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  1. We're hosting for the first time this year. I'm never fussed on turkey and don't enjoy feeling bloated and sleepy after a massive lunch so I'm doing a series of tapas courses throughout the afternoon with a selection of wines, beers and cocktails. Will likely do a hot joint for supper with pickles, chutneys and cheeses.
  2. The free kick was incorrect and Spurs fans will rightly be naffed off with the offsides.
  3. Cheers Shimmy, really appreciate that little bit of class and maturity from a rival fan. AAAAAAH HA HA HA HA HA! *does a dance*
  4. Yep. Stick an adidas Originals badge on there and I'd buy it.
  5. Fucking hell Sean, you lucky bastard.
  6. This is pure joy. Mario 64 all over again, but still new. The imagination of these guys is immense. They're mixing in stuff that shouldn't work, game wise and visually.
  7. Not really. Looks lovely, fun to do and practical.
  8. Sorry, yeah. True. I meant he should have gone in my opinion and they fell back on historical performance to keep him in.
  9. Thought of this post last night. Absolutely no way were they letting Stephen go out so they played the old past performance card. It was touch and go but the judging has been awful in my opinion. I don't think this has been a great series quality wise.
  10. Ryan Brewster. World Cup QF hat trick. World Cup SF hat trick! Against Brazil. Ten minutes to go.
  11. Or they simply beat us two nil. Or come from behind in the last ten to take all three points. I'm prepared for all those scenarios. Also, is that true about Leicester? Blimey. You wouldn't believe that.
  12. Only kidding, I like a lot of salad and sauces on my kebabs. Like the idea of having batches of the meat in the freezer, I was craving a kebab last night.
  13. That meat looks amazing, any pics of it before slicing? Your garnish is terrible, soz.
  14. Is it worth downloading the demo just to have a look at the 4k/HDR shiny stuff?
  15. Just finished this. Looking forward to a read through this thread. Can't work out if it's one of the best games I've ever played or the absolute worst. Trico is amazing as is the little fella. Beautifully realised. Environments ditto. Some of the high wire stuff gave me the proper willies, that vertigo tingle in the feet. Whoever signed off on the controls needs a smack in the mouth. What the fuck? I physically ached playing it at times. Also, Trico. Is he listening? What am I even pressing here, is there a point? God, eat the barrel. It's right there! Same with the camera. Is it deliberately wrong somehow? Anyway, it's done. Loved it, I guess.
  16. Dude Ranch

    FIFA 18

    Does this have the basic control method on PS4? I'd be interested if I could dial it down to a kick about.
  17. Kane's gonna need some bigger wages.
  18. Trying to imagine the scenes at the return leg when our fan drunkenly occupies their town square, buys some Lederhosen and sneaks in to the home end.
  19. Don't start using pictures mate, lol.
  20. Are we looking at the same picture? Describe what you're seeing cos to me he's late, off the ground, studs first, boot at head height and he's made contact.
  21. Guys, he hasn't deliberately tried to hurt him but he went in studs first at head height.
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