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  1. No surprises at all from Arsenal. Pretty rubbish all round. Hard to know what Emery's plan is. He hasn't had a fortune to spend, naturally, but he's brought in enough to think there should be some progress. The sloppiness is still there. We can't defend. Playing out from the back has pretty much been a disaster, we're resorting to hoofing it more often than not. We've got injury issues but tough shit. You could argue that City are simply the better team by some distance but they'll have tougher games against bottom half opposition. Arsenal are drifting, there's very little to be excited about in my opinion. All very unfair on Emery at this stage where we're probably still thinking CL is a possibility and we at least need to secure Europa. There's not a lot of wiggle room with budget, players he doesn't want and our modest but crucial ambitions for European football. I would have expected something more though. We're still a rabble.

  2. 19 hours ago, Tourist said:

    So my wife is pushing back against my idea of making traditional Christmas cake and mince pies. 


    In Japan a Christmas cake is a light sponge (I think the Americans would call it a Strawberry Shortcake), and my wife's argument is that her family will find a proper Christmas cake too heavy. 


    I'm thinking of making it anyway, but I was wondering if I could supplement it with another traditional Christmas dessert that might be more amenable to her family. I can't really think of anything though... Anybody got any good suggestions? Google has not helped. Oh, and bear in mind I can't get most pre-made ingredients over here (eg mincemeat, pre-made pastry etc.) so would need to make the entire thing from scratch...


  3. 4 hours ago, parrapatheslapper said:

    anyone need Astro bot or RE7? I have picked up a V2 in the Game deal and don't need either of the games. Both are sealed I assume (not opened the box yet) .


    How much for Astro?

  4. 42 minutes ago, Adrock said:

    Their lack of vocal support within the stadium I'd imagine @Dude Ranch, considering he mentioned it a couple of times.

    Obviously but I don't understand the obligation to sing your heart out or else you're labelled fucking shit supporters. When you've lost and you're mocking the away fans..

  5. Adams Copper House is very nice. Tried Bathtub recently and that was particularly good. Lidl Hortus gin is pretty standard but great value and really drinkable. 

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