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  1. Answer the question about ROMS Campbell. What's the problem? And the one about your height while you're at it.
  2. None, sorry. There are great games but none make me feel like I used to. Actually, PSO on DC, the first time I played online, was probably the last one.
  3. Very clear, fair enough. Stooker didn't actually mention ROMS though. Got any of them? Ones wot you ain't got the original of?
  4. If by "paraphrasing" you mean "completely making it up", then yes. Stu, you readily admit to having ROMS in your possession. Can't remember anything about music or films but you can tell us. Is it true or not? Simple question. Come on shorty, spill the beans.
  5. I'm afriad you're wrong. PS2 Soul Calibur 2 is the most technically (and some would argue over the case of Heihachi Mishimas inclusion) inproficient version of the game. Your PS2 bias, graphically - is not viable. Both the xbox and the ngc are more graphically advanced. You'll find this opnion is mirrored quite vastly amongst people who are not ps2 fanboys (i'm not saying you are bud). I didn't read it as him saying the PS2 versions were the best looking of the three, rather the games he listed were the best looking of all the PS2 games.
  6. He just does. I think multi format titles are getting better, that's all. To be fair I really wanted PoP on Xbox or Gamecube but I bought the PAL PS2 version (cos I couldn't wait!) and you're quite right, it's superb. I can't imagine it being much better on the rival consoles and in fact I've heard each version has plus and minus points to some degree. I think there's a long way to go before we see multi format titles being truly optimised for each host. I'm not sure it's viable but there must be a happy compromise somewhere.
  7. Fine advice from a blind man. You never told me how tall you are?
  8. Stu, you are the world's angriest man. Step back and take a look at yourself.
  9. Totally agreed. The 'missing out' factor is a worry for me but I'm not really one who enjoys anally wandering round exploring a game world either. So if I can be led through it (without it being totally obvious) and get to see the vast majority of what's on offer (I think the occasional, relatively inconsequential exception is fine) then I'm well happy.
  10. I've emailed them and asked what's going on with the odd looking hardware etc. I'll let you know what they say.
  11. Two top quality posts on the trot (fasteasyfree and Rygal - Reader of Threads), and for very different reasons. A forum first? . . Just me then?
  12. OK people, any chance of (very) mini reviews of these games? Burnout 2 would've sealed the deal but I'm not sure now.
  13. That's a no for me then. Thought it sounded too good to be true.
  14. Seriously, how capable are these compared to a GBA? I really fancy one but I'm not sure..
  15. Hmmmm, tempting. If only for Turf Masters and Metal Slug. Any comments about the games?
  16. Oh God, me too! This Sleeper thing is actually a fantastic story. I hate myself for saying this but I'd love to have been involved.
  17. Not sure if that's the way I';ve been doing it so far .
  18. Prince of Persia: PS2 It's fun. It looks great. It's fucking brilliant. Jet Set Radio: DC It's fun. It looks great. It's fucking brilliant. Animal Crossing: Gamecube It's fun. You can't die. You do as much or as little as you like, when you like. You talk to animals! Super Formation Soccer: SNES Best multi player football game ever. Spent so long on this it's frightening. Phantasy Star Online Amazing until the cheating kicked in. My first online gaming experience. It worked on <56k! Chatting to mates via a keyboard while kicking butt was magical.
  19. I'm agreed with the person who asked you to shorten the http://www.playmoreco.. plug under your avatar. It fucks up the screen. Go on, don't be antisocial.
  20. I am absolutely loving this game. It really is superb. I think it's one of my top three games of all time. The difficulty is pitched perfectly, the scale of the environment (and the way it feels like one big environment rather than lots of levels) is on a par with Ico. The controls just work. There's loads to do and learn but it all comes as second nature after an hour or so. The fighting is actually fun, challenging but achievable. The graphics are outstanding. The save points and water are all but perfectly placed. The camera isn't perfect but it's flexible enough to suit every situation, especially if you use a dual stick style control system. The Sands of Time ideas work really well, especially the rewind. The slow mo isn't quite so successfuly, I thought the Prince would move at full speed and the enemy would be slowed down. I don't see the point of slowing everything down cos where's the advantage? It's still fun though. Anyway, I'd suggest everyone gets this. Brilliant.
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