We were poor, no complaints. Spurs time wasting was a bit embarrassing mind.
  5. Hard to tell if Arsenal look tired or if it's been the usual slow start. Look better as the half went on, probably deserve to be level.
  6. The Tom Kerridge recipe with star anise is incredible, make lots and lots.
  7. Obviously but I don't understand the obligation to sing your heart out or else you're labelled fucking shit supporters. When you've lost and you're mocking the away fans..
  8. What even is this nonsense? Based on what crazy scale are you judging football fans now?
  9. Tatty? It's like screen burn from Countryfile.
  10. OMG the pitch at the Spurs/City match! Rolling back to the 70s. As the camera pans round it looks unplayable almost everywhere.
  11. True. Missed the blatant penalty too.
  12. Dude Ranch


    Adams Copper House is very nice. Tried Bathtub recently and that was particularly good. Lidl Hortus gin is pretty standard but great value and really drinkable.
  13. Italy have just brought on Kevin Lasagna.
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